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fashion insider
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"documented" cases are almost never what the reality is, so whatever books they might print, be sure the truth lies somewehere else...Andrew was probably just a victim who did the dirty job and did not know they will kill him after it! It is all so pathetic and predictible...and the real story sounds pretty logical...I mean the one I know that was never revealed.

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(Google Transaltion)

Gianni Versace is said to have faked his death

A former Mafioso brings wild conspiracy theories surrounding the murder of Gianni Versace in circulation. He said: Versace was involved in Mafia business - and is still alive.

"Killing someone is in the Mafia to kill a fly," Giuseppe Di Bella, the Italian judicial witness testified against one of the largest mafia groupings in the country: the 'Ndrangheta. Di Bella has long worked for the organization before he decided to get out.

And he even has some people on his conscience. As a killer for the global Italian mafia organization he brought to unscrupulous people who drove a protection money and turned a lot of crooked things. That he makes public his story now, is due to the fact that Di Bella wrote down his experiences with the help of two journalists in the book "metastases", which is now published in Germany.

Gianni Versace is still alive

But the sensation in the brutal evidence of the Mafia is not one dead, the Di Bella on his conscience, but rather a mystery to one survivor said. It is none other than the famous fashion designer Gianni Versace.

The death of the designer is still one of the most spectacular of the 90 murder cases. According to present facts, the designer is on 15 Been in July 1997 on the steps of his mansion Casa Casuarina in Miami killed with two shots to the head. He just came back from the morning newspaper purchase. His longtime boyfriend heard the shots and found dead on the steps of Versace.

Perpetrator was the then only 27 years old American Philip Andrew Cunanan. The well-educated young man earned his living as Callboy in the gay community of New York, but was peeved by escalating drug use and personal problems more lovers, and eventually lost his source of money. It probably drove him to the crime.

At the time of the murder he was already on the list of most wanted criminals in the United States. The FBI searched for him, because he had before during a err Versace killing spree through the United States already killed several people. The fashion designer was only his latest victim.

After several days of intensive investigation, some with over 400 officials, he was finally on 23 July on a yacht in the port of Miami discovered. The administrator of the boat saw him and opened the door and then heard a gunshot. Cunanan had killed himself.

Alleged murderer killed someone else

And now comes the ex-mobster in the game. It was claimed at the time of the murder Versace would not be in Miami, but in Zurich: So would Cunanan, knowingly or unknowingly, another shot. Who should have been is unknown. And Gianni Versace would still live, his family and the Mafia would protect him. As evidence of the witness sees a job he got in 1997 by the then "Finance" of Trovato branch of the 'Ndrangheta. The mission: Steal the ashes of Gianni Versace from the former burial ground in Moltrasio. For that he should get one billion lire.

But Di Bella balked, demanding to know why so much money should be paid for the ashes of a dead man. The simple explanation, which he gets from the high-ranking Mafioso: Versace would live, you would not want to risk that the ash for a DNA test would be used. Finally, the dead man was not Versace. "Versace's death was staged. When he was allegedly murdered in Miami, he was actually in Zurich. We should get rid of the ashes, so the DNA can not be reconciled," he is quoted in the book.

This did not end. Versace's ashes were too well-protected and the family decided in addition a reburial of the family on the lake property on Lake Como, Villa Fontanelle.

Money laundering, drug trafficking - a Versace Mafiosi?

The question remains, what could be tuned to the claim or why the Mafia was to protect just a fashion designer? According to Bellas Tues Versace was long a matter of "family" and had a lot of debt. In the book are also listed different statements.

Versace used his power boutiques around the world to cover mafia business. He was dependent on the drug procurement of the 'Ndrangheta. And he washed at least in the years 1983 to 1984 money for the Mafia. In addition, the successful designers have as a trader for the stolen art works of the "family" acts of rich friends and they "give". Versace had enough of them to. Elton John to his fans counted just like Princess Diana. Could prove Versace, despite several tax audits of the company, nothing. However, was the origin of some works of art and antiques from his unexplained possession and they were confiscated.

The death of a prominent fashion designer was always room for speculation: So then-boyfriend has repeatedly stated, he does not believe in an affair between the callboy and Versace as a motive. For the investigators in the U.S., the studies were then completed with the death of the alleged murderer. A circumstance, to welcome the family also seemed Versace.

Di Bella can prove really not his statements. At least the ashes of the fashion designer still exists, it is in an urn in the family grave. A DNA test would thus be possible.

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Originally Posted by gius View Post
i remember an article a long time ago posted here on vogue italia, their photographers and a bunch of other italian fashion houses all linked to the mafia
well, didn't roberto cavalli get some heat from inviting members of the mafia to his shows in milan?

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If Gianni is still alive then so is Elvis. God why can't people just move on.

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front row
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Originally Posted by radolgc View Post
I do not understand why anybody would like to know what happened and who did what...what diffcerence would it make? It will just feed the curiousity of some people. The truth behind such events will never be known or if some of us know it (as I think I do) nobody would evber believe them, cause often people do not believe what is in front of their eyes or what sounds logical...I spoke to an insider who is close to the family and i was never curious to know anything, I just heard a version of all this that sounded pretty believable...I do not want cookies, but I do not think it would be apprporiate to discuss such matters here and who knows what the conciquences might be...
But it is human nature to be curious. There is nothing wrong with asking questions and there is nothing wrong with wanting answers to questions, it is a part of our nature, it is perfectly normal. What is so bad about wanting to seek out truth?

Having said this, the whole Gianni-is-alive conspiracy is a joke. Is anyone buying what this supposed insider is selling?

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front row
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sure we can be curious and we all for some things, but you also heard I guess that "curiousity killed the cat". We can do, say, ask anything we want, but all actions have consiquences if you can realize what i mean!
What actions though? We are talking about speculation and a pursuit for truth and knowledge. I'm sorry, but I think a "the truth is irrelevant, it makes no difference" approach to things is incredibly dangerous, especially in this day and age. Quite frankly I think there is no validity to these stories re: Gianni, but I do not agree with an implication that the truth doesn't matter. The truth always matters. The truth is always important. But this is just me.

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flaunt the imperfection
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naples is a hotbed for the mafia...
and that is where gianni is from...

plus--- the mafia practically ran all of italy back then...
there is a LOT of corruption and shady stuff going on in that country---
not as much anymore, but back then...*sheesh* was pretty shady!...

i have no idea if any of this is true...
but it isn't really totally outrageous sounding to me either...
the whole thing of how and 'why' he was killed was equally unbelievable at the time imho...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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You don't have to be big or have any debts to be hit by the mafia, once I talked to some of them online without knowing it was the mafia and they almost killed me.

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front row
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care to explain more?

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but this is enlightenment
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