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rising star
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Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Helsinki
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How do Bloggers get Paid for their Blog?
Out of curiosity and interest, is anyone here a paid blogger? How did you get the position, are there specific topics you are required to write about or can you keep your own style..? I'm not talking about paid ads on the blog, I'm talking on keeping a blog on a topic related site: lifestyle blog for Cosmopolitan, fashion blog for Elle, travel blog for a travel magazine.. you get my point, the possibility to get a sneak peek into the industry you love.

There are many positions open out there (if you do some google search), but the thing that worries me is that can you write a combined personal + fashion blog and get paid, or do you have to keep it strictly fashion/gossip related? Is it a no-no to send open applications to places that interest you?

Share your experiences, both good and bad, I don't get much information out of the sites I've found.

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front row
Join Date: Apr 2006
Gender: femme
Posts: 390
Yes I did this for a year or two. I worked with Oxygen Network doing celeb gossip, a lifestyle blog and a start up fashion blog. The oxygen one obviously was the biggest gig and they actually found me because I have my own celebrity website. The other two I applied for.

I would recommend starting off by applying to some telecommute jobs before going out for Cosmo or something big time like that. sites like,, and Craigslist have these positions popping up.

But you do have to be careful about working with these startup blogs. Like with the one I worked for, we never got paid all the commissions we were promised unfortunately.

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rising star
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Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: USA
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I'm very curious about this as well, I'm starting college next year and I would really like to have an online job that I can do while in school. I already have a blog (see my signature!), and I love it, so it would be perfect if I could blog for money!

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backstage pass
Join Date: Apr 2006
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I sort of get money for my blogs as I use an affiliate service. However, as my blog is becoming my one and only full time job in the next few weeks, I'm going to need to look for private advertising and sponsors as well.

Shorty Stories (petite issues) & Prospere Magazine (business & lifestyle blogzine)

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chel4mdavali's Avatar
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Location: LA LA LA Land
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oh how wonderful that i found a thread on the exact topic i was looking for!

anyway, my friend actually turned me on to this idea. does anyone know if most blogs require any kind of experience? im currently an undeclared journalism major and used to have my own blog in high school but with the demands of the first semester of college had to put it off for the time being. Then when i found out i could blog and get paid i was ecstatic! do any of you have any tips on how to get started off and how to contact the blogs for info?

The road must eventually lead to the whole world...
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mahreez's Avatar
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Shanghai
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Posts: 13
i got started by applying for the ads at, what they usually ask for:

-links to your previous blog that you worked for
- if you don't have that, then i suggest opening a blog at or blogger and get started already with your own blog
- sample writing related to the topic that you're applying for
- your resume, usually you could say a bit what you actually do for a living, but they're more interested in your blogging experience

once i get the gig the next step will be:

- they assign you the blog, give you the details like how often you should blog, what time, blog format, etc
- if you make some errors or they think you could improve on some posts, someone from the network will email you

getting paid

- usually by check or by paypal

there are also some networks that would host free blogs for you, and in turn you get 50% share of the google adsense revenues. but you must have a google adsense account first to get started. although this may not earn you as much, this is a great idea to get started for free. i'm currently part of

if you're interested to be a paid blogger i suggest, reading blogging tips on, SEO strategies, getting a paypal and google adsense account.

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gius's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2006
Gender: homme
Posts: 10,896
some people mention it (ie. how-to) in this thread
Advice about Starting & Promoting a Fashion Blog - See Post #1 for Thread Rules

and i think i came across it in this other one in Art & Design forum:


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Iowa Girl Loves Fashion
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Originally Posted by getpalmd View Post
Is it a no-no to send open applications to places that interest you?
I don't ever think it's a no-no to send a nice query letter. I saw a business here in LA that interested me, and I e-mailed the owner, inquiring as to if there was any non-paid marketing work I could do. Now I find myself getting paid to run her blog - it's very, very part-time, but I enjoy it.

Sometimes, though, it's hard for she and I to get on the same page about what's good to blog about, as a business, and what is not.

