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I always find it shivering to find out that in most people's minds, models are just dummies in human shapes. And also, the fact that they have to do anything because other people would love to do it and they can't. So, she can't have her idiology and be coherent sticking to it because she is a model? What is a real shame is that only a FAMOUS model can ask for a little bit of respect.

sell crazy some place else, we're all stocked up here.

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^ Any model can speak their mind and be forthright in their opinions, but it has to be reasonable. You can speak your mind in a way that doesn't embarrass/disrespect a major publication. No one is telling her to shut up. We're simply criticizing/vouching for her opinions.

I think she must be deluded if she actually expected the magazine NOT to airbrush the bodysuit out. Did she really think that they would allow the cover to show her wearing a revealing dress and then a bodysuit underneath? I'm all for her 'ideology,' her beliefs, whatever you want to call it. I respect that she has a no-nudity clause, but she isn't nude in this! She's making a big deal out of nothing. If the cover were showing her nipples or if they said 'F it, let's airbrush the dress out and make her look naked,' then okay fine. I would understand. Tweet your anger away, but this shows nothing. It's not revealing. Yes it looks as though the dress has been painted on, but that was the whole point of that dress in the first place! If she cared so much about her image and didn't want to be portrayed as showing too much skin then she could've kindly asked them to make her wear something else for the cover, but she didn't! Instead she complained and wrote a self-righteous blog entry, which I would respect if she had any reason to complain, but in my opinion in this instance, her complaints are unwarranted.

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Originally Posted by ALAUU View Post
Did she really think that they would allow the cover to show her wearing a revealing dress and then a bodysuit underneath?
Well this is the same girl who didn't realize she was being portrayed as the devil in this editorial:
So who knows (sarcasm).

I agree with every word you said.

It's great to stick up yourself and your beliefs, but sorry doing so repeatedly after the fact doesn't garner quite the same respect.


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seriously....there weren't ANY other dresses were available for the entire SS12 season

boom. problem avoided.

I think she should pick her battles. I'm all for her standing up for what she believes in, but I think it's an awesome cover that doesn't lead one at all to think of "nudity" in any way shape or form.

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I love Coco, I admire the fact that she has her own beliefs, I agree that it's her right to speak about her rights, I even think that Elle wasn't right about what they did if they knew she doesn't accept partial nudity BUT this cover is awesome and she looks flawless! And I think she shouldn't have made a scandal of it but just solve the problem with Elle, photographer and her agency. It's not good for her as well, others might not give her jobs after this.
I think many models don't agree on the photos editors are choosing for eds and covers and I'm sure many models realize that after photoshop their photos are awful BUT if everyone would make a scandal of it, the whole fashion industry would die.

+technically she wasn't nude, she was dressed, it's photoshop to blame.

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Any word on the rest of the editorial?

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Originally Posted by HeatherAnne View Post
If any other model was making this same argument I might have compassion, but I feel like she's a little too high-and-mighty. She always finds some cause for complaint or is trying to rally the troops behind some cause. I do agree that great changes are needed in the modeling industry, but she isn't the person I want leading the reform, for the sole reason that she is irritating to no end.
I agree, she doesn't present herself in a good way and leads people to question her rather than the issues. She also does need to pick her battles; for instance, being offended by the demon editorial, which she agreed to do, because of her religion. Can she not differentiate acting or portraying a role from her everyday life? Even if though has a valid point here, she does herself no favors in how combative she is about everything.

I am also interested in what exactly was in writing. She states initially that it was verbal and written direction she provided them. If they did not agree to that, then they are not at fault. It would just be a misunderstanding that she expressed her desire and they disagreed and it was not communicated. If it was, indeed, in a contract, then she can be upset. Of course, there are nuances to that as well. Did the contract say no nudity but did not specify that they could not shop to imply cleavage?

She was obviously not nude in the image, even if she wasn't wearing a body suit, which seems to be the issue. While a lot of skin was shown, she is not even partially nude. That is where it becomes grey area, at least contractually, though I am not an expert. If her contract says not nudity, she isn't nude. Again, I understand that she is upset, and she is allowed to be, but the way she went about it (ranting on her blog claiming they violated a contract which is a legal issue and she shouldn't be speaking except through a lawyer until it is resolved) is likely why people are rolling their eyes instead of defending her.

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What did she say about the VP editorial? Care to shed some light?

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^I think she felt really unconfortable or something.
But I think we know what heapened

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girl with the most cake
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This is hard.. I understand Coco, and she has the right to feel upset. She's religious, she doesen't like to be nude on magazines, that's her right. But I can't believe she's mad for so little. There's no nudity at all on this.

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fashion insider
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You know, I really don't care about Coco's personality, or my feelings about her or what have you. I really don't care if this might be a situation where she "overreacted" because other people have the opinion that by their standards it's a beautiful image, doesn't show a lot of her skin or is the best cover she's done in a while. I really don't see how, in the long run, this could significantly hurt the battle models are currently waging in the industry to be more respected. ("OMG, remember that one time Coco whined about that Elle Brasil cover? Ugh, so irritating. Set model's rights back a whole decade.") In any movement there will be missteps, although it seems to early to judge whether this is one or not.

To me, it's just an issue of contract and whether she or Elle Brasil has the right of it or not.

(Aren't high and mighty ego types like common weeds in the fashion industry? I thought we loved that stuff or at least more tolerable about it.)

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still no comment from Elle Brazil?

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I like that Coco stands up for herself but to be honest, there isn't much nudity going on

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She knew what the dress looked like. Yes, the photoshopping makes her look...idk...less dressed i suppose, but at the end of the day that dress is most likely going to make you look like you have "nudity" going on

i like Coco, i just don't see the nudity

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Come on guys,it's just a little complaint from Coco,she's not gonna sue anybody or what.What pissed her off was Elle Brazil going behind her back to violate the agreement,she values promises and just wants an explanation from them,that's all.

Why can't she make her own rules in the industry?Just because you're a model you should suck it all up and be dressed whatever people want?She seems like a very traditional girl,maybe has a religion,and she's married now.Someone even dug up her old covers and runway shots?How idle are you?

Plus,her professionalism doesn't need any more validations.Can't believe somebody's response to this is to let her shut up.Just because you can't understand it doesn't mean you have the right to tell people what to do.Especially when you're not a model,it's easy for you to say...

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