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She was in a totally stupid and dumb -how do you call it?- 'movie', she's pretty but not stunning or anything else. And she's so boring. Even naked.
She'll never get jobs outside of the disney studios. Will she ever get jobs now that disney is for children??


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tfs star
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Here's more pics...god this girl is dumb...LOL

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Whoa on page 6 of this topic?? This is old news...she's a dumb fug slut ok I get it. Geez I never knew so many people on here were self-appointed puritanical moral compasses for the rest of the world. I promise I'll never take off my clothes ever again people, I promise!:p

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fashion elite
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Originally Posted by PetitPuppy View Post
And she's so boring. Even naked.
So true.
I see nothing wrong with taking nude pictures of yourself (though I don't quite see the point either. Unless it's taken in a studio by a professional, it'll end up looking cheap and fug- see Vanessa's pics as evidence 1).
However, sharing the said pics by e-mail is undoubtedly begging for them to be spread around.


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silent sigh
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Originally Posted by Harumi View Post
However, sharing the said pics by e-mail is undoubtedly begging for them to be spread around.
Agree! I think that when you take these kinds of pictures and give them to someone else or have them on your computer and send them through email, you have to come to terms with the fact that once those pics are out of your hands, they're fair game..and it's noone's fault but your own..I would be weary about taking pics and giving them away, even of it's to someone whom I trust at the never really know who's capable of doing what..especially when people are famousa and it's very easy to make enemies

Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear. -Lord Goring
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The mod squad
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She's a celebrity and therefore she has to take more responsibility for
her actions. But it still doesn't change the fact she's human
and made a mistake, even if hers was an obvious one.

If Oprah WinfreymarriedDeepak Chopra, she'd be OprahChopra.
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Fashion Designer
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dumb dumb dumb! i couldnt walk this earth in peace knowing that theres a nude pic of me, much less if im a celebrity, a disney channel celebrity and then posing for the camera like its a cool thing....idiot!

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