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does anyone have a link to the finale video??? i can't find it

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Originally Posted by Sam12 View Post
Molly does edge out Brittani in print, but even so Brittani is still a great print model. Even better though is her runway walk, probably the best of the girls on the show. Lets hope IMG capitalizes that.
true true.
I wonder if IMG will make her grow out her hair or keep it the way it is. and I don't want to be rude or anything but I wonder if she will have to do anything with her teeth. Sort of a pet peeve of mine.

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I guess if ANTM is about who needs it more then the right person won... I think Brittani's new cut is stunning on her but whyyyyy does ANTM always screw Molly with the hair? Molly should have won, but I kind of had a feeling she wasn't going to after the Covergirl commercial. Jay really fought for her though! When I saw he was on panel I thought he was going to give her negative feedback.

Also did anyone notice how during the commercial break, Covergirl used Nicole Fox's shots while Queen Latifah did the voice over?

Back in biz. You know you missed me! xoxo

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NOT happy with the winner. Molly's the only one this cycle who looked like a model in the first episode and continued to improve, delivering amazing shots. I also think Molly sounds very natural on camera (especially in that interview segment they did on a Morrocan market a few episodes back) while Brit just sounds as if she's trying too hard.
...and they really screwed Molly over twice by giving her that haircut....hope Molly gets signed and works a lot!

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Here you can watch finale.

Molly is so much better as a model. But alas, it's ANTM, Cinderella story wins.

I hope IMG signs Molly and she will get her long hair back soon.

Her Vogue Italia shoot close ups are stunning.


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I'm happy for Britney she deserved the win. Molly is Great Model as well but its like I've seen her look a dozen times before. Britney really wanted it and her Covergirl ad was SICKENING....Kinda gave me the Lanvin Ads featuring Kristen McMenamy(And I'm not by any means comparing the two just the mood of the photo)
What I did notice is Ivan Bart really had his say into who won and honestly I dont think he's was jumping head over heels for either of them. He actually said that Hannah had the best appeal and out of the three she EXUDED star quality. I believe them doing another quick makeover was really to help him see who can bring it one last time, who has the versatility to rock many different looks. I feel he wasnt truly convinced and needed to see them perhaps in a new look to hopefully sway his decision. Perhaps he did sign both since it was obvious that neither of the two remaining was his first pick.
I just hope and pray that we get to see the day where a real ANTM Alumni get to participate in at least one Blue Chip fashion show, during the real fashions weeks that is.....

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I think that girl will be Jane or Kendall now that she's signed to Wilhelmina. Agree with everything you said though. I'm wondering now if Molly's age did have something to do with her not winning, last season a 19 year old won, this season the 19 year old won and Jane was also 19 when she signed with's a shame that they passed up on Molly just because of her age, she looks much younger than 23.

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I've only ever watched cycle 6, 10, 11, 12 and 16 and with the exception of C11 the girl that I want to win always came runner up.

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omg what the F did they do to Molly's hair. They ruined her
Oh dear.....

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Both deserves it, my fav was Molly, but Brit is very good too, she has something new, short hair but no masculine (like Saskia or Iris), more Liza charm, like it, something new, love to see Ann again, she is so beautiful, GREAT SEASON ANTM!

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Molly was miles better, although the finale episode was pure crap!

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They both deserve it.Molly is a better editorial model while Brittani is pretty good at both runway and editorial.It depends on whether choosing a great editorial model or a model who can do both things well.

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Molly was totttttaallly sabotaged in the finale. I mean, what was she WEARING in the covergirl shoot? :S
And Brittani, although she looks wonderful and does have a good runway walk, she cried everytime anyone criticized her, that's not exactly endearing to the fashion world...

but of course, they cut the hair, it suited brittani, it didn't suit molly. so, brittani won...

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So I just got to watch the episode. Unlike last season, I liked the final two and was happy with either outcome, although I'm still bummed. My favourite didn't win and when it comes down to it, I would have preferred to see her in VI than the winner. And can we talk about the most obvious edit ever? There was no tension in the episode.

Molly's personality actually grew on me when it was just down to her and Brit. They were cracking me up with their blurred out mouths. She wears make up beautifully, I love her face so much. However, her walk. I know most girls are awful when they start up but hers was like a Barbie Karate-Chop walk. It was so bad, I was surprised none of the judges commented on her arm movements.

I've been Meh on Brittani the whole season. She just doesn't do it for me. I see how some of her pictures are good, but if I were a judge I would have been a whole lot harder on her. I did feel bad about her and her mom not being there. I'm surprised they brought Molly's parents over when they knew Brittani would be all alone, that's harsh.

And speaking of harsh, Tyra is such a tear baiter. Oh, you're about to walk on the runway and determine if you win? Well how do you feel about your abandonment issues and the fact that you're always alone?

Seeing Molly standing there with her hair cut AND not winning made me so sad for her. I really liked her hair length and I wish IMG had put a stop to it. Can't walk down the runway of Ellie Saab with that hair.

Perhaps the thread title should be changed to exclude the Cycle part? We're not exactly synched up.

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So they were like "hey let's eff up Molly's hair at the end and wave the grand prize in her face then send her packing".... Like seriously?...

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