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clever ain't wise
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Originally Posted by tigerrouge View Post
I see the use of some of his themes - a Germanic-looking blonde in stockings and stilettos, against a Monte Carlo-style background, with its sand and palm trees.

Perhaps the most recent image that people might recall of that type of look in his work is Nadja in the AW 1994 Blumarine campaign, here reused for the cover of American Photo Jan-Feb 2000 (colossuscollectibles.com):
Yeah, dead on. Of course, Lara's shot is a little less Hitlerjugend on stilts at Kehlsteinhaus and a little more call girl with wicked good taste.

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When in doubt, wear red.
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I like the fresh feeling of the cover, it's great to see a full body shot on a cover (and what a body ). But other thant that, this feels a little underwhelming.
It's actually my main problem with Alt's direction for VP. I like her intentions. She's really trying to present some new things, new directions but the results lacks of convictions. Something is missing, it's still a litte bit clumsy. The contents seem pretty good, though. Really excited to see Jourdan.

"Quality will be remembered long after price has been forgotten" .Aldo Gucci.

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ok, i happen to get an advanced copy, so here goes a review and later- pictures.

advertising: another Freja in Isabel Marant

(no idea who`s feauture, it seems very autum, kind of Longchamp, and yes, it is David Sims)

Nina ricci
is with Malgosia agin

Elie Saab with utm girl (very dollish, brunette)

Zadig & Voltaire with Erin Wasson again. same style again. same photographer, i suppose.

and editorials. i know, you re dying of anticipation...

Rouge aura

Anna Seeznevaby Knoepfel & Indlekofer
styling by Geraldine Saglio

it seems like a cont of jewelry "casino" diamonds-casino-smoking thing in may issue, but now it`s about red clothes and diamods. same make-up, hair and interiors.


Snejana by Giampaolo Sgura
styles by Geraldine Saglio

4 dull pics on dull white background. same old story

Miss Vogue

Anna Selezneva by Karim Sadli
styling by Geraldine Saglio

7 pics on 8 pages. reminds me of street-jeans editorial of anna took by Alasdair McLellan in British vogue a while ago

Escale a LA

Lara (20 pics), Freja (13 pics), Natasha (10 pics. 1 is in edito at the beginning of mag), Raquel (9 pics), Arizona (7 pics), Isabeli (6 pics)

styling by Emmanuelle Alt (22 looks), Suzanne Koller (22 looks), Melanie Ward (20)

Lara story is the most vibrant. taken on venice beach. reminds sometimes bruce weber (with 3 surfer-like blond boys), sometimes- Helmut newton. sometimes- Inez and Vinnodh. Black and white and coloured.
Freja is almost everytime with band on background (there`s an article `bout `em in the mag) , on hollywood blvd and in desert and in the elevator with graffiti (reminds me of her sorrenti/ punk haute couture story in Vogue paris october 2011) 12 pics b/w , 1- coloured.
Natasha is very american outdoor story with guitars, on the background with american classic cars, US flag.
Raquel is one of the dumbest: curly hair, most everytime in front of mansions, dumb jumping poses, awful outfits.
Arizona- is everytime on lawns in living LA area (condos, 2 -floors buildings) and near venice beach.
Isabeli has very `70s allure. Taken on Beverly hills, but the last 3 stories were totally destroyed because all they were distance shot. You can`t see clearly face of model, but u can clearly see very uninteresting surrounding countryside. Nope, really there are plenty of striking places in LA, and they chosen so uninteresting background: some kind of flower, fruit and vegetable garden and corny villas.

they can manage to have 6 different stories taken in different places. (ok, freja is hollywood and desert, lara is on venice beach, then isabeli should be in city side like skyscrapers, shops, roads (freeways, highways etc) raquel in some mulholland drive mansion) use your imagination...so they can dedicated full issue to Los Angeles. `cuse this city worths it. otherwise the theme of the issue isn`t clear, at least, for me...

Vibration chromatiques

Joan Smalls (her, right?), Natasha Poly by Hans Feurer
styling Marie Chaix

beauty story on 6 pages, 4 pics (2-poly, 2-joan)

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^thank you for the deatailed review ASF!
and the model by Hans is not Joan but Jourdan

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Exciting editorials!

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backstage pass
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Lara has twenty pages?!?! I must have just died and gone to heaven lol. Thats not possible I am an athiest. Cant wait to see the eds!

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Thank you for the review! I'm glad Snejana got another editorial (even though it's dull as what you said) and Lara got 20 pages!

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tfs star
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I really don't care for the main editorial, it does nothing for me. It leaves me feeling empty.

It's great to see Snejana becoming a regular of VP, hopefully a cover is on her way.

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Um, Karmen Pedaru is not in the issue? Too bad, that was the one repetition I was really happy about.

dreams, jazz and minimalism
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ASF, who's Une Fille;Un Style? Are the Céline ads featured in the issue?

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oh une fille... its jen brill- terry richardson girlfriend and no celine, unfortunately.

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ASF could you please snap Lara's part of the ed, if you have the time?

Lara Iselin Daria Meghan Kate Arizona Mariacarla Saskia Daphne Raquel
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backstage pass
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great to see snejana again. in my opinion she really deserves it to get on the cover soon. generaly i just wanna see any other model on the next vp cover. i'm sick of lara, freja, sasha and so on. i wanna see some new fresh faces!!

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can't wait to see une fille!!!

"he waited for other people to understand what he was doing, instead of doing what they wanted.
Balenciaga never compromised."
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Rogue Aura
Anna Selezneva by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer


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