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He's just an old poor Alfie. He'll end like Rod Stewart - young girls, blond hair at 60 and face liftings

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Lest we not forget it takes two to tango. That whore of a nanny deserves some bashing as well. Not very professional. However, I still don't believe this story. Obscure papers from Australia and the International Movie Data Base are not exactly what I would describe as proper sources of news, hm?

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What does Daisy Wright look like? I'm curious.

I had no idea that Jude was such a creep. And I didn't know how further his family was deranged... guess I'm not as on top of pop culture and celebrity as I thought.

Sienna will do absolutley fine without him. She's a gorgeous girl, only twenty-three, and has plenty of time to have some fun before she settles down (again).

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What an *******

No girl deserves that, poor sienna.

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So Jude cheated on Sienna with his nanny while he was lonely filming in N'awlins. As they say absence makes the heart grow fonder.....for a young nanny to cheat with. First Tom goes crazy, Brad starts looking like an aging bum and now my pretty baby Jude. What's in the water in Hollywood?

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Ok, I know it is not from the most credible source...but is this the nanny that Jude cheated on Sienna with????!?!

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What a sorry a$$ loser!!! Poor Sienna I've also gained new respect for Sadie after this little tidbit. And, why on earth does this have to be headline news?? How embarrassing. Schmuk! For Sienna's sake, he really should've kept this private.

And one last note before I end my rant :p -
That nanny is a friggin' idiot to think their relationship was about ANYthing other than sex. So naive

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and while I don't condon cheating at all it did seem like Sienna wasn't really ready to get married. She is young (remember, she's the same age as Paris) and maybe she is deeply emmersed in the party scene and her career to the point that she didn't really want to settle down and be married. I'm sure she loves/loved Jude but loving someone and being ready to spend the rest of your life with someone are two different things.

That being said Jude is a cad, he's been rumoured to be a cheating cad for years now and has been hinted at in many blind items about numerous affairs. I wouldn't wish marriage to him on anyone.

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Originally Posted by Fabulyss
Lest we not forget it takes two to tango. That whore of a nanny deserves some bashing as well. Not very professional.?
I have to agree with you. Everyone is bashing Jude, but lets not forgot the nanny.

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It was bound to happen , it's kinda surprising it's taking that long. Sienna definitely deserves beter than this. Never trust pretty boys

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I have just read that she will be appearing on stage tonight.....good for her, she will be hounded by the Pap's though.

I hope she gets rid of him she deserves better.

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i can t believe he had the nerve to cheat on Sienna, what a way of proving that he IS a jerk

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I feel so sorry for Sienna....dump Jude!!!

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Yowza!!...That sucks.

I feel bad for Sienna but though she might not realize this at the moment its best that she found out about Jude (still) being a dirty dog now as oppose to marrying him and having to deal with that type of embarrassment.

"If you run with dogs you'll bark, but if you lay down with dogs you'll get fleas."

As for 'The Nanny'...she too is dirty. However, she wasn't the one who was commited to anyone (from what I have read thus far). It does indeed take two to tango, but it takes one to have morals and be faithful.

I am not condoning what either person did however...

Jude is a arse clown and if Sienna had any sense she would leave his arse alone. I know its easier said then done (for some) though.

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Originally Posted by fashionicon

Talk about a screwed up family. First Jude and Sadie's 2 year old goes to the hospital for swallowing esctasy. then we find out that Jude and Gavin occasionally dabbled in wife-swapping, then we find out that Sadie is diaignosed with depression and now one of their kids finds Jude in bed with the nanny.

Yeah, if I were Sienna I were definitley rethink this whole marriage thing with Jude, no matter how good the man looks.

And yeah, he sucks.
Wife swapping? Really? That's disturbing. What a guy.. Sienna should dump his ***.

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