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tfs star
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Who doesn't love Tim?

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Originally Posted by noehedquist4life
is he gay bi or wat??? :/
He's openly gay.

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tfs star
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Tim will be appearing on Oprah today.


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backstage pass
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tim left parsons to work for liz claiborne.

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breakfast time
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^ That's true. I know that there was another thread about this in "Rumor Has It" but it deserves to be here as well:

Liz Claiborne Appoints Tim Gunn Chief Creative Officer

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

By Whitney Beckett
Liz Claiborne Inc. is bringing out the big Gunn.

Tim Gunn is joining the company as chief creative officer, a new post — and the first major appointment by Claiborne’s new chief executive officer William L. McComb.

Gunn is stepping down as chair of the department of fashion design at Parsons The New School for Design, but will continue on as task master for “Project Runway.”

( source: http://www.wwd.com/notavailable/arch...articleType=BN )

^ I say good for him even though it's sad that he's leaving Parsons. Liz Claiborne is too matronly for me but maybe he can turn it around.

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breakfast time
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I was reading ONTD and apparently, he already left the New School.

After 25 Years, Tim Gunn Leaves The New School
by Caitlin McGinn for Inprint

Students and faculty alike were running a very fashionable five minutes late at last Tuesday's meeting, set for noon at the Parsons building in the heart of the Fashion District. Tim Gunn emerged, wearing a stunning pinstriped suit. He announced to his predominantly ripped-denim-wearing student body his plans to leave the school for an executive position at Liz Claiborne, Inc.

( source: http://www.newschool.edu/uploadedFil...Blowres%5D.pdf & image taken from http://community.livejournal.com/ohn.../10934702.html )

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Tim Gunn, will have his own reality Show in the Fall, I do believe it will be on Bravo as well...


Margina Dennis, Makeup, Airbrush, Hair
Beauty Editor, LA' G Magazine http://www.lagmagazine.com
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backstage pass
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I adore Tim.....he's so wonderful He reminds me of every kind, friendly, generous person I've ever met. Just seems like a really nice guy. Plus he has THE BEST vocabulary around.
"Carry on"
"Make it work!"

And the best?
"What happened to Andrae!?"

I almost went to Parsons just becuase I wanted to meet him.

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Originally Posted by Margina
Tim Gunn, will have his own reality Show in the Fall, I do believe it will be on Bravo as well...

Welcome to tFS, Margina. It's nice to see you participating.

I'll look forward to his show! I wonder what the premise will be ... do you know? He's got the perfect way of telling the truth as he sees it without putting down the person or his/her work ... that's a skill that more people in this industry should cultivate ... dipolmacy.

** It's All in the Details! **
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jay from season 1 talked trash about him...what about that???....i didnt understand the whole situation....any help? lol

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^Jay had terrible things to say about everyone on the show only a short while after it was over

Whatever road Tim takes...best wishes!

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breakfast time
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This Gunn's Not For Hire

EW.com caught up with the dapper ''Project Runway'' mentor at the L.A. tryouts for season 4 -- here's what he says about the do's and don'ts of audition etiquette, and why he thinks he's ''the luckiest guy in the world''By Shirley Halperin

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It's lunch time now, but there are still several dozen hopefuls waiting outside. How do you mentally prepare for these full days of Runway casting?
TIM GUNN: With three seasons of casting behind us, I remind myself that the days seem excruciatingly long as they're unfolding, but the entire process is over before you can blink an eye. I also remind myself that we're going to see a profusion of mind-numbingly dumb and boring clothes.

What's an example of mind-numbingly dumb clothes?
Student work, literally, or ''stuff'' — and that's the correct word — that looks like student work. By this, I mean the skirt made out of neckties, the backwards shirt, the plastic-bag evening gown, and anything else that screams, ''contrivance!''

What's surprised you the most about the candidates you've seen so far today?
My fellow judges and I were really surprised by how unprepared people were to respond to the question, ''Why do you want to be on Project Runway?'' They're all like, ''My friends told me I should try out,'' and I'm like, ''Why do you want it?'' Then we saw this one designer who said, almost shyly, ''Well, it's really a good opportunity for my business.'' That's the right answer!

What are you looking for this year that's different from previous seasons?
We're always looking for the same qualities: exceptional design talent and a compelling personality. With each successive season, we've seen a higher level of talent turnout. I merely hope that this will continue to hold true and that [this season] we'll see the highest level of aptitude to date.

What have people been saying about the previous seasons? Any criticisms that you didn't expect?
It can't be mere coincidence that the comments people make to me are so consistent. And the designers for whom there are the most frequent comments are the ''final four'' [Jeffrey, Laura, Michael, and Uli], plus Vincent, Angela, and Alison. The only time that I balked and almost had to be resuscitated was when someone told me that they loved Vincent's work. When I recovered, I had to persuade myself that they were confusing his work with that of someone else!

In which audition city do you anticipate finding the most talent?
It's always neck-and-neck between New York and Los Angeles. They're each creative hotbeds, but the underpinnings are distinctly different.

How would you describe the repeat customers, those who've come back year after year to audition? Have you given them advice along the way? Did any of it have any impact?
Well, season 3 had four repeaters: Angela, Michael, and Kayne had each tried out for season 2, and Malan had tried out every season. In each case, they demonstrated that they had listened to our advice and counsel and, correspondingly, we invited them to move forward to the next level in the casting process. The rest is history!

