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Originally Posted by American Aries View Post
See, I didn't know either. A bunch people said it was the woman (and her, uh, position) as a "target" which made it offensive. But when I looked at it for the first time, it didn't strike me that way at all!

And even after it being explained to me, I still didn't find it offensive. I think people were reading WAY too much into a simple advertisement. But that's just my opinion.

i think those people thinking of dart something into her already
u will always come people who is overthinking...

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Originally Posted by Spike413 View Post
Folks, that's Tom's *** (and it's quite nice when it isn't vaselined up)

In doing that photo and parodying the actual ads using himself, he ruined any argument someone might make about his objectification of women since he's just as willing to objectify himself.

This argument is completely flawed. It's the same as saying that it's okay for Tom Ford to stab someone in the arm if he does it to himself as well.

I have no objection to this particular ad, I'm just pointing out that people still have the right to raise any objection they want to Tom's objectification of women regardless of what he does to himself.

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this thread is hot. more sexy ads! offend me!

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United Colors of Benetton.
A global brand, and one of the most well-known in the world, United Colors of Benetton has an international style that combines color, energy and practicality. The womenswear, menswear, childrenswear and underwear collections offer a total look for everyday, for work and for leisure, in the city and outdoors.

The brand is broadening its horizons, expanding into new areas of merchandise from the exclusive eyewear line (Dress Your Face!) to perfumes, from Home Collection to baby products. The above products are available in select specialized shops worldwide.

I find United Colors of Benetton having some pretty provocative/offensive ads. It's for clothing but their aids don't really show any of their clothes but some ads are very offensive.


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Originally Posted by papa_levante View Post
I think what's wrong with the Target ad is that the model IS the target.
Bull's eye. go there to score, it's part of the reason they have that name.

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^^ I don't find any of them offensive. I love the heart one.

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Some more Benetton ads...



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Originally Posted by papa_levante View Post
I think what's wrong with the Target ad is that the model IS the target.
The model, or the model's part??

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well the benneton ads are not offensive but they are soo rude! well SAD! but thats the real world I think it was nice to make that to show the people some real problems in life!

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Wow...some of these are funny but the rest are

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The Benneton ads are in extremely bad taste.

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a little late, but those tom ford ads are a homage to guy bourdin.

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Pardon my ignorance but I don't understand the second Benneton ad with the man shaving the man ?

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Originally Posted by December_25th View Post
Pardon my ignorance but I don't understand the second Benneton ad with the man shaving the man ?
I don't either.

but maybe... man touch man = GAY!! :p

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