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What anime do you love to watch?

I'm a big fan of studio Ghibli!! I love watching all their creations.
I like anime with great story lines, often centralized around the protagonist.
Don't really have a specification towards genre as long as they're not yuri or yaoi

What manga do you love to read?

I love reading adventure, action, historical, supernatural and drama.
At times when I don't feel like concentrating much I opt for shoujo manga's, the equal to chick flicks I suppose

What do you recommend?

Howl's moving castle
Princess Mononoke
Cowboy Bebop
Vampire Hunter D
Wolf's rain

What's the first one you saw/read?

First anime I watched was Nausicaa and first manga I read was Vampire Knight.

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The first anime I watched was Silver Fang It think it's called Meteor Gin everywhere else than in Scandinavia. Oh those where the days back in 1986. It became quite again cult when I was in college, we searched everywhere for old video tapes in the sales sections in really was fun! That was before it was re-released though. And I still remember the theme song, so awesome.

ten days of perfect tunes
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we were in love

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Once King
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ended up going to Otakon again and signed up for Crunchyroll. So now I am just watching Blue Exorcist, Saint Seiya: lost canvas, and Eyeshield 21. Guess I am getting back into anime again?

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What anime do you love to watch? Ghibli Films, I loved Cardcaptor Sakura when I was a kid. I don't watch that much anime right now.
What manga do you love to read? Monster, 20th Century boys, Vagabond, Deathnote, Gogo Monster, Tekkonkinkreet
What do you recommend? all
What's the first one you saw/read? first anime I saw was Sailor Moon and first manga I read was Black Jack

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12 Hours Ago
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I didnt know where to post this ... really ... and the tokyo midtown thread's closed - i feel like it's because it was becoming a japanese thread. ahah.

but the BNF (French National Library) just upload on their website over 500 japanese litographies from (French painter) Henri Riviere's collection ...
it is HERE

PS: you can't change the language to english, yet ... but it is easy french to figure out, and titles are written in japanese

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