American Idol has its delusional and clueless off-key tryouts — what's the worst-of-the-worst Project Runway-wise?
Frankly, we probably don't see the worst in the casting room, because there is a pre-screening outside. We have to pre-screen or the casting process would take months! Still, we see our share of unusual candidates. I get a kick out of the occasional oddball, but my temper flares when disrespect is hurled at us. How can anyone imagine that there is something good to be gained from being obnoxious? When pushed to my limit, I stand, point to the exit, and declare, ''OUT!''

Out of these castings, how many people will move through to the next level?
One hundred and twenty-five will go on to the next tier. If we see something that interests us, we move them forward, but it's not like we're saying, ''Okay, you're on the show.'' And for those we don't move, we just say, ''Thank you for coming, but we're passing.''

Any breakdowns?
There were some borderline tears, and some may have exited the judging room and collapsed. It's a long walk from our judges' table to the door, so you can tell by their pace how they're feeling.

How is your new job at Liz Claiborne?
More fabulous than I could adequately describe. I'm a mentor to 350 designers, the CCO over all the 46 Liz Claiborne brands. I'm not designing or editing; I'm not Tom Ford. But I am a sounding board for the designers, a therapist, and hopefully, an inspiration. Everybody else [at Claiborne] is coming from the business, finance, or merchandising world, and I'm coming with a design focus. It's a huge challenge, but a thrilling one.

And you have a book, A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style, coming out in mid-April?
Yes. The book is in its second printing and has not even reached the bookstores, and they've sold out! I almost wept when I saw the finished version. I've never worked so hard for so little, but it feels great to be done. What had me beside myself was that I now have a Library of Congress catalog number.

How do you manage your time?
I'm doing it. The fact that I'm flying back-and-forth and I have the book tour coming up is tough. But I do enjoy all this, and I'm running with it. I'm the luckiest guy in the world!

(source: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20033355,00.html & image from bravotv.com)

^ I you Tim! I love that there's a mini-Tim on the front page of bravotv.com

I need no reason for the first time in my life
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breakfast time
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Tim Still Gunning for Project Runway

by Gina Serpe
Fri Apr 6, 7:00 AM ET

And they're auf.

Producers may still be in the auditioning process to fill the wannabe designer slots on the fourth season of Project Runway, but their communal "carry on" mentor has already been locked in.

Bravo, along with show producers the Weinstein Company and Miramax, announced Thursday that Tim Gunn would be back to knock another season's worth of straight-talking design sense into the often feuding aspiring couturiers.

"I am thrilled to make it official that I will be back in the workroom for season four of Project Runway," Gunn said. "We are in the midst of casting the designers now, and I can already see that it will be another amazing season."

As previously announced Heidi Klum, will return in her capacity as host and judge on the show alongside designer Michael Kors and Elle fashion editor Nina Garcia.

In December, Entertainment Weekly reported that Gunn was the only Runway player without a new deal, sending TV blogs into a tizzy with speculation that he would not return.

In the months that followed, he changed day jobs, moving from chair of fashion at Parsons The New School of Design to chief creative officer of Liz Claiborne, and got more TV gigs. First, Bravo gave him his own series, Tim Gunn's Guide to Style (based on his book of the same title), and then he guested as a TV reporter on ABC's Ugly Betty in February. All the while, his Runway future seemed uncertain.

But Gunn's importance to the series wasn't lost on producer Harvey Weinstein, who credited the fashion guru's "passion, creativity and dedication" to making the show "such a commercial and critical success."

While the new cycle of Runway won't air until this summer, the casting process kicked off last week in Los Angeles. Gunn, along with a contingent of the Emmy-nominated series' producers and last year's winner, Jeffrey Sebelia, gathered together to whittle through the wannabes, each of whom was required to show up with a sample of three articles of clothing and a portfolio.

Gunn told E! News that while such outré personas (think inaugural winner Jay McCarroll, season two finalist Santino Rice and Sebelia) were expected on the fashion-centric show, the primary criterion for prospective contestants was "design aptitude, not personality."

And while being outrageous can't hurt, Gunn said that Project Runway, unlike a certain Fox-based juggernaut talent competition that shall remain nameless, didn't prize entertainment value over genuine skill in its contenders.

"There's some people about whom you just figure they're there merely to be embarrassed and we don't want that," he told E! News. "We take the industry very seriously, we take the process very seriously, we take the mission of the show very seriously and we really want to support up and coming designers.

"Talent comes first," he continued, "and you appreciate the good when you see the lunatic fringe."

And while Gunn is frequently cited as the calm yet stern voice of reason on the reality competition, he was the first to admit that while he strives to "make it work," he doesn't always make it right.

"I'm the one who said season one there's no way we can put Austin Scarlett and Jay McCarroll on the same show. There's no way. People won't believe they came from the same planet, let alone the same show. I was completely wrong. And I have to say, I'm frequently wrong."

Auditions for the show will move next to New York, with subsequent stops in Miami and Chicago.

(source & image: http://news.yahoo.com/s/eonline/2007...a_342505cfa937 )

^ This is kind of old news by now but ! PR needed to come back yesterday!

I need no reason for the first time in my life
I just need to be on my way

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It's always nice to hear about behind the scenes at Project Runway. Thanks for sharing!

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girl who fell to earth
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thanks for the articles novella!

glad to hear that tim will be back for another round

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