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Jonathan Waiter - Photographer

Jonathan Waiter is not only an astounding photographer with a talent to showcase his very own sentiments of beauty -walking on a very thin line between provocative and haunting- but with every of his works, he also proves that it only needs three things to take an impressive picture: a simple setting, a handful of sinister ideas in ones mind and a girl with no fears to discover her "evil side".
Based in the Netherlands Waiter is full of passion and eager - which defenitely shows in his photographs, being all filled with a special power that seems to break out of the pictures as soon as you start studying them a bit more.
So, this interview should give you a little insight about who is behind those spooky images:

1. First of all: have you always wanted to be a photographer? How did you get started in the business?
I have always appreciated photogrpahy, but I wanted to be a few different things before I ever wanted to be a photographer.
In fact, I went to school to learn 3d character animation. I was pretty hard core about that. It was just by accident that I discovered my love for making pictures. I borrowed a digital camera to document my nieces birthday party. I did it just for fun. There was something really magical about it, and I craved that feeling afterward. I purchased my own camera and photographed children and friends. I've always been interested in people. When I started feeling serious about it, I discovered fashion was going to be the best vehicle to explore my personal interest in photography. It wasn't that long ago.

2. What makes a girl interesting for you to shoot with her? Is there a certain "type" of model you prefer?
I definitely have a certain type. It's not so specific though and it's a little tough to describe because it's not just about the look, but also how I feel. I have my own ideas of beauty and I'm always trying to find what matches that. I love interesting faces, and not the ones who are too traditionally commercial. I like a certain oddness, or maybe something that reminds me of a wild animal. More important than looks is definitely attitude. I like fearless creative girls. Absolutely!

3. Do you always bring some kind of concept to a shoot, or just let you get inspired by the mood on the set/ the model?
I usually have a theme/mood in mind, nothing too conceptual or narrative. I try to choose a model which best fits that mood.

4. The atmosphere in your shots is always quite eery and VERY haunting (in the best way possible!). What is the meaning behind this "creepy" theme that goes through all of your photographs?
I guess there are many levels to this. To simplify, it is the product of my different interest being expressed. I've always been more attracted to darker subjects. I find them more challenging and interesting. I like to play with ways of thinking, feeling and acting. I like to create a little mystery and oddness. There has to be that connective dialogue between the viewer and subject. I want the viewer to ask questions about the girl or have an intuitive feeling about the girls personality or mental state. That's really important to me. It's all sort of an experiment though...

5. Do you think good movement and the charisma in front the camera, is something a girl gets born with, or is it possible to learn all these things?
I think it can be learned. The only thing really holding you back is fear.

6. Are there any magazines you have worked for so far?
I recently worked with a really cool magazine called MykroMag. But that's the only one. No other magazines will work with me yet. I'm not that cool. None have responded. Haha.

7. Is there anyone who gives you inspirations for what you do/ someone whose work you admire?
Hmmm... So many. I am in love with and inspired by models Nimue Smit, Marloes Horst, Hanne Gabby Odile, and Karlie Kloss. I love the work of Chris Cunningham and Harmony Korine. I'm inspired by Peter Lindbergh and Juergen Teller. I'm totally in love with the work of designers Rick Owens and Gareth Pugh. Love the styling of Panos Yiapanis. The list goes on forever. I'm inspired by everything.

8. Which kind of camera do you work with?
I will work with any camera. Currently I use a cell phone and Canon 5dmkII.

9. What was the most impressive shooting you've done so far?
Impressive ? I guess it's pretty impressive to work with Nimue Smit. She's a really special girl. I feel really blessed to have been given that opportunity. I could die.

10. If you could chose one model to shoot with (from any decades) who would you want to have in front of your lense?
I'm very passionate so it's really difficult to just pick one. Maybe it is cliche, but I would love to shoot a young Gemma Ward. Thank you ; )

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Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: Sydney, Australia
Gender: homme
Posts: 116
Jonathan Waiter - Photographer
'I Keep A Close Watch On This Heart Of Mine'
Publication: Ozon Magazine
Issue: #95 Summer 2012
Title: I Keep A Close Watch
On This Heart Of Mine
Model: Leyla Erdmann
Photography: Jonathan Waiter
Styling: Chrissie Guggemos


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