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I thought the show itself was amazing, it was the editing that made me scream at my television. We didnt get to see any of the models walk other than the circus segment, the show focused on bieber and rihanna too much. Bruno was perfect. I think a lot of us can agree that other than the angels the standout newcomers were hilary rhoda ( the sexiest body in the show) barbara p, barbara f, jourdan (because of the super cute robot dance), sharam diniz, and jasmine tookes. I also loveddd dorothea she has so much energy and a childlike awkwardness about her that was so endearing. Maud welzen was sooo cute and ended up being a great choice. Hopefully next year they focus more on the models people i watched it with complained from seeing bieber and rihanna so much. It was overkill

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the music the model the costume... worst ever... even worse than 2008...

Model Agent from New Silk Road Model Management, the 1st model agency in China, which Liu Wen、Du Juan & Tian Yi (was/is) belongs. :P
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The ratings are in:

The 2011 VSFS had 11.5 million viewers.
The 2012 VSFS had 9.3 million viewers.

That is a massive drop. I honestly think it had to do with the show being too focused on performers; VS definitely lost sight of what people are there for: the models.

Guess Bieber did not really help the rankings at all. I wouldn't even be surprised if he caused people to not watch the show, as many people cannot stand him.

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I really hope they learn the lesson from the perfomances overkill. We want more remixes, the Circus segment was perfect!
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The editing sucked very choppy barely saw any walking. I did noticed they edit Adri's stomach or cut it out. I also notice the person who opened Pink never saw her face? I really liked what I saw of Hilary...and Poor Toni outfits. I was glad I didn't see much of Karlie though her upclose faces were so fake.
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Originally Posted by theBlueRider View Post
Gisele and Co had Justin Timberlake, Destiny's Child and Eve. Those performers have the same amount of swag as Rihanna and if not, more!
Im aware of that and still stand by my opinion.


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i definitely think the overall casts anymore lack that star power or runway presence but i do also feel like the performances are more invasive now too. even my tv listings said "women in lingerie with rihanna et al". i know vs way of doing things has changed but i dont have to like it lol. as a long time fan of vsfs i tune in for the models and lingerie (one time a year) not to see a music special or concert that i can see all year long...and adriana,doutzen,hilary this is what a real lingerie models body is all about...i thought they were quite refreshing. izabel/isabeli looked amazing as always.the brazilians bodies are always so sick!
and im a big candice fan but i thought she shined more in previous years. i think shes much better as a bleach blonde. Posted via Mobile Device

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Originally Posted by Lizzy.P View Post
I missed it Isn't the full show uploaded or available anywhere yet?
you can watch it here http://www.ryoni.com/videos/victoria...2_hd_video.php

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I was glad I didn't see much of Karlie though her upclose faces were so fake.
Fake would be an absolute understatement and the dramatic editing to make it even more cringe worthy.

I agree with everyone, one of the worst VS shows ever. The fake smiles, over enthusiasm about everything, the angels' 'affections' for each other, SO cheesy

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Well no one is going to like every model.
I remember many negative comments on Chanel Iman during the past shows as well.
I guess arguing about who fits the show, looks fake, doesn't look fake etc. will probably lead us nowhere.

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They need to cut back on performances. 1 or 2 like they used to do is enough. Performers can bring and alienate audiences. Those who like the performers can tune in but those who don't like them won't b/c it'll be about them instead of a hot fashion lingerie show like everyone comes to expect. The attention needs to go back to the models and the lingerie. Show more of them working the lingerie on the runway instead of cutting to their faces for 2 secs while they pose and the rest is the performers. The Circus opening was pretty good. More like that. Those music mixes are hot and get you so into it.

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poor Erin, that guy was yelling at her!

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finally could watch the show, my 2 cents on it: it was quite a mess...

Segment wise: Circus was good, nice to have some remixes. Adri is still good at opening and giving the pace but her walk felt extremely short while Candice was really long. I felt this in many segments. Some girls were too close to one another at time and too far away at others. and the choppy editing did not help. Pink was pink, and the rest was good but killed by the pace and the musics...

Music: performance overkill. Only the opening was VS-like. and I am glad to watch on internet so I could skip Bieber acoustic because I would have changed channel half-way through the show otherwise. and that last Rihana song just did not fit... Ale with a million dollar bra walking on this awful song... just ugh... Bruno Mars was ok but only one song would have been better and Justin fit pink so it was alright

The in-between segment: some good, some awful. I liked the one on commercials and Candice. but the photobooth thing or the love thing were cringe-worthy

New girls: I liked Jourdan, Shu Pei, Barbara P and Hilari the most I think. Many were awful, that pink opener, Cara... ugh...

Angels: Candice and Doutzen look incredible. Adri was good to open but awful in last segment (so unprofessional and not sexy), Ale, Miranda, Lindsey were good as usual but nothing groundbreaking. Erin hat thing was so distracting, getting yelled liked this then she always kept hand on her head... and Behati made nice transition to main line. She is really cute. And Lily has no more excuses, she NEED to learn how to walk...

Usual cast: Izabel and Isabeli always deliver, hope they stick to the show long time. No need for Cameron (looking akward) or Dorothea (what a giant mess) next time. I personally like Carly when she is given appropriate outfit. I like the 2 Jablonskis as well. I could do without Lily for VS next time. Love Magda and Joan.

Stage: with editing we could not see the Circus performance, shame. For the rest I prefer the girls to be on a runway rather than on the ground level even if some of the scenery looked very nice (Bruno Mars one was good)

Kuddos to some of the girls for accepting to wear some of the most awful outfits ever done by VS (yellow raincoat, clown/tomato combo for Toni, Alice in wonderland half outfit and that thing Dorothea had...)

[French in Japan]

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i'm curious to see if the show gained or dropped viewers as the show went on. if they dropped viewers like flies then hopefully that would open the eyes of the heads of the show.

can we get a new stylist or something? can't we vote him off the island?

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Here are the half hours for this year's show, from TVbyTheNumbers,

VS 3.3 9.28/ 3.7 9.36

3.3 rating in the demo, and 9.28 million viewers overall during the first half hour, then 3.7 rating in the demo, and 9.36 million viewers overall during the last half hour. So the ratings actually rose as the show progressed.

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