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Project Glamour
First of all before I start this post, I want to say that I just saw the post 'theFashionSpot's project runway game' and erm... I've got no comment. We were not aware that they were doing this, so please no rip off comments!

Also, I wasn't sure where to post this exactly, so if this isn't the right spot, of course, feel free to move it.

Now for the rest:

My name is Jo, and I've got some news on a new project me and my friend Anna will be starting up in just awhile. The name of the project is Project Glamour, sory of like Project Runway. Actually, a lot, like Project Runway, just not nearly as big.

This post was.. posted for two reasons. One, we need sponsers and donations before we can get everything going. I would love to completely fund the project myself, but the reality of that is.. I can't. There for below there are two ways that you can help out.

1) Links. We're looking for people who like the idea enough to post about it every now and then, or to post a small advert for it in the sidebar of their site. We'd be willing to purchase advertising space from you (only if you have a domain, and decent traffic), if you'd rather do it that way. But we don't have a ton of money, hence the reason we need sponsors lol.

2) Donations. If you don't want an advertisement taking up space on your site, we're also looking for donations that will go for the prizes on the site, and towards keeping the site running. The more donations the bigger the prizes. Anyone who links the site, that we know of, or makes a donation of any size will be linked on the page as a Sponsor. Those who put up a perminate link for each 'season' (if there, is indeed more than one) or Donates at least $20 USD will have a permanent link on the front page of the site.

Plus, the second reason: to let all of you know about the project, and to get the word out there.

The idea behind it would be that people would submit some of their ideas, be it sketches that have been scanned or graphic renderings of their ideas, and then from those who enter, hopefully we'll have enough for at least 10 participants. Every two weeks a challenge will be given.. and just like on Project Runway one person will win (something small, not sure yet, possibly a gift certificate or just the pride of winning (ha)) and one person will be out. Seeing as however, the garments themselves can't be shown and walked down the runway, we've opted instead to have each challenge entry be accompanied by a swatch board with the contestants inspiration, be it photographs, patterns or colors. Also seeing as the garments can't be walked down the runway, who wins each challenge will depend on how they 'sell' their garment, their display, and the garment itself, of course.

The last person standing, will of course win something great, what that will be we've yet to figure out. We were thinking along the lines of a sewing machine, gift certificate, magazine/book Bundle***. We're open to suggestions on prizes.

If all goes as planned, the compitition should open up for contestants anywhere between February 18th and March 1st.

To participate in the compitition you must submit atleast three pieces, including a swatch board as mentioned above. Please, also make sure that you have a secure way to get your designs online. We don't care how you do it as long as we can clearly see your design. Between the time the challange is given and the due date for it, you will have 13 days to get your designs together, on your computer, and in our email. If at any time you have a problem, please notify us immediately. There may be other ways for us to get your design online, so not all hope is lost. However if you go through a challenge and don't submit anything, you are eliminating yourself.

We are also looking for one more judge, as we've got two, if you're interested just U2U me with why you want to. You'll have to be around for either Thursday or Friday every second and fourth week of the month for judging.

*** We plan to offer a few prize choices, as of now, these are the ones we're certain will be an option:

Magazine/Book Bundle:
2 year subscription to Vogue (24 issues)
1 year subscription to i-D (8 issues)
People in Vogue: A Century of Portraits
Mario Testino: Portraits

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I'll put you a link on one of my websites

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