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inspired contemplation
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I know i contributed to it, but this is REALLY not the thread to debate the celebrity as a role model issue (which I have a feeling we won't be able to solve at tfs) so let's stick to discussing H&M possibly cancelling Kate.

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It would be a pity if that was true! Though I think they're maybe right. Kate is really 'down' at the moment. She doesn't even look as good as she usually does.

you are as gorgeous as ever
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If it is true I hope it will help her to realize that she does really bad thing... and that it destroys her.

slightly dizzy
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It IS true, it's all over the news, and also in the "serious" papers. This is not speculation.

front row
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I think it's amazing how some of you glorify Kate all the time. If there was any other person i'm sure many of you wouldnt feel the same way. Can anyone honestly say she doesnt deserve this? In which jobs can you be caught doing drugs, and still not be fired?

randle lee's Avatar
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Originally Posted by HauteFashion
H&M have dropped her from their lucrative advertising campaign (Breaking News from Sky)

Well its her fault she is incredibly stupid. Her and Pete can die crackheads together.

The sad part is for her baby daughter. According to this morning news on BBC the father is apparently going to file for custody??

As a role model I agree that this isn't appropriate behavior. But her sin is that she got caught. I'ts hypocritical because some of the other top models could do drugs also, but are more discreet. So to say, replace her with a better role model; it's just a matter of the public's perception. We really don't know.

But I guess perception is reality.

tea time
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im not really surprised that they have cancelled the contract with kate!

"It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion. that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure." - Coco Chanel

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I'm not surprised either. What will be interesting to see is if any of the luxury brands follow suit and drop Kate. I think it will be unecessary if they did because unlike Hennes they don't have that popular teenage following to protect.

fashion insider
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Kate Moss dropped by H&M
Not sure if thread has already been started. If so, then it can merge...

this story is hardly surprising to be fair:


Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Kate Moss was dropped today from an advertising campaign for Hennes & Mauritz AB, Europe's largest clothing chain, after pictures in the Mirror newspaper last week purported to show her snorting lines of cocaine.

``H&M will cancel the planned advertising campaign with model Kate Moss,'' the Stockholm-based company said today in an e- mail. ``H&M is strongly against drugs and for many years has supported the drug preventing organization Mentor Foundation.''

Moss, 31, has appeared on the front pages of British newspapers since the Mirror published the allegations Sept. 15, prompting debate about her work contracts and relationship with musician Pete Doherty, a former crack cocaine user. The model, who had earlier expressed regret to H&M about the scandal, also works for Chanel, Burberry Group Plc and Christian Dior.

Paula Karaiskos, a spokeswoman for the Storm model agency, which represents Moss, wasn't available. Gerard Tyrell, a lawyer at Harbottle & Lewis LLP who's previously represented her, didn't immediately return a call seeking comment. A campaign with Moss is inconsistent with the H&M's dissociation with drugs, spokeswoman Liv Asarnoj said in an interview today.

Moss was due to model for the Stella McCartney collection, a collaboration announced between the company and designer for the fall 2005 season. McCartney in May agreed to design a women's wear collection of around 40 items to be produced and distributed by H&M under the label ``Stella McCartney for H&M.''

Calvin Klein

A spokesman for London-based Burberry declined to comment. Julie Le-Belvec, a Chanel spokeswoman, said Moss's private life isn't ``our concern.'' Dior officials couldn't be reached.

H&M opened its first store in 1947 and today has 400 stores and operates in 22 countries. The retailer plans to open as many as 90 new stores this year, primarily in the U.S., Germany, the U.K., Spain and Poland. It plans to present its 2005 autumn collection live from Central Park.

Moss, best known for her work for Calvin Klein, was first spotted as a teenager by the founder of Storm while walking through John F. Kennedy airport in New York. The model's so- called ``waif'' look and boyfriends including actor Johnny Depp brought her worldwide fame. She has an estimated fortune of 30 million pounds, according to the Observer newspaper.

The model on July 27 won a ``substantial sum'' in damages from the Sunday Mirror over an article that claimed she collapsed into a cocaine-induced coma in Barcelona in 2001.

Moss is a ``tremendous champion of British fashion,'' said John Wilson, head of the British Fashion Council, in an interview with Channel Four news. ``We wish her very well. Fashion companies have to take their own decision on this.''

London Fashion Week started in the capital Sept. 18.

backstage pass
Join Date: Sep 2004
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Originally Posted by Meg
If she really felt she had a problem though, she would go into rehab. Instead she keeps denying it. Which is fine but as aforementioned, there are ramifications.
One of the key components of addiction is denial. Most addicts will tell you they were the "last to know" they had a problem. While their problem is obvious to others, the denial component of addiction keeps the addict using long past "recreational" use and many times into death.

Swim Upstream
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^^^ this is a fairly big warning sign to her then. The girl has a big problem on her hands.

backstage pass
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Posts: 983
Originally Posted by helena
^^^ this is a fairly big warning sign to her then. The girl has a big problem on her hands.
Yes, hopefully she will be able to seek help and turn this negative into an opportunity.

Join Date: Sep 2005
Gender: femme
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Originally Posted by Nader
kate is too good for H&M
Nothing wrong with H&M, I don't think. At least it would've been better than working for that other Swedish retailer (name, anyone?) that I'd never heard of until I saw Kate's ads.

rising star
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Nothing wrong with H&M, I don't think. At least it would've been better than working for that other Swedish retailer (name, anyone?) that I'd never heard of until I saw Kate's ads

I think you are talkin about Ĺhlens

fashion icon
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Kate has the wrong image because of all the stories and picture's. mabey now Versace wants her

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