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why have i never seen this thread... ugh in the beginning of show season and at the beginning of classes i find a thread that requires reading...

Mikelle Street
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i'm studying PR at the moment, altho it's a broader degree of PR. we focus a lot on social media, user experience and IT (such as programming). i don't belive basic PR is enough, there's alot more to PR than that. you have to be able to communicate and understand other people outside your media if you work in PR.. but that's just my belifes and my own experiences. and also, because we are moving forward, information technology is getting bigger, you need the requirements to meet those needs.

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I love this post, I know it is old. but PR is my passion. Cant wait until i get my foot in the door. It is some great advice. I'm trying to find an internship, now that I moved to Atlanta, I would like to intern in New York, LA, or Miami. Hopefully PR for an Magazine comp.

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Originally Posted by Cado View Post
I want work in the PR industry in the future, most preferably fashion (but I wouldn't mind working in other fields as well). But I've been thinking, is it a wiser choice to apply to PR instead of Fashion PR? (Both of these at LCC and LCF.) I would think that if you've had studied regular PR it it'll be easier to get a job in the future?

Fashion PR is more to my interest, and I think I would do a good job, but I'm just trying to think smart.
Do you think it is hard to get ahead in PR/Publicity without a degree? (degree in progress)

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Hey. Sorry for bumping this thread up again, but I have a question.

Something exciting has begun to take place in my life. My friend and I have decided to start our own fashion Public Relations company together. We're both very excited and want to start in the next few years.
Just a little background on us: I will have a degree in English and History and I have done an internship at a fashion PR company before. Meanwhile my friend has a degree in Communications majoring in PR and might have her Masters soon and is working for a fashion PR company now. Obviously she sounds more suited than I do but we're both equally confident and social people. And we're very good friends

What I'm hoping to get is some advice on what are the first basic fundamental steps we need to take to launch our own company. I'm talking about things like space, funds, budgets, clients, approaching people, basic skills and employment. It's one thing to have a job at a company but it's another thing to actually have your own company.

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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p.s. great thread

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a new blog, that is interesting - about fashion PR

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I'm going to start a fashion PR internship with a major luxury brand...I'm really super excited about it!

Could anyone in the field kindly give me any tips on how I can maximize my experience there? It's not certain that the internship will lead to a job opening (although if all goes well, it would be nice), but I'd like to know what my strategy should be so that it would eventually lead to a job.


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Books about PR in fashion industry (public relations): your recommendations.
hi, Guys! I need to read some books concerning PR (public relations) in fashion industry (not just PR), mostly practical beginner's training, not history, but history can be involved too as an example. I worked in fashion and in PR but it was separate. so now i need to link together these 2 different directions of my prof expirience.

Your recommendations?
many thanks!

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From the Wall Street Journal, about what they look for when hiring for PR and social media jobs:

How to Make It in Fashion's New Media World

It's hard to break through in the fast-evolving spheres of style blogging and social media. Several high-profile new voices in the industry have been joining Wall Street Journal reporter, Elizabeth Holmes, to talk about what it takes to succeed in thier world. .......

Kelly Cutrone, founder and chief executive, People's Revolution
A lot of people get tripped up when they come into the industry because they think it's really glamorous and that you flit around, and you wear twin-set cardigans and go to lunch and drink Chardonnay, and that's really not the job. You have to have someone who is really tenacious and willing to do every piece of the work.

Aliza Licht, senior vice president of global communications, Donna Karan International
It's a career and not a job. I think there's a really big difference in choosing a career path instead of having a job. People who never say no - and I'm not talking about, "Oh, go get my dry cleaning." I'm talking about when it's work-related. People who never say no, people who go above and beyond, who are resourceful, who aren't lazy. Of course you have to be organized and all those things, but it's more about the attitude and the enthusiasm and the mentality. - A lot of people I've hired have been straight out of college, actually. I like to start people who are fresh, who don't have bad habits, someone we can really work with and mentor.

Cannon Hodge, social media manager, Bergdorf Goodman
The girls are in the office early - for a shoot, and they'll be working an event until midnight, and so you are constantly on. To do that with a smile is something to remember and really admire. ...
Whenever I've looked to add people to my team, what I look for more than anything else was their awareness of what was going on in the entire social media world. It wasn't just what was happening in fashion social media, which is incredibly important ... but also if they are aware of what other brands outside of the fashion industry are doing, something like Skittles or Red Bull.

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