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I think that's a great thing to do, just thinking about what that amount of money could pay for.

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THANK YOU! Miss Bullock!

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that is so generous of her. My homecountry Sweden is missing around 2000 people.

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Originally Posted by poo
and so she should shes worth a packet. Wheres Richard Geres donation, he's always going on about world poverty and such.
Just because you don't hear about it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

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Here is an interesting article about some celebrities giving. I hope that Sandra and the others are just the beginning of the celebrities who donate.

Posted on Tue, Jan. 04, 2005
Celebrities Donate Millions to Relief

Associated Press

Celebrities across the globe were mobilizing to help relief efforts in countries in southern Asia and eastern Africa affected by the deadly earthquake and tsunamis.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who filmed "The Beach" on the now-ravaged Thai island Phi Phi, donated an undisclosed amount to UNICEF, and set up a link on his Web site for others to donate.

The tsunami has been "devastating, absolutely devastating," the actor told a news conference Tuesday to promote "The Aviator" in Italy. "It is a horrific, horrific situation for all involved."

Country singer Willie Nelson was headlining a benefit concert Sunday night at the Austin Music Hall. Local musician Michael Hall organized the event, wanting to do more than just write a check after watching news reports of the tragedy.

"I started at the top," said Hall of his first call to build a lineup, "and when Willie said, 'Count me in,' I knew we were off and running."

Folk singers Patty Griffin, Spoon and Joe Ely were also slated to perform. Proceeds of tickets for the concert at the 3,000-capacity Music Hall were to be donated to UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders.

"Miss Congeniality" actress Sandra Bullock donated $1 million to the American Red Cross, and NBC Universal cable is holding a celebrity telethon Jan. 15.

The hour-long program was set to air live on the East Coast and in tape delay in the West at 8 p.m. Details on performers were not announced. The special would be shown on the NBC network and on the USA, Bravo, Trio, Sci-Fi, MSNBC and CNBC channels.

Phone lines would remain open throughout the evening for donations, NBC Universal said. Clear Channel has agreed to promote the special on its radio stations nationwide.

Overseas, the classic charity theme song "We Are the World," was being revived for relief efforts by Chinese celebrities including Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, and Jacky Cheung. The latest rendition, called "Love," has new Chinese lyrics. Those performers, along with William Hung of "American Idol" fame, raised nearly $6.2 million at a weekend show.

India's leading classical musicians were performing on Friday in Bombay through the night to raise funds.

But, officials say, the average citizen is doing the bulk of the giving.

"We've never seen anything like this before," said UNICEF spokeswoman Marissa Buckanoff. "In one day last week we received more online donations that we have received in all of 2003."

UNICEF has already received more than $20 million in aid from U.S. citizens. The Red Cross is up to more than $79 million, and Oxfam is at $12 million.

The death toll around the Indian Ocean rim from the Dec. 26 killer earthquake and tsunami approached 140,000. Searchers all but gave up hope of finding more survivors, with authorities saying that thousands listed as missing were presumed dead. The world turned its full attention to getting food and water to the living.

“We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly, all at once, before a word has been spoken.”

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omg was that where "the beach" was filmed... i think its good that celebraties are starting to lend a hand because they set a good example for everyone else...

the total collection amont on yahoo is $4,703,910.00...

Even if you can only donate a small amount it is better than nothing... im still trying to find information on wear to donate clothes... because if alot of you are like me you have way too many and need to get rid of some... if anyone has any information post it

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anyone know where to donate clothes

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Originally Posted by kiimihaana
Just because you don't hear about it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
you would with him, hes the vocal one remember.

All of australias top artists and tv personalities have joined for a concert on sunday with all airing, ticketing and donations going to the red cross.

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haha finally that William Hung idiot is good for something...

congrats Sandy B and Leo D...great's funny caz, if i had to pick someone in hollywood who i knew would donate 1'd be sandy straight off the bat...

ps, richard gere is a champ.

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Originally Posted by sugarpea
hey vintageprincess...i heard that they prefer that aid agencies prefer that we give $ instead of food and clothes because sending over such items costs more money than its worth...
yes, thats does cost more.Cheers for Sandra, I hope many other celebrities will use their millions to help the victims.

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just wondering-- did Oprah and Bill Gates make contributions as well? *not that i would want those two people on the same discussion board hehee..

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I'm of the belief that charity is private, personal and selfless with no intent to try and get some glory out of it through people praising you BUT the Tsunami disaster was absolutely shocking and awful, so I think it's vitally important to encourage people to contribute as much as possible. And in that respect it is a good thing celebrities' donations are being publicised. Otherwise we'd all think they were mean brats who hoard their money.

Not that I want to bring him on the thread but how much did President Bush contribute? I heard $10,000 I'm hoping that was a rumour. My PM - Tony Blair - has been telling us how much the British goverment contributed. Erm, hello it's tax payer's money! So the British public have actually given more money than the official amount! So how much the British politicans have contributed is anyone's guess at the mo'. Nevertheless, I would appreciate it if all politicians dug deep into their pockets.

Also I think donating clothes is a really fabulous idea!

I've been so moved by people's generosities these past few days. It's amazing how people have been so self less and caring. There is hope afterall!

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I didn't want to start another thread, so I'm posting this article here.

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg is donating $1.5 million to the post-tsunami relief effort, and hopes his actions will encourage other wealthy celebrities to do the same. The Raiders Of The Lost Ark filmmaker's cash pledge will be split between charities Care, Save The Children and Oxfam. Generous Spielberg usually keeps his charity donations a secret, but wanted this contribution to be announced in a bid to persuade others to donate, his publicist says. The news comes two days after Speed actress Sandra Bullock revealed she's giving $1 million to help the humanitarian crisis in south-east Asia.

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that is great! i wish stupid old mel gibson would donate some of the like 600 million that he made this year off the defamation of jews in "the passion."

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Blame the idiots who took it the wrong way, not him for making it.

Sandra bullock is very awesome for donating so much... im glad to see big corporations like Phizer and whatnot donating hefty amounts as well.

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