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browsing back this thread will give you lots of info on Parsons maganda

thanks for the excelent imput and agreed on Art Schools for accessories design ..karma for you marrimoda

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Academy of Art University VS others...
Thanks everyone for your candid advice about schools on this thread. I have a question. I just started in the 2nd BFA program at Academy of Art University in SF and I will be transferring the the MFA next semester. So far I have mixed feelings about the program.

First off, I would have loved to go to Parsons, FIT or even CSM if I had the money or felt like I had the experience at the time to get in. I also have a partner and a pretty well established life here in the city, which would make it difficult for me to up and leave. In addition to that I am 30 and this is a huge career change for me. (I have a BA in Women's Studies). question is this... What is it exactly that makes these other schools so much better? It seems as though any school will have it's big talents and it's (folks who get swept under the radar, b/c no one notices them). So is it that these schools produce more of the "bigwigs" that makes them special?

At Academy what I feel is lacking is a clear explanation of the design process coupled with the necessary constructive criticism that anyone would need in order to explore their creativity and improve. Do schools like Parsons and CSM actually offer this or are they just like everyone else, shining a light on the few hot shots and letting everyone else turn to dust?

I am sincere in my asking and I would love any opinions on the matter. I am seriously considering leaving the Academy, however, I don't want to leave if I'm going to encounter the same teaching style eleswhere. This is because I feel like I am still learning the design process (sans helpful feedback) and I am learning a lot in my patternmaking classes. So it's worth staying for that. And although I will not boast that I am the best student in the class, I definitely don't think I am receiving the kind of feedback I need in order to excel...


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to answer your question about schools guiding you through the design process...

When I was at parsons I had a class that did an okay job of this, and then another class that did a really great job with this. I was always thirsty for this and I wish there were more classes on this so I hunted down my own sources for this.

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Originally Posted by maganda_x3
I am currently a sophomore in college trying to a get a degree in communications (concentration--journalism). I would love to work for fashion magazines! However, I was thinking after college to get an AAS degree at Parsons in Fashion Studies. It would only last for 1 year if I take the fast track since I would have all my liberal studies requirements. Anyone have any info? Do you think I have a good chance of getting a job with this degree? How different is it from FASHION DESIGN?

Thank you so much!
hi maganda. I'm finishing my 1st semester at parsons.. I'm in the AAS fashion marketing program and I cannot be more happy with it// I was a little bit scared before starting because the program is very short and actually never understood the "aas" thing... I already have a 4-year degree in business and previous experience, but the aas is VERY tough.. I'm also fast tracking but Im going to finish in 3 semesters (I didnt transfer enough liberal arts cr.)

Now I'm taking 8 classes + internship (adidas PR) and I really dont have time to do anything.. you have HW for every class and every week.. is really demanding but very professional... Most of the professors are excellent, and the career services are really impressive.. We have a website with job offers and internships from every single company out there...

from what I heard aas fashion studies students have the same opportunities than those in the 4-year program.. I think the aas is more practical and down-to-earth compared with the conceptual 4-year program..
However, our classes are very creative and most of our projects involve drawings, sketches, mood boards, etc. (I went to complain about my drawing class more than 5 times because I suck drawing...). There are drawing workshops whenever u want to improve your drawing skills (although I went there once)..

Compared to FIT I really dont know much about it, but I heard that in FIT they dont have that much homework.. its easier.. and the reputation of parsons is far higher than FIT's..

actually next monday I'll start my spring internship in Vogue.. I cannot be more happY!!!!
well, any q's just ask.. hope it helps..

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I have a question :

do you go or know somebody who goes to the Fashion Academy in Antwerp?
I would like the know things about :
- the personal experience
- the entrance exam
- etc

so do you know more ? please respond or pm.Thanks!

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thank you JRSlim for ALL the info!
you just might be getting some PM's from me!!

let's go to the moon, baby. <3
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Anyone want to talk about Fashion Schools??
I'm searching and searching for information (primarily on Studio Bercot). Chat with me...

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Hiya eliza, welcome to tFS please to a search before starting a thread...and post in the appropriate section. I'm moving this to Careers and Education, I suggest you read through the Fashion schools mega thread, as there is alot of good information there...

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Thanks fab fifties fille, getting the hang of tFS slowly but surely!

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Hiii! Does someone know what's the different between undergratuade and postgratuade?? thanx a lot

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um, as far as i know undergraduate are courses you take if you haven't been to university before, like a BA...and postgraduate are ones you can do after graduating from uni like an MA?

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Being an undergrad means you are taking the courses needed to obtain your Bachelors. Graduate school would be to obtain your masters, etc.

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I go to Parsons transferring from FIT. There are a lot of differences between the two. FIT is VERY focused on construction technique. I don't know how construction classes go at Parsons because I took so many construction, draping classes at FIT and they transferred over. Parsons is very demanding (they act like you don't have a job) and they focus a lot on drawing skills. I have 3 three where i do nothing but draw. They want you to be creative at Parsons where at FIT, they want you to design for the mass market. Parsons also look at attendance very closely and if you miss a certain amount of classes, you will fail no matter how much work you have done. A lot of my classmates aren't happy with Parsons, they expected so much more, and I'm in between.

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Originally Posted by Acid
if thats the best fashion school in europe then fashion is dead

also.......there is a difference between being spoonfed and being taught properly
they dont show you how to do anything properly, just expect you to magically know as you do.....
Acid, are you doing a fashion design course or something else?

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He's doing the menswear design course at CSM.

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