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Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: N.Y.C.
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they offer jobs like this sometimes on craigslist
i know Glamour was looking a while for one to get paid $15 an hour

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front row
cheyqua's Avatar
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Location: Jakarta
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this is exactly what I was about to ask in tfs. I got an email, they asked me to blog about certain thing pretty regularly, hence they asked my rate. I can't answer that because I'm pretty much clueless about how I set my rates.
I don't know if it's off topic but if someone could give me some advise, that'd be very much appreciated

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Sophie66's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: England
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This is such a dilemma for me! I currently have my own blog that I have been writing for about three years and I am occasionally contacted by business and websites/PR companies etc asking me to start pay per post schemes with them.

When I have asked for more info they have sent over really strict rules about posting about products they send over, they say to do it in my own words and make it seem 'natural' but then also send over quotes and specific wording that I have to integrate into posts.

I have also been asked to post links and recommendations on my blogs twitter account.

So far I have said no to all of this because it just seems unnatural and I think it would compromise the quality of my blog. Even though I have like some of the products they have contacted me about.

Has anyone else been contacted like this? Is it a good scheme or not? I hate blogs with too much advertising, but it would be nice to earn a bit from my hobby.



Fashion • Art • Design • Culture
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fashion insider
Heroin_Chic's Avatar
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Originally Posted by Sophie66 View Post
I currently have my own blog ... I am occasionally contacted by business and websites/PR companies etc asking me to start pay per post schemes with them.

I have also been asked to post links and recommendations on my blogs twitter account.

So far I have said no to all of this because it just seems unnatural and I think it would compromise the quality of my blog. Even though I have like some of the products they have contacted me about.
Same here!

My problem also was that the products / services they wanted me to review wasn`t fashion. It was f.e. credit services who wanted me to write posts like "Instead of saving up for It-bag XY take this credit."

Pfff! I`m not going to post b*ll**** like that! That would totally compromise my integrity.

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rising star
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Fashion blogging networks
Can any of you explain how do the fashion blogger actually earn money? I was reading from somewhere that they seem to ear approx. 92 000 (The man repeller/Style bubble at least) euros per year! Thats insane!! How?

I get that there are these blogging networks. Lets take nowmanifest for example (Bryan Boy, Fashion Toast, Elin Kling, AdR etc). How does a site like that work? I mean where do they get the money to pay the bloggers? From advertising? How is Elin/Nowmanifest paying them? You got so many clicks this month, here is 5000 euros for you??
How do you even start a network like that?

If any of you have any answers to my questions i will be super thankful because these questions have haunted me for ages and living in Estonia, where there is no blogging life/networks what so ever, I have nobody to ask from either.
Thanks in advance

Visit my blog:
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Merging this thread with one about "How Bloggers get Paid...". there are some good suggestions already in this thread.

Also ... see this related two part thread about starting and promoting a blog:

Advice about Starting & Promoting a Fashion Blog - See Post #1 for Thread Rules - (Part #2)

** It's All in the Details! **

Last edited by BetteT; 13-07-2013 at 12:36 PM.
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front row
Join Date: Sep 2011
Gender: femme
Posts: 424
Purely advertisement- affiliate marketing.

It's very simple to a certain extent, there are a lot of companies that offer affiliate marketing, it uses a code that can be placed on a blog, adverts are then placed on a blog and bloggers can get paid either by a visitor clicking on the ad or by making a transaction from the ad. Bloggers are paid on a commission payment. Every company has their own rules but even the biggest of companies offer affiliate marketing and you can set it up your self, it all gets tracked.

The hardest part in my view is getting traffic to your blog, that mainly should be done via social media and some times depending on the company, it only takes one visitor to make a click on an ad and you will receive a payment on a commission basis.

Also, there are companies that can directly advertise with you, such as a banner, perhaps these can be created and just link back to the company's website. For these, you can set your own prices but you have to have good traffic on your blog. Doing featured posts or reviews for free can direct people to your blog and in turn will attract other companies to advertise with you.

Last edited by Mariann; 11-10-2013 at 06:34 AM.
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