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Originally Posted by BetteT View Post
No photographer will want to release and unedited and unretouched full size photos to anyone ... even a magazine.

But if they are not "tethered" to a computer so you can see them the day of the shoot (as Kimair said), they will give you a proof sheet ... smaller images all printed on a sheet ... or nowadays, more likely a CD with low resolution images .. to use for selecting the finals. Then, he will have to work on those images selected.

So, I think that about 3 days is reasonable for proofs. Probably the best way to talk to him about it is to just ask him what his turnaround time for proofs will be ... and negotiate from there, if you need them faster. Then get it in writing ....
yes, sorry, i should have said they were low-res images that we can use to make selects and mark up with our retouching notes...

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That makes sense, we'll try telling them that next time.

Also, when getting samples shipped in are there any tricks start up magazines use to save on shipping charges? Is it unreasonable to tell PR reps to either send it ground ahead of time, and not use any courier services (or anything that will cost us extra), otherwise don't send it at all?

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That's a tough one.

Think of it this way. The PR office has requests for samples all the time. If it's a well known label, the demand is higher and magazines must compete for those samples. So, they will evaluate all requests, based on how much "bang for the buck" they get in free exposure and will choose the larger, more established magazine over a start up, every time.

Time is money to them ... they always want samples out and back as fast as possible ... so they can lend them again. Part of how they evaluate whether or not they want to lend to you, is how you meet their time requirements. If they know that a certain small magazine wants it shipped the slowest way, and will return it that way ... they won't want to release the samples .... unless it's last years stuff and no one else wants it. So ... slowing down shipping to save money, although it makes sense to you ... probably will hurt you in the long run.

Shipping is one of the costs of doing business for a fashion magazine ... it needs a place in the magazine's budget.

However, if your magazine is in NY (or where ever the samples are), you can pick up and deliver via an intern at the magazine or something ... that would serve your purpose of saving money and theirs by being extra fast.

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We actually got lucky with some good lines for our last shoot (like Tadashi, Kendra Scott, Ben Sherman etc), but now I guess I should've overnighted those samples back? Oops, didn't even think about that. IA about the budget....hard to explain this to the people who are on the business side of things (to them they don't understand why the designers don't pay to ship both ways). We're located 2 hours from LA and there are a lot of showrooms there, and honestly it's a LOT cheaper to just make 2 trips.

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Planning An Issue
I'm currently starting my own online magazine and would love to hear opinions on how to PROPERLY plan the issue.

I decided to theme the issue just so that I could have stories as well as content to revolve around that theme.

Please help! My head is all over the place...i do have a team to help but i have to plant the seed of ideas before we can move forward.

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I'm developing a print magazine right now and there is just so much to do on the business side of things. I have a pretty good base that is interested in a publication so that's a good thing to have on my side.

I toyed with the idea of doing an online publication but the content we're creating reads much better in a print format. This also allows for more of a curated sense of the publication.

We're having our first planning meeting tomorrow so we'll see how that goes!

Im excited though! It's always been my dream to have my own magazine!

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I'm planning a small magazine right now, and it will cover art, music, and mostly fashion. What editorial content do I include so that people will want to read the magazine, instead of just flipping through it to look at the pictures (like what I usually do with Vogue )? I want to include in-depth, thoughtful articles, like the ones found in Another and Dansk, but I don't know if those will interest people in my town, whose knowledge of fashion consists of Juicy Couture, Victoria's Secret, Chanel ("Coco Chanel doesn't design there anymore? Since when?"), and Versace ("OMG I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Versace! Or is it Ver-SAY-che? How do you pronounce that again?") How can I include something that won't be found in any other magazine? Also, how can I reach a larger audience for my magazine? Should I ask local businesses to give out free copies in exchange for advertising space?

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What will your target audience be? Are you aiming for a particular niche/community? Think about what that specific group of people would like to see in a magazine. If you don't know, ask them and get their suggestions. I think the idea about local business stocking your magazine for advert space is a great idea if you live in a smaller place. I wish I had thought of that when I was younger haha. As for the content, I think you should look at what your 'competition' is doing so you get a sense of direction. If you're aiming for a Another and Dansk type of publication, study their format/material.

If you ever do make the mag, let us see it!

- Joana

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