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Good day!
At the moment Im applying to several fashion management courses thhrough UCAS so ive allredy done my statement although im not sure about it. I agree that your 1st sentence should attract readers sttnetion to the statement. Could anyone plese read mine and tell their opinion if it good enough or not. Thank you in advance.
I love fashion because I think it is not only a popular item you wear at the moment. It is how different people want to be seen. Fashion is studying your customers psychology. Fashion is how current affairs that happen in the world or culture and art influences what we desire to buy next season. Fashion is also a fast-changing industry that depends on the tastes and choices of a customer.
Thats it. Thank you.

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Welcome to tFS, Dino!

I like where you are going with this but it needs to be edited to say the same thing with fewer and more concise words. In fact... you actually said it yourself ... "your 1st sentence should attract readers sttnetion to the statement." (Oh, and dont' forget the spelling and grammer ... it has to be perfect!)

I'd suggest that you drop the "I love fashion because" and then say something like "Fashion is much more than what is popular to wear at the moment ... it is a reflection of the mood and direction of the people of the world." One sentance that wraps up your intial thought.

If you think it's necessary, start a new paragraph with a couple of sentances about what specifically infulences fashion and how it impacts people's lives. NO more than that. It's not a test ... it's a statement about you.

Then move on to what you need to say about yourself. Perhaps they might be looking for a sense of what you envision as your place in the fashion world, what your skills and talents are and how you can use them in you career. It is about your drive to succeed, your willingness to do the work to get there and your vision.

Good luck!

** It's All in the Details! **
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my art teacher told me "LOVE" is a word u never use in personal statement...
don't know y, but... there should be a good reason...

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I used "love" in my personal statement for law schools and they ate it up. I don't think there are any rules as long as you don't sound derivative. "Love" might've worked in mine just because I was pretty colloquial the whole way through.


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Good day! Thank you for a comment
Im just not sure if mine is good because i dont know how high their requirements are. At same time my teacher who advising studints but shes not specialising with fashion of course. So she says mine is good statement and they may not ask as much because im international student.
Basicaly I repeated word Fashion to make kind of an impact on reader that fashion is not only o clothes that we are wearing...
In next paragraphs I just wrote about my 1st management degree, and subjects ive learnt there... then why Ive chosen to study in uk... some of my hobbies...

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i used a quote at the beginning of my personal statment and my tutors loved it because nobody else had done so

"Her eyes, as pale as delft, as pellucid as the sea, flickered to him."
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