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Must Read - Forum Rules for Crediting Images / Posting Images / Starting Threads
What to post in Behind the Lens
  • Please post pictures of the work of people who are "behing the lens" ... their editorials, photos of their clients, etc.
  • You should discuss their work, their awards, their careers, interviews, their causes, here.
  • We will allow occassional photos of the subjects, if it is related to an interview or a news story.
  • Be aware that any photos of these people showing their personal style and discussion about what they are wearing, such as street style shots, posed paparazzi shots or shots taken outside of fashion shows, should be posted in our NEW FORUM: The Fashion Pack
Crediting Images Properly
  • Please remember to provide the source for an image or news story you share with us here. Journalists and photographers deserve credit for their work, just as those who take the time to scan in images from magazines or newspapers do. We want to continue to enjoy news stories and images and do not want people upset with us, which may prohibit us from doing so.
  • Site names need to be spelled out in full (abbreviation/clickable url/links in lieu of a site name are not acceptable).
  • Account names to images from flickr/deviantart/myspace, etc. have to be added.
  • Flickr/deviantart/myspace etc. users deserve credit. Please keep this in mind when saving/uploading images from these sites.
  • If you have information about the date and name/ location of the event or the name and issue of the magazine, please post this information, in addition to your credits.
For more information about how to credit images please go here.

Posting Images
  • If you are going to post images containing nudity, do not host them on imageshack. Imageshack may then block all images on tFS, which are hosted on their servers. If moderators see nude images posted from imageshack they will be deleted without notice. Please use another image hosting site or the tFS image uploaded to post such images.
  • Although brief mention of babies, children, family, etc. is OK, please refrain from taking the threads off topic. Threads in Behind the Lens are intended to be primarily about the person's work , not about thier personal lives nor family and relationships. We also ask you to respect the subjects' privacy regarding personal pictures of children.
  • Please do not post images, which are over 800 pixels wide.
  • When posting several images leave a space between them so they will appear vertically. If you leave no space, the pictures may appear in a long horizontal line requiring others to scroll horizontally to see them.
  • Make sure that you can provide correct credits for an image (see above).
Must Read Before Starting A New Thread
  • Before starting a new thread, do an advanced search to check that there is not already an existing one. If there is not, then go ahead and start one!
  • For photographers to have their own thread, they should be well know fashion photographers, who have been published in main stream fashion magazines. You may post about emerging fashion photographers who have been published but are not well known yet, in this thread: Emerging / Up & Coming Fashion Photographers ... See post #1 for rules
  • When writing the thread title, please note the following points: List the name of the person, followed by a hyphen, then his/her primary role(s) in the industry. If the person is mainly working for one magazine then please write that at the end of the title.
See the following examples:
Emmanuelle Alt - Fashion Director, Vogue Paris
Marie-Amélie Sauvé - Stylist & Fashion Editor
Carter Smith - Photographer

Following the guidelines will help the forum stay organized and run smoothly. If you come across posts which have not followed these rules, especially nude images hosted on imageshack, please use the 'report post' feature which you will see next to every post. This will quickly bring the problem to the attention of moderators.

Full tFS community rules can be found here: (link available at the bottom of every page)


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Moderator's note:
Please post ALL credits when posting images-as follows...

Stylist/Fashion Editor:
Make Up:

Thank you!

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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