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Here's the first part... wow it took me actually an hour. Hope it's understable :p

We've met for the first time in her manor of the English countryside. Her children were 8, 3 & 2 years-old at the time. I'm seeing her again this year, 2 years later, on a beach in Phuket. She's still walking and has just signed again a collection of lingerie and swimwear. A difficult life yesterday, beautiful today. From my deck chair, I'm observing her. Natalia plays in the pool with her 2 cadets, she's wearing a tee-shirt in Néoprène and a sun block. She looks like an teenager that doesn't care about her look. Seated on the sand, a bob on the head, she's building sandcastles.

How has your collaboration with Etam evolved since our last meeting?

Today, I have a better approach about the creation of a collection. When I started, I've been told : “Do what you want”. I had trouble focusing on only one thing. I wanted to create several different lines, each with a precise theme. I wanted everything to be beautiful all together. Finally, I realized it was a mistake. Now, I only choose one theme around which I'm focusing for the whole collection. And it works much better, because everything is more fluid, people understand clearer what I'm trying to do.

This collection is called “Paradise”, why?

I've been inspired by this name from my trips in places like Thailand, Bali, Brazil. This collection is about emotions, thoughts, things I've seen, sort of a collection of experiences.

What is your paradise?

It is to be on a beach with my children. Being in contact with nature. You know, feeling the water on your skin, the heat of the jungle, the flavors of the local dishes.

Do you miss nature when you're in the city?

Once you've felt this type of sensations, you just want to live it again. We say that everything is good with moderation. So, maybe such things must stay exceptional. I could certainly not live permanently on an island, this type of life isn't for me. I don't want precious things to become normal.

The Etam show became an expected event of the Parisian Fashion Week. More than a show, it is actually a super production with many artists (Janaelle Monae, Boy George, the Kills, Mark Ronson, Joey Starr, Uffie...), what did you think about that?

I wasn't really involved, I only came at the final rehearsal, it was really fun and a pleasure for all the people who worked for it. The presence of the artists was really natural, the show was fluid, and we felt that they were all here because they really wanted to. It was a fantastic production.

What performance did you love?

Beth Ditto. She's so cool, sparkling. She made me spend an excellent time. I met her briefly after the show, she has such an energy! She's a good person.

What is with your association, The Naked Heart?

It's still in work. We've extended our action to 50 cities in Russia, it is still more than the last time. I traveled a lot through the country, visited orphanages, met associations and nongovernmental organizations that do the work the State should do. All I discover overwhelming. Poor families miss help and support. My sister was born disabled, and I know how difficult it is to raise a child like that in Russia... In the rest of the world too, anyway, but especially in Russia because there are no physicians, and even less psychological help for the parents. Another overwhelming discover, the children placed in institutions are often mistreat. We are trying to establish a system to support associations that already work on the spot, for them to establish a supervising. We would also like to develop centers of psychological and juridical support for families in different Russian cities.

Where will take place your next Love Ball ?

In Paris. Actually, out of Paris. On June 6, during Couture fashion shows, we are planning an event with M.Valentino, who kindly lend us a castle. He also helps us in the organization – it is going to be very special, I'm working on it for 2 years. The point is to make a big show around fairy tales. 46 designers involved will, each, make us a dress on this theme. These dresses will be sold during the ball.

Did you see the dresses?

Of course. We have already seen the 46, but we are going to ask to others designers, such as Tom Ford who just joined us, to make some too.

Do you have a privileged contact with designers?

Of course. I'm working in fashion for 10 years, and with about everyone. I really feel blessed when I see those people supporting my project.

Who are you especially close with?

Riccardo Tisci, Stefano Pilati and Marc Jacobs...

Did they become your friends?

They did, Riccardo is one of my dearest friends.

Are there still things that scare you in fashion?
I'm not really fearful. I don't really have a reason to, in the way that I don't feel dependent from others' opinion. I'm not here to satisfy everyone, but to do what it seems to be good for me. Of course, there are people whom opinion matters – my family, my friends. I'm very dedicated, hard-worker and loyal. But I also have a very strong temper.

I will post the rest as soon as possible.

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That you forge you by working in the fashion industry?
No, I've always been like that.

How do you plan your holidays?
I do it in general at least 6 months before. With 3 children, I have to. Last year, we went in Spain. I fell in love with this country. We were on the Costa Brava, near Barcelona. It was so friendly. We did the Aqua Park, Luna Park, beach, a beautiful house. Then, we went to Ibiza to see our friends.

What is you ideal holidays band?
My friends Ola and Charles, and their 4 children. Ola is Russian, Charles is American. They used to live in New York and they just moved in Moscou. They have 3 girls, the same age as my children, a little one-year-old boy. We spent a lot of holidays together. People who enter my life today are parents. From the time where you have children, it changes your life, and it changes your friends.

Which sun index do you use?
Fortunately, my skin isn't really fragile. I'm protecting myself but I don't use anything glamorous. Some La Roche-Posay, Avène and pharmaceuticals products. Otherwise, I only swear in Super Aqua by Guerlain. I'm in love with this product, I recommend it to a lot of people.

Do you read on the sand?

I do! I'm really attracted by spiritual books, philosophy, but also fictions.

Are you spiritual?

I'm really spiritual. Life is meditation. I do yoga, not as much as I would like, but every morning, I do 12 salutations (??) to the sun. It's my new year resolution.

What was the beach of your childhood?

We went to Ukraine. My grand mother was native from there, we spent the summer over there. It is not the same sea as here. I remember the cherries we ate. And also apricots! We were lying under the apricot-tree, we had barely time to swallow one that we were taking another one : it was the most marvelous thing. They had a honey taste.

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Stunning cover.

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you soft and only
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I don't know if it's just me, but the cover looks like one of those covers that makes more sense and looks a lot better in real life.

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thank valentine you much valentine for the translation
and for your time

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You're welcome

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fashion icon
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very nice but very boring. Vodianova does nothing for me now

'you almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back, so you could have the good'
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Originally Posted by saann View Post
It looks like something you see on tumblr
What's with the saturation?
I think the saturation is the only good thing about it really....makes it stick out. And why should everything look like reality anyway

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boring and ugly cover

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Why she always does this lifeless facial expression? It is so annoying.

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Over-over-horribly-over-rated model.

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Would anyone please be able to scan the shoe and bag trend pages in the Ouverture section up front? I'd very much appreciate it! Thank you!

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