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Originally Posted by Les_Sucettes View Post
Why is America so fascinated with this girl? Did I miss something all this years? I can understand that a spectacular fall from grace can be interesting, if it's indeed a fall, like the one of the revolting Mel Gibson, someone with history. But besides being a very cute child actress and having acted as an adult in one good movie for people that like the genre. I do not see in what way this justifies the level of interest in her life. Is there anything remarkable about her that I missed? Well certainly not this cover.

The only thing this girl provokes in me is a massive yawn.

I can't speak for everyone, but to me, there's something genuinely tragic about the girl. She's like a living Hollywood tragedy. I know that sounds awful, and I really really have always loved her so I hope she pulls through, but she just seems doomed. Like...there is nothing she can do right. And then you look at her parents and hear stories about what growing up was like for her, and it makes me want to cry. And I think that she is a star. It's been years since her last well-received film and she's only made very few, but I feel like she's part of the zeitgeist. She was and is so beautiful and she had fiery red hair and incredible sex appeal. She had a good voice, comedy chops, more charisma then any actress her age, etc. I can't help but be fascinated by and root for her.

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Got my subscription copy - all references are to the British version of Vanity Fair, which is 190 pgs this month.

Because it's plastic-wrapped, I'm going to list the main ads:

Inside front cover is Andy Warhol Dom Perignon pull-out
2 pg Dior with Karlie
2 pg De Beers jewellery
2 pg Gucci vintage shot of a workroom
2 pg Chanel eyewear with Freja
2 pg Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv with Carolyn Murphy
1 pg Emporio Armani men
2 pg Tiffany with Carolyn Murphy
1 pg Prada accessories
2 pg Burberry Prorsum
1 pg Louis Vuitton with Annie Leibovitz
1 pg Moet & Chandon with Scarlett Johansson
2 pg Chanel Beauty Inimitable Intense mascara
2 pg YSL Beauty Radience range
4 pg Ralph Lauren with Valentina and Anna
2 pg Moncler with Freja
1 pg Dior Beauty Rouge Dior with Monica Bellucci
2 pg Nicole Farhi
2 pg Boodles
2 pg Biba
1 pg Solange Azagury-Partridge with Libery Ross
1 pg Jimmy Choo with Amber Valetta
1 pg Russell & Bromley
Back page Bottega Veneta

The Editor's Letter addresses anger in America, and Rupert Murdoch's eternal rage against... anything he targets. The Letters page points out that Saudis haven't actually started naming their camels after the US President because the word "Barak!" actually means "kneel" or "sit". Fanfair opens with a 1984 shot of Madonna by Herb Ritts:

"The first time I [met] Herb was on the set of Desperately Seeking Susan - and it's true, he put a pair of underpants on my head. I thought he was a real geek. I soon moved out to Los Angeles and ran into Herb again, and in his sweet, disarming way, he suggested that we work together again. I agreed to it and that was my real first, proper shoto shoot. That's when I got 'Herbified.' [It] was the beginning of an incredibly long and fruitful working relationship. But it was also the beginning of a great friendship." - Madonna

Actor Andrew Garfield is the Vanities man, looking moody in a forest. Jimmy Fallon gets the George Wayne treatment.

Christopher Hitchens looks at the power of prayer, and the idea that his cancer is some sort of punishment from God. He finds that there are people online betting on whether he turns to religion or stays atheist, and points out that this isn't offensive to him, but merely the modern-day version of Pascal's Wager.

Barbarians At the Shore is about New Jersey pop culture and all the TV shows made in and about the state, while the next article looks at the closure of legendary Spanish restaurant, El Bulli. Facebook dude, Sean Parker, gets profiled ahead of the David Fincher film The Social Network. One of those supremely exciting lists of 100 people - The New Establishment - comes before the Lindsay Lohan feature, where she says, "I don't care what anyone says. I know I'm a damn good actress". That isn't as positive a comment as it sounds, because most actors feel like they have something to prove, which is why they keep working at their craft. The proof of being 'damn good' at acting is in constant effort and the body of work that's produced - not selective deafness, stripping in fashion editorials, and 'designing' for Ungaro.

Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds is about the country's economy, as illustrated by a man with a massive beard. Two Men and a Newsstand is a Rupert Murdoch story, followed by another critique of Sarah Palin. The Wow of São is another great society lady feature, this time on São Schlumberger.The Proust Questionnaire is Rafael Nadal.

This issue also comes with a 98 pg watches supplement.

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backstage pass
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I don't think this is half bad, I do prefer her like this then any of her other looks.

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Fat Karl
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^^What a terrifying article. She's an incredibly sad girl. I can only hope that she finally walks her talk. If she is saying now that she's different, then I hope she is, I hope she has a new focus and a new drive to succeed and put forth the effort to get back to acting, which was always where she shined brightest.

I just feel very attached to Lindsay. I want her to go back to making great movies. For her benefit and for ours.

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Geometric Discharge
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Does anyone have any scans of the photos from the "Wow of Sao" article on Sao Schlumberger in this issue?

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