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Chardon Savard
Does anyone know anything about Chardon Savard? Any comments on it? I would really appreciate that! Bisous,

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Do you also know Olivier Gerval Fashion + Institute ? It's my school in Paris, it's young (2003) but rather good for its design workshops. Good alternative if you can't reach to the more famous schools in Paris.

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Best fashion schools in Paris
I live in Paris and have heard of all the fashion schools here.

Personally, I would advice l'Ecole Duperré, an "applied arts" school with a section in Textile and Fashion Design. It's cheap because it's public, and reknowed for the same reason. However places are rare and very demanded.

You can also apply to LISAA, quite same as Duperré, I met a 45-year-old stylist and she recommended it to me.

Except these two, La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture parisienne is for those who really want to launch their own Haute Couture collections. It's around 15 000 euros a year. Issey Miyake, Stéphane Rolland, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Julien Fournié, Alexis Mabille studied there among others.

Concerning the private ones, the admission requirements are way "easier", no offense to those who are currently studying there. Esmod only looks for money, like other ones. If I have to choose between them, I would rather try L'Atelier Chardon Savard, good atmosphere, talented and passionate professors in general, good promotions (I went to the 2014 final year show and was surprised by some student's work! Kenzo, Julien Fournié and many influential figures were VIP guests that day). Try Studio Berçot but you'll have to work very hard and very efficiently. Their program is reduced by one year compared to the other schools. There's also IFM which I heard is ok. If you go to these private school, you can make the best of it if you work hard by yourself.

Each school is famous for something, each is specialized. If you want to do haute couture, ok that's great, then the most appropriate school is La Chambre Syndicale, if you want to create your concept-store, or become an editorial stylist, maybe L'Atelier Chardon Savard will be for you and so on. Ask yourself the right questions, about what you want to do, to learn, in order to get prepared for what you're planning to do after graduating.

But please, mark my words, don't try the other schools. Or at least, pay attention and watch out. If you're really passionate and eager to learn and work hard, don't pay thousands just to get a degree that will worth nothing later. Private schools are growing in number, just because they know some applicants are desperate. Conduct some research carefully, ask for advice, visit during the open-days, etc.

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Studio Berçot
Seems like anyone posted anything about Studio Berçot.

As a student i can tell you about this school. The program last two years.
First of all all the classes are in French so it's very important to have a certain level, but there's a teacher who teaches French and especially everything that is related to fashion in French (but you have to pay for it).

There's 'style lessons' and technical lessons (embroidery, hand knitting the first year and with the machines the second, lessons about the fabrics, crochet etc...).

The first year you'll learn the bases and the second it's just like a repetition of the first year but you have to go further in your reflexion.
You really have to be organized ad work really hard, it can be hard to keep up with the work sometimes but it's part of the Berçot spirit. Challenge yourself and always see further and further. You'll learn to know yourself and create a very personal universe.

The schedule can seam really light as you only have classes on the morning or the afternoon most of the days, but there's a lot of personal work.

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Welcome, Gabrielle!

Thank you for sharing. A lot of people read this thread and your information is very helpful.

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For anybody still looking for information, let me:

The best undergrad fashion DESIGN courses in Paris are ( in that order )

7: PARIS AMERICAN ACADEMY: i would advice against the course, graduates are quite ill-equipped Design wise and you will not find Design jobs. However a lot of american/english speaking brands like Rick Owens, Opening Ceremony etc look for showroom/sales interns from this school.

6: MARANGONI: This is a private school and it is very very expensive. The Milan branch of the school is far better. Students usually do go on to study a supplimentary undergrad course in other schools. Consider the course the way you would a preperatory course.

5: ESMOD PARIS: The course has really no design/artistic value and I have found that the students are lacking in finesse in that area. However the technical/pattern making side of fashion is quite well covered by the school. Owing to the large number of students & sister schools, the graduates are well connected.

4: ATELIER CHARDON SAVARD: Considered to be the "artsy" ( note the double quotes ) design school where the students are more "artists" than fashion designers. In my 5 years of fashion career in Paris I have not met a single employed person from Chardon Savard.

3: DUPERRE: This is a public school, hence the course is free. The course is well structured and quite difficult to get into because of the huge number of applicants. I feel that the students have a strong base in design and technical side of fashion. A lot of talented people do go to the school and locals favour it.

2: STUDIO BERCOT: This is a private school and it is expensive & quite small. They strictly avoid any kind of publicity.The course director is very famous; Marie Ruckie is the french equivalent of Louise Wilson of CSM. The course work is hectic and almost half the students drop out or leave the school by the beginning/middle of the second year. They give importance to design and pattern making and are taught by top professionals. However design softwares are not well covered. The course work corrections & reviews are public and quite hectic & nerve wracking. They have + 1 year of internships into top brands. The school is very well connected in the industry

1: LA CHAMBRE SYNDICALE: The school is very highly valued by the locals and by the industry for the undergraduate program. The students are well equipped in design and pattern making, tailoring and technical side of fashion. The course is 4 years long so you do get a thorough education. If you have the time and money to spend on a good undergraduate fashion education, this one packs the most value for money & your time. The school is very well connected in the industry.

If you are looking for POST GRAD courses in PARIS there is literally no school better than the IFM. The courses are highly selective and receive a large number of applications each year.

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