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European Fashion Schools
Hi, I love fashion and styling and would like to get more educated about it. Does any of you know if there are courses about fashion/styling in the Netherlands? I don't want to become a professional stylist (I have a fulltime job), it's just a hobby, so it has to be part time.

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European fashion schools
Hello all,

This is my first time posting on this forum so I apologize for possibly asking a question that has been answered a million times over.

First I would like to say after a quick look around I am so happy to have been directed to this website with so many fashion enthusiast under one page. I could almost describe it as finding the fashion Mecca.

Anyway, I promise to contain my excitement, I am currently looking at packing my bags and moving from Australia to Italy to follow my heart and embark on a career in fashion. Now the problem begins I have no idea what is a reputable school there. I have been in touch with a few and narrowed it down to a few, but are there more?

This is a little crazy as I do not know much about the fashion industry I have previously only completed a fashion illustration course. I have spent a lot of time in Italy though I still feel cautious about the move.

Has anybody done this in the past? Or know a story they would be willing to share? Or any information at all regarding the schools, the life as a student and the life as a designer in Europe.

Thank you all for anytime spent reading or answering my plea for help.

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hello and welcome to tFS allora
it may help you to gather info on italian schools by browsing our megathread
by clicking here

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I think France, London and Italy has the best!

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The best book in my opinion is 9 heads by Nancy Riegelman. It's around $ 80, but its worth it. If you decided to use fashion campus let me know becuz it looks interesting.

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Thank you for your replies I am searching through the pages of the link you sent me now. The only problems even though I am only half way through it only seems to be regarding the UK and US schools.

Also hoping someone may be able to share experiences in studying in Italy.

Thanks again

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Thankyou all for your replies, the schools I seem to have narrowed it down to are polimoda, IED, accademia italiana and Instituto marangoni. Does anyone have any reps about these schools they could offer?

I am interested in how the school assisted in work placement after completion of the course also as this is very important to me.

And also for current students in foreign countries, do you find that you are able to work to earn an income while you are studying? Is there enough time in your weeks?

Thanks again!

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This may be a stretch but are there any fashion schools in Poland?

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Lyon Mode City
I'm going to this in a week and wondered if anyone here had been before and what to expect.
Also, I'm going with uni as a student, not as a designer to get a feel for the place. I'm studying contour fashion/fashion design which involved lingerie/swimwear design which feature in the exhibition.
Also, how would you go about asking for samples/catalogues maybe in French does anyone know?
just what can I expect, and any tips Thanks a lot!

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Right now i'm studying abroad in California but have, after a few weeks come to the conclusion that I should be in Europe styding fashion. A friend of mine hav recommended instituto marangoni but after having read a few negative comments about it's school in London I'm very uncertain if I want to apply to it.
The type of education I have in mind is styling, scine I'm a very good dresser and have been told by many people that I have very good taste and a talent when it comes to mixing and matching clothes. I have checked out Parsons and LCF but none of them offer courses which suits me.


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you could also try to go to the AMFI in amsterdam, they are a fashion school with a good reputation in styling, and they also offer the entire styling course in english and off course Amsterdam is great to live ;-) good luck!

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Hey guys I am an American highschool student and was wondering about PAris I tried getting in touch with two of the schools the one run by the Chambers syndicale De couture and and Esmod also I looked up Bunka in Japan how hard si it for a foreigner to get in and are they expensive.

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Originally Posted by rangerrick14
..... also I looked up Bunka in Japan how hard si it for a foreigner to get in and are they expensive.
Since Bunka is not in Europe ... you might not get the information about them that you want in this thread. But there is a thread about Bunka here (I looked it up in the Search feature):

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Moving on to another school
Hey guys, I'm about to graduate from Parsons this summer and I need some advice. I want to continue my studies (BA) in Europe and I'm conflicted about which school I'd like to go to.

These are my considerations:

CSM (my initial choice)
Studio Bercot
The Royal Academy in Antwerp.

Since the design school thread is closed, can anyone give me opinions about the school listed above? Current students are always welcomed!!!

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how come you didn't ad la chambre syndicale on your Paris list? it's rather good. (I'm applying there).

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