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Sting caught on camera in front of German brothel
Sting caught on camera in front of German brothel

His actual name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner but he is famous around the world as Sting. An English musician from Newcastle-upon-Tyne who first came to world’s attention with the rock band The Police in the late 1970s, Sting is married to actress and film producer Trudie Styler and has six children. So does a successful music career and a smooth marriage life guarantee peace and contentment? In Sting’s case, apparently not.

Sting had gone to perform at the HSV Arena in Hamburg,Germany and the strain must certainly have threaded its way into him. At 2:15am, Sting was caught on camera coming out of one of Germany’s most famous brothels Relax and this has released a string of speculation that Sting did go inside the brothel to ease himself out of the exhaustion and was even involved in an orgy.

The 55-year old singer jumped into a silver SUV flanked by two bodyguards and headed into town, apparently to the Relax bordello that is arguably the city’s most luxurious brothels and one that advocates to be a mere strip club but in reality it is a haven for those seeking sex.

Germany is considered to have the leading sex industry in the world.
Prostitution is legal in Germany and this provides the license to nightclubs and strip clubs to sell models to potential clients who are ready to pay to have sex. Relax promotes itself as a strip club only but lurking just beneath the surface is a wholly diffrent tale. Models sell themselves by the time the night has started to grow old and then prostitution reigns supreme.

It can be said that Sting’s wife Styler and his children won’t be particularly pleased with the report that Sting went to a brothel but if incidents from the past and Sting’s publicist are to be believed, then this incident won’t really hamper the singer’s personal relationships. In an interview in 2004 to US radio, Styler told host Howard Stern that she and her husband had often been involved in wife-swooping, swinging and visiting sex clubs and that she isn’t bothered by her husband’s sexual desires outside marriage.
About the latest incident Sting’s publicist says,
Sting and his wife Trudie Styler have always been open about their interest in strip clubs. I do not know whether he went to this club. However I would not be surprised if he went. It is nothing he would be ashamed of.
So it seems that this headline news that has caught the imagination of even the German newspapers isn’t a big deal for Sting and his wife Trudie Styler. And now that’s what a perfectly harmonious relationship means.

Image Source: BBC
Source: Daily Mail, UK

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An English musician from Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Wallsend, actually. Thank God.

-Jamais fille chaste n'a lu de romans
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backstage pass
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Aw, too bad if it's true - I love Sting. He always seems like such a classy, gentlemanly guy.


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tfs star
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That's not too shocking...he and his wife seem freaky...

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Not surprising to me either. Styler and Sting seem

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oh! darling
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To me, it seems like a "wrong place, wrong time" situation.

i'd rather live it 'cause dreamers always chase but never get it............................... sam ypma
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fashion insider
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So if i'm walking past a porn shop, and somebody takes a picture of me walking past the porn shop, does that mean that I went in there and bought 50 XXX magazines and some party pills? :/

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One of my friends met Sting in a nightclub, and he apparently got very touchy-feely and kissed her, and also wrote her an email later. (My friend is a beautiful model, which might explain his interest in her.) But it is true that Sting and Trudie have an open relationship, difficult as it may be for us more mainstream people to understand it. Lots of men do visit brothels, it shouldn't be so shocking to think that Sting is one of them.

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Deep Red Bells
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So if he already admitted that he and the wife are freaky-deaky...
then why is this news?....

I guess they are just trying to shame him.

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Hmmm, for me, this was quite surprising. A brothel?

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stories everywhere
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mehhh who cares. it's his c**k let him do with it what he wants.

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barack the vote
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& R.V.R
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whatever, im more interested in britney's news anyway

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Maybe he just wanted to sing "Roxanne" to them?

let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together.
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i'm almost ready..
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i've always adored sting...i just let selective memory take care of news like this..LOL..

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