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Join Date: Dec 2004
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Told I am more suited to television and advertising!!
Hi there, I just recently sent in my picture to a plus size modelling agency..and only did it after being told by friends family and even strangers that I am so beautiful and should take up modelling, now I am not a thin girl, but have curves, so I thought that I would try out a plus size agency.

After a while I got feedback back from them saying that my looks although very beautiful they feel are not suited to high fashion photography but more suited to television and advertising. Now I kind of took that as a bad thing, I was feeling kind of a bit like I was slapped in the face and it didn't do much for my esteem!!! But I am jsut wondering what she means by that and what you think I should do now???

Thanks for your help, as I really think I do have what it takes...

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Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 2
Oh by the way she also said that television and advertising agents look more at the attractiveness of a person, I thought that in modelling they would be looking more at the attractiveness of a person, not sure could some one please shed some light here!!

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hi bella...
welcome to tFS...
i have moved your thread to careers and education so you may get more responses...

good luck...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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front row
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it seems modeling agencies are looking for exotic, strange looking girls for high fashion & commercial (tv/ad) models are more aesthetically beautiful

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you shouldn't take it as a bad thing. many high fashion models are unique looking rather than conventionally beautiful, whereas tv/ad models are more "all-american" or girl next door beautiful. hopefully that helps...

"...that looked like comme des garcons goes to the amish country." -Michael Kors

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I work in the "plus" model world a lot ... have several clients that are reatilers/designers for plus lines.

Here's the scoop on what they look for in a plus fashion model:

Height: as tall or taller than regular sized models .... 5'8" to 6" ... with 5'9" to 5'11" being the ideal.

Size: from about a 10 to 14 in NY, and 14W to 18W pretty much everywhere else in the U.S. If you are on the short side (5'8") your size should no larger than a 14. If you are near 6 feet, then you can be up to an 18W.

Shape: Hourglass. Just like straight sized models, you should be close to the magic 10" thing ... bust and hips should measure about 10" more than your waist. You need to be toned, minimal cellulite, no tummy rolls, great, long legs.

Face: a stong beauty look ... full lips, wide set, big eyes, high cheekbones, no jowls, clear skin, perfect smile.

Misc.: Most plus models cannot make a living at it ...i t's mostly now and then for extra money. There is just not enough work for the thousands who try to work in the plus industry. There are probably less than 10 plus models who can support themselves with modeling.

So: about Commercial Modeling .... (TV, ads, etc.)

Commercial models are those that model anything except fashion ... think the Pine Sol Lady. They make more money and work more frequently ... if they have a good "look". There are no restrictions on height, ethnicity, age, weight ... anything. They look for people who they think can sell the product ... people with great smiles, open and likeable faces. And having a bit of acting experience under your belt helps, too.

It's not an insult if they really meant that you are suited to commercial modeling ... it's a great way to make a living. But ... sometimes agents say that to everyone who doesn't meet the plus fashion standards, so as not to hurt their feelings.

So don't give up on plus modeling yet ... try more agencies, if you meet the standards. (But please don't post your stats or picture here ... it's against the guidlines.) But also, try some commercial agencies .... it's a wide open field and if you have a look that they need, you could be in.

** It's All in the Details! **

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Over the years while modeling, I've had people tell me 'you should be an actress'. I took that as a complete insult. I work pretty often and now people saying I should be an actress was not a compliment. But after much thought and the amount of money that could be made doing commercials and what not, I've changed my tune.

Saying you should be an actress isn't an insult, not in the slightest!

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