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The value of a stylist or fashion / wardrobe consultant
I just ran across this post (I'm new here) and thought I would post....

I am a private fashion/wardrobe consultant where I assist women in purchasing pieces that work best for their their body architecture, which also creates or further enhances their own personal style ... by how pieces are combined or altered to take on a unique look. (It's amazing what a talented tailor can do!) Additionally, I educate them on fit, proportion, silhouette, etc. which indeed they could learn on their own through reading books, blogs, and forums - but I typically work with extremely busy women who do not have the time to sort through all of the misinformation out there to get to the valuable advise. More importantly, I help my clients build a wardrobe long-term that works. I think that's where the real value of consultants come in.

I have found that many women are talented at selecting individual outfits that flatter them, but struggle with creating an overall wardrobe with interchangeable pieces that has endless options. My goal is to work with them so that they can go to their closet and feel that they always have the perfect outfit for a given event. Too often women have a closet full of "outfits" that they have to wear over and over again in the original combination and tire of quickly ... and they have to buy a much larger number of clothing "outfits" to fill out their entire wardrobe; whereas, if they strategically build a wardrobe "family" consisting of "options", they can make individual pieces go a lot further. (This may sound elementary to the members here who are well-versed in fashion and wardrobing techniques, but it not understood or incorporated by most of the ladies that I run across.)

If a wardrobe is built successfully, the money a client spends on a consultant is saved by reducing the number of clothing pieces they have to purchase to have a workable wardrobe ... or they can purchase the same number of pieces but gain a much larger range of individual looks! Additionally, provided you hire a talented consultant, the fee you typically pay is relatively low for the results you receive. First impressions are made in 7 seconds ... before you get to say a word! Clothing encompasses approx. 90% of your body - so of course they will be your largest visual message to the world, telling others who you are. Having the right look is priceless!

The short-term value of a stylist or fashion/wardrobe consultant is in helping time-starved, overwhelmed women develop a personal style that conveys the image they want to the world - regardless if its for business or social engagements. A consultant's long-term value is in helping women maintain that style and develop an overall wardrobe that works! I believe that stylists, fashion/wardrobe consultants are worth their weight in gold. There are numerous women who are embarrassed to admit that they need the services of consultants, although there is no reason for embarrassment. Styling/wardrobing skills are learned, and not instinctual! And often guidance doesn't have to cost a fortune, and in some cases free as a value-included service with purchases.

For instance, I typically work exclusively with a clothing line that I represent, Doncaster, where my services are included with their purchases - although I also offer to help them with other designer purchases for an additional fee. Often department stores and some smaller boutiques offer somewhat similar services - although they will probably not do a wardrobe audit or accompany you to the tailor shop. It's worth making some calls around to inquire about what services are available to you.

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Wecome to tFS, jleerabiner!
Thanks for sharing what you do and how you work.

** It's All in the Details! **
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Thank you Bette.

By the way, I visited your website - very nice!

J. Lee

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