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Woman Sues Prada After Being Unable to Remove Stain From Skirt - and Wins!
I can't believe some people! Would anyone dare do this?

A customer has sued luxury fashion label Prada after being unable to remove a stain from a silk skirt.

Catherine Whitty, 40, a physiotherapist from Melbourne, spent £971 ($1,660 in Australian dollars) on the skirt but spilled champagne on the garment during birthday celebrations.

When Whitty took the piece to the drycleaners, she was told that it couldn't be removed, according to reports in Australian paper, the Herald Sun. What's more, reported the paper, Whitty was 'surprised' to be told that in addition to champagne, any liquid - including rainwater and even accidental splashes of water during hand-washing - would stain and indeed permanently damage the fabric.

Incensed, Whitty launched legal action against the brand, claiming that sales staff were told the outfit was being purchased for a champagne celebration and should have warned her.

She argued that she had chosen the 'timeless' A-line skirt because she expected to be able to wear it again and assumed it would be fit for 'common usage'. But Prada argued that retail operations manager Albin Cheng said that it was Ms Whitty's responsibility to care for the skirt.

He told the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal that staff had recommended the purchase of the skirt based on fashion, and not on what would be served during celebrations. Cheng also said that Whitty's failure to have the skirt cleaned immediately compounded the problem and increased the damage.

But despite his protests, tribunal member Peter Moloney found in Ms Whitty's favour and ordered the brand to hand over a full refund. He added that unless sold with a warning, garments should be expected to withstand splashes of water, or, indeed, champagne.
Article and Photo: Daily Mail

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i think if i spent that kind of money on a Prada skirt and there was no warning I would try to get some type of action to get my money back. You see warning on denim all the time. Im sure Prada's merchandising team could request tags to be placed on garments like this.

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It probably would come out perfect if she threw it in the wash

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I hope they also paid her legal fees because that's a hell lot of trouble to go into for a stupid skirt.

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The only way I would understand suing is if there were no cleaning instructions/warnings on it that specified it must not come into contact with liquid. If it did come with cleaning instructions (as most clothing does) this law suit is ridiculous.

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Rainwater ruining a skirt is simply bad quality control - this is a luxury item and plenty of companies have fabric experts in their staff to avoid such problems. It would have been different if she'd spilled red wine on it. I think she is completely justified though I'd like to test t-rex's theory. I bet it would be fine

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I wouldn't go to those lenghts as to sue the clothing company but actually, she is in her full right to do so. Clothing Brands are legally obligated to state the proper care for any garment, hence the mandatory care tags. Supposedly they test each piece before it hits the market to adjust the care tags accordingly. No brand should get away with a garment that's ruined by the mere touch of water and it not being boldly stated when purchased.

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Originally Posted by daniellat View Post
I wouldn't go to those lenghts as to sue the clothing company but actually, she is in her full right to do so. Clothing Brands are legally obligated to state the proper care for any garment, hence the mandatory care tags.
Not everywhere. In France for example, you are strongly advised to put a care label but only the contents label is mandatory.

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Some more details from heraldsun

- The Princes Hill physiotherapist said she'd checked the washing instructions on the skirt before purchase, and the label said "professionally dryclean".

- Ms Whitty's delay in taking the skirt for cleaning hadn't helped, [Mr Cheng] claimed. The party host waited until Monday morning after the Saturday-night mishap in the belief her preferred shop was shut on Sundays.

- Mr Cheng said a search of Prada's customer database revealed that four months after the party, Ms Whitty had bought another item of the same material, raising questions about whether she really did doubt its quality and wearability.

- Ms Whitty told the tribunal she'd bought other silk items from Prada and was "usually a very happy customer". But she was highly dissatisfied at being able to wear the damaged skirt only once, and also by Prada Australia's handling of her complaint. She said she'd spent several frustrating months trying to get the brand to respond to her concerns before launching tribunal proceedings.

- Mr Moloney noted unless sold with a warning, garments were usually be expected to withstand some use and exposure to normal hazards of life such as spills or a rain shower.

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I'm pretty sure Prada does not want the bad press, and this could've been handled way more discreetly.

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I wonder if she will be welcome at Prada now. If I was the store manager I wouldn't want to deal with her whether she was right or not.

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