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pasha it's something i always think about when i design
a "base"
or foundation
to work from.. it can be an idea or i can say a basic shirt or trousers.
and then i build on that, from there...

but i wouldn't call it "re-designing"
there are requirements for each design. you need a hole for the head and a way to get inside, for clothes. up to you if you want arms.
so that creates your "base"...

anyway lately i started a draping course
and the homework seems to be usually, to design something using the new technique learned
i don't really like it, since we have only one week
and i like to do several experiments before i am fine with one idea..
so much pressure
but i guess it's like knowing how to deal with time constraints.
i won't really make something really wonderful.. (#_#) in a way this, can i say, it maims my creativity. especially that i have to present it.


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Originally Posted by panda_escurrido View Post
I will not lie, i used other designers to get inspired when i was on first grade, and this was just because i didnt know other resources of inspiration. Suddenly i realized that i need more information to create new things i started to study more and more about creativity. My actuall sources of inspiration are the nature, the astronomy, physiscs, mathematics, the books (novel), technology and of course the music!!! but ive never ever used a piece of art as a source of inspi...

what kind of sources do you use for your inspiration???
hello panda, i was curious when you wrote mathematics as inspiration..

mariska also posted a link to a talk about the change in Origami.. in the made of paper thread
where people thought perhaps everything was already done,
and then they applied mathematics to it.. and now there are millions of new and complicated designs.
reference to origami artist, Robert Lang


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the start of a design.. Research
Boudicca on research -

With a collection, how do you decide on a theme?
Throughout there is dicussion, arguments, discovery and curiousity.

What is your approach to research?
It is an ongoing dialogue you have with yourself and those around you, a constant search for knowledge. Within that search you come across questions that need more development or and that you may have no answer for. It is then that you go on this quest for visual and intellectual answers that somehow create a new question, a language that may answer or leave you with confusion.

What do you want to express through clothes?
A journey, a feeling of tomorrow.

What is your approach to the design process?
This is the further ascension into three-dimensional dialogue between idea and executioner. The base of a two-dimensional idea is honest, but also only begins the process. Then the design journey begins by weaving a web of ideas, silhouettes, fabrics, colours, textures, and sound even can develop your thoughts toward design. There is a final vision and the design process works outward through all the media mentioned.

Fundamentals of Fashion Design
by Jenny Udale


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Words from photographer, Alain Briot

Developing a personal style is not copying someone else's style
Developing a personal style is finding who you are
and making your work be the extension of your personality.

Other quotes...............

Subject is what you photograph
Style is how you photograph it
You can photograph several subjects in the same style

Genre defines how you look at your subject
from the perspective of the art movement you embrace

A personal style is not just about capturing facts. It is also about expressing emotions.

A personal style is fine tuning choices to fit your own personality.

It is a combination of choices.


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Morning Collage

Many times I will put off doing a collage because I feel pressed for time, a deadline hovering just above my head like a rain cloud. But what I often forget is that on the days that I start out with a quick, mindless collage I am more productive. It is as if the collage acts as a warm up, a lubricant for my creative brain. Just getting the hand to move, just getting some bits onto the page, i have begun. I have gotten beyond not starting.


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Fat Karl
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^^Thanks for posting those collages, gius! I actually agree that sometimes mindless...(I don't know if that is the best word)...creativity produces some of the best work. What I mean by that is, even though it is often really helpful to have a specific point(s) of inspiration, often times the most inventive things come from just doing and not thinking.

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Great thread!

What helps me:

Music, lots of music. In the theme of what I want to do. If I would like to create something bright and cheery I use music that correlates. Or classical type stuff. My favs are Explosions In The Sky, Edith Piaf, and Mozart. They never fail to inspire me.

Collages or mood boards. I depend on them. It's a reminder of what you're all about. It helps keep your design focused so you don't get off course.

You have to be 'worldly' in the sense that you have to go out and see and experience stuff. There is no better way to get inspiration than from life itself.

Blog: Spirit Of A Dream
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Hey you guys, long time no see. I`ve found this lecture in MIT`s page and its very interesting, its about the Design Thinking process, if my memory serves me correctly , Design Thinking process was developed in Stanford and now is a common sense in every industry.

hope you`ll like it

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I definitely get "artist's block" sometimes when I'm trying to make a new piece. I think most of my ideas usually stem from other people's work, or random things I get inspired by. I find it much easier to look around for inspiration and finding a starting point to work off of, as opposed to coming up with something completely from your imagination. My imagination unfortunately is not active enough to spit out a complete concept for painting in such little time. Sometimes it'll take me days, or weeks to finally come up with an idea I am satisfied with. I am a very visual person so just looking at different things around really helps my ideas flow.

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Coming from a family where every single person is an artist, I've been so fortunate. We have music and art and crafts and sewing and literature and poetry and photography and film and architecture and inspiration overflowing out the windows from morning to night. It is the opposite of the organized life, can be quite stressful too, but I love it.

But one thing I cannot stress enough:

Creativity does not come from the mind.

I think too. much. of contemporary art, music, fashion is facilely content with what's new and different, or what they call edgy. Not good enough. What does it give us? That is not creativity, that is nothing more than calculation and product manufacturing. If it is not inspired and come from a place of almost helpless enthusiasm and sensual (as opposed to intellectual) connection with the work I personally don't think it's giving us much.

Developing creativity is simple, it comes from being moved yourself, I think. Beingmoved=movement=moves others in turn. So it is so important to meet people, and see beauty deeply in as many places as possible, even the unexpected. My parents did give me a paintbrush before I could walk and teach me technical things, but the main thing they gave me was appreciation for beauty. "Look, isn't it beautiful?" was such a big part of my childhood. Beauty is not limited to the pretty, of course. There is sometimes beauty in things we dare not look at too, in the dirty, in the mundane, the embarassing, the painful, the scary. Real looking requires courage and acceptance and love.

Anyway, just my two cents! :p

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Sometimes I need an example from something. A base. After I have a base I have thousands of ideas. It's difficult to find a good base without copying someone else.

Knowledge speaks,
but wisdom listens.
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