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Vogue - A Year in Covers
I know we have had a lot of polling threads regarding the individual Vogues, but here is a glimpse of what "every" 2008 issue -- January to December) of respective Vogues look like when combined (Through some photoshop overlaying):

Made by Shrubrub @ Livejournal and used with permission

Every Vogue 2008 issue "Together"

Vogue Brazil

Vogue China

Vogue Germany

Vogue Italia

Vogue Korea

Vogue Nippon

Vogue Paris

Vogue Russia

Vogue UK

Vogue US

(Remember, these graphics are comprised of the covers of every 2008 issue of the magazine that's indicated in the caption underneath)

Which is your favorite? Which individual covers do you "spy?" I personally love Vogue Nippon for its cleanness/consistency, and unfortunately Vogue US is just a text-filled mess (As expected).

Final Note: I don't believe she made one for Vogue Espana, and we are missing Vogue Italia December still.

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This is simply brilliant.

My favorite is Vogue Korea, it looks airy and like a shot of movements has been captured.

But LOL at US Vogue, bless them, nothing can save their cover's, not even a blend of all of them together.

Vogue UK and Germany look pretty cool aswell, sadly the brilliance of some VP & VI covers is lost here imo.

Fantastic idea though.

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front row
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i love the VOGUE BRAZIL best.
vogue mexico would be cool to look at also. they have nice covers as well.

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this is great, very interesting.

I like Vogue Korea best

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don't look down
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That's brilliant - those images are all those months combined yet they look like ghosts, like memories you can't quite fix in solid form. Everything and nothing.

I see US and Russian Vogue are fond of red, UK Vogue prefers a more fuschia shade, and French Vogue looks like it's been dipped in cigarette smoke.

Vogue Italia's composite has been skewed by the black frame of the 'black' issue, it overpowers the more gentle elements of the mix.

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rising star
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A true piece of art!!!

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clever ain't wise
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Not surprisingly, Vogue Paris is the best one Love this, thanks

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I love it !
Just one thing ... we don't have Vogue Brazil's december cover yet !

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Fat Karl
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Some of these would make beautiful covers as they are! I especially love Brazil, Korea, Russia and Nippon!

Italia and Paris are also very interesting. Italia looks like an old, messed up daguerreotype. Paris is actually very beautiful with all the hidden faces..it's like a work of art!

US Vogue is a mess!!!

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This is very interesting... I could stare at them for ages

Vogue China gives a 3 D consistent figure, with lots of perspective...
Vogue Nippon creates a character with no head
Vogue Korea makes a nice picture, interesting movement
Vogue Nippon creates an great effect too (looking like pointillisme)
Vogue US and Vogue UK both look like a mess
both Vogue Paris and Vogue Italia are full, I'd say VP reaches saturation, and some pictures are obviously visible (septembre cover) wheareas VI's combination creates a geometric visual with a lot of prints of various sizes that melt harmoniously... I've tried to look for Viktoriya, I think I've found one of her eyes
Vogue Germany, Vogue Brazil and Vogue Russia are too much in between saturation and emptiness... not my favorites
I'd say my fave are VI and Vogue Korea, and the final result as well

exprmtn (current fashion, high fashion and nudity in fashion)/mariemaud (new faces)

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Wow Beautiful thread! Vogue Nippon looks really clean, VP a little dusty and smoky and Vogue Deutsch+Russia look summery and warm totally love the idea of this. And I agree: they'd be awesome covers that way hehe

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my favourite is the entire Vogues together .... sorry to blasphem ... but it looks the Vogue Saint Shroud ....

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I really like this. there is something bizarre & mysterious over those accumulated covers.

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French Chic
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Great idea Thanks Faith.

Vogue Paris is my favourite........there's alot going on there, a bit like looking at Salvador Dali, the longer you look the more you see lots of faces and overlapping body parts and bucketloads more........or I'm tripping maybe.

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I think Vogue UK looks the best, like a flower

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