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I guess my main point ... is that you need to hire professional help to get a web business up and running and that will take thousands of dollars. A good emerging photographer, skilled in this type of work,a decent model and a hair and makeup artist who is trained for photogaphy will cost a minimum of $2000 and up ...way up. A graphic designer will cost as much to get everything looking professional ... like that link that katerina showed. And a great webmaster who can put it all together ... looking professinal and drawing viewers to your site, costs a lot too. You need capital to do this ... you must find a way to get the money. If you do it yourself, it will look amatuerish and your competition will eat you up. Not only do your designs have to be better than the competition, your site must be, too.

You must do some research on all the other bridal sites on line and see if you can find out if it's profitable for them. You need to know your competition, anyway and what the site looks like, how they present their inventory and how they do business. And you need to research the cost of bringing your site up to par with your competitors to see if it's even a good strategy for you. Do your homework ... you've got to be better and easier to find.

If you can sell your inventory on consignment or outright to local bridal shops ...that would make more sense now until you can get a top notch site ready (it would take months, even if you had all the money now). And try to draw buyers in your city to contact you directly to see your inventory in person, using some of the ideas here on getting free publicity. Finding a business partner who believes in you and has both money to invest in you and a good business sense, would be the best way of all.

Good luck!

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I think BetteT offers some great advice. I hope you keep us posted!

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I don't have the thousands of dollars that it takes to whip this thing into shape, but I did find some wedding website templates that look great. They're done by professionals, so all I have to do is cut and paste their designs around my pictures and text. So if I concentrate on getting some professional photos done, I think I can make it work! Another question, if you all don't mind......Should I try to have the pictures done outdoors or stay indoors? I'm not sure if one works better than another or if it's just a matter of how I want the website to look. Thanks for any and all opinions!!

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I sold a tiara online yesterday! It was the thrill of a lifetime!! I can't wait to get my newly designed website up and running. I've been working on the page layouts from sun-up to way past sun-down. When I have something to look at, can I post it here and get more comments and opinions? I need to know if I'm going in the right direction before I go online with it.

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"Here Comes The Bride" an exhibit at the Elmhurst Historical Museum in Illinois just opened a few days ago displaying three of my reproduction veils, one of my couture veils and some of my tiaras!! They've posted my business name near my displays and have my business cards available there as well. A thousand thank you's to Sinople for that suggestion. Now I've got to get an article written about it for the paper. The exhibit runs for 3-1/2 months, so hopefully it'll get my name out there at least a little. So far on my website, I've changed the background and added some pages, but still need lots of work on the photos. I'm still open for other suggestions, and thanks to those who have already weighed in. Your opinions and suggestions are very helpful to me.

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That's great that they're showing your veils/tiaras.

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about pictures...
i am also a stylist -so this is what i suggest..

i would definitely stay inside-it is easier to control the light, etc...
keep the backdrop simple..just some fabric or something....
grey might be nice and soft...and elegant...
as far as what the model wears...
i would suggest a simple strapless white gown...

i definitely think everything that bette said is true...
you NEED professional images with more contrast and better lighting...
please take the flowers and shadow out...
they serve no real purpose and it's not a photography exhibit...
it's just about getting good product shots...

*i especially think you need a ZOOM feature...where you can really zoom in and see the details of each piece...
and i also think it is important to show examples of how the item is WORN...

also-once you have some really great images...
you can make a 'press kit' and send it out to bridal magazines, etc...who may feature your samples in an upcoming issue..

but i would wait until i had some really professional images before doing that, so as not to seem amateur...

once you get some images, there is a lot you can use them for, so it is really a good investment...
*and the right photographer will be able to help you finding the model and hair and make up...

good luck...
seems like you are really motivated and headed in the right direction...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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