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Originally Posted by Jump
I got a reply from jedroot,they are willing to take me but they want a resume what do they mean by that a resume on myself or a cv?
I think they mean to see your work like pictures of the shoots that you have done as a stylist and also what kind of things you have done like publications, commercial work, adds, etc.

Have you done a lot of shoots that have been published? If you have, take the tearsheets, scan it, or take the original pictures and put them together. Nowadays I don't travel often with a printed portfolio but I have everything in my computer and can send via email as well so it is fairly easy to display your work.

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i'm off-topic. i think.

I am a photographer and do many magazines which are NOT Vogue and sometimes very low budget magazines.

My experience is that when I travel somewhere, I usually call up the magazine before, they mention a stylist that they work with and I plan the concept with the stylist and whatever it is displayed in the magazine has more to do with the influence of the stylist, who is the model that is being used and who is photographing because a lot of the shops that let the stylists get the clothes (NEVER FOR PAY) weights how much exposition they will get from the shoot. Because in credits a lot of the times it will say: Such and such model is wearing dress by such and such designer at such and such shop.

But I also take shoots to do outside the area of the magazine, for example, I have taken Elle Bulgaria and done in Brazil. There we were shooting with Caroline Francischini and Laryssa Castro and we were pretty much free to choose the styling, but sometimes some of the magazines send me a list of brands that I have to stay within when working with a stylist that is of my choice and the magazine has never worked with.

In other words, could be that the magazines only use clothes of advertisers, but either way I have never heard of stylists paying to get clothes in editorials in magazines, for the opposite. Most of the times, the brands and the shops are just too happy to let them borrow so they can get the free advertising that will come with the exposition of their product in the editorial pages. And the not so famous designers are even more eager to let all publications use their clothes for the shoot.

If a small or big designer should ever ask me to pay for using their clothes in a shoot I will tell them that they are CRAZY and move on to other designers, because there will be plenty that understand the business and will never charge!
very good.
i don't get lot of experiences in fashion industry but the most i saw was that stuff.
that's why i'm surprised about the money questions in the first pages.
and i interned/asst.ed in a low-budget magazine. it was free

Meaning,that they 'rent' the clothing and whatnot. But,generally, I think it really all depends on the magazine because most of the lower-ranked indie publications do it as such, because they simply haven't got the financial means to do otherwise. As far as an agreement,there usually is,but its more along the lines of credit.
but i didn't know some outfits has to be paid/rent by stylists/magazine. wtf is that? i never heard about $$$ and i spent LOT of time @ phone with the press offices.

but thanx softgrey because i didn't know it happens in ads, musicclips etc.

I got a reply from jedroot,they are willing to take me but they want a resume what do they mean by that a resume on myself or a cv?
i have been a very lucky (then : stupid!) guy. it was my first experience (always a 1st one, anyway!) and had no things to show at my itw. i just came, been very shy accept everything, very stylish - well, my style! i didn't travestite myself - was myself and very polite and attentif (i even requested about money. she said "what?" lol.)

anyway...i don't even know if this story is linked to the request about E.Enniful (????)
if you have the chance to work with him! DO NOT HESITATE....EVEN FOR FREE. heu where do you live? anyway, IF YOU HAVE MONEY....FONCE!!!!!

my experience was great, amazing. i enjoyed it. but i repeat it was my very lucky day!!! (some guys i quickly met 4-5yrs ago are STILL assts. but for higher fashion magazines, now! and with HIGHER editors!! the job IS HARD!)

independant magazines have very little money-most of the time no one who works for them even gets paid-the photographer and the stylist have to foot the bill-examples of this would be Surface, Interview, Flaunt-none of the people you see published in these magazines is getting paid... They do this in order to get Tear sheets for their books. Independant magazines do not pay for clothing to shoot any more than Vogue does.
Magazines do not have budget to rent wardrobe with very few vintage Las Vegas showgirl headpiece is something which would probably have to be bought or rented-(first you would try to borrow it in exchange for credit in the magazine. ) But not from a designer-from a costume shop. All I'm saying is that No designer RENTS clothing samples to magazines. Doesn't happen.
i def. agree!!

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"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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I always smile when I get asked about the "magic pull letter." Once you've got an assignment from a reputable magazine you will be furnished with this letter of reference. Until then it's up to you to work on the relationships that BetteT is talking about.

Try to intern with a Fashion Assistant and pick up tips from her.

Good luck!

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Stylist looking for good clothing rental shops in LA
I'm new to Los Angeles (just moved from Brooklyn, NY) and have a shoot coming up next week. I am in need of a great place to rent shoes and accessories for cheap! Please let me know if you have any ideas!

Also, please check out my website. I would love to shoot something creative if anyone is interested!


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The movie costume houses all rent stuff. Universal has a back lot warehouse. Western Costume is another ... but there are dozens. They are pretty much all huge warehouses, where you must climb up and down on ladders to reach all the racks. It's actually a real hoot to walk around in one of these places. Here's a couple of links to some sites that list some of them:

In each case you need to set up an account with them with a credit card, then probably name your project each time you rent stuff. But it does not have to be a movie ... pretty much any project is OK, even an editorial shoot. Call ahead and find out what you need to do to pull wardrobe.

** It's All in the Details! **

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