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Originally Posted by Psylocke View Post
I'm sorry but I just don't get this. Why exactly do we need 14 year olds on the runway that look older when we can just have girls that actually are 16 and older? I absolutely get Thairine's potential but there is no excuse for people booking her in spite of all of the industry's attempts to stop underage girls from being exploited in this industry. Her appeal and her beauty are timeless, they could have easily waited another two years until debuting her, she would have been just as successful, I'm sure. Making her having to deal with all the stress of Fashion Week when there are enough models that are old and mature enough to do it instead just seems ridiculous to me. She is working so much, does she even have time for school and friends anymore? I really hope all this will eventually pay off for her. If would be a shame if she's just another blip whose career is over before she's 16.
I agree with this 100%.

I have never payed attention on model's age before, but now when my sister is 14 years old I don't get at all why 14 year old girls should be on runway. They can do some photoshots, but pushing kids so far into this world is really wrong in my eyes. We have plenty of good older models. I am also tired of all this newcomers. I don't get why do we need them so many while we have so many good older experienced models who actually know how to walk on runway.

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^Exactly. I work as a tutor and most of my students are around 14 or 15 and it actually scares me to think that so many of the models I see in magazines are the same age as them because they are still kids to me at that age. I have yet to meet a 14 year old that seems mature, confident and strong enough to be able to put up with all the stress and pressure that comes with an international model career.
And Kallu, that is really sad if that is true that Thairine's parents were pushing her into this!

There is a collection of articles on the 'Room for Debate' page on the New York Times website about the age issue; very interesting read:
Sweet 16 … and a Runway Model

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rising star
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I think its not just the designers responsibility not to choose a model under 16, its the agents responsibility, parents and everyboy elses involved because they are adults. Of course a 14-year old is enjoying fashion week, but is that good for her and should it be her decision to participate? I think not. Regardless of how mature she acts and looks she is still a person that has been existing for mere 14 years and her experience and maturity are not enough to make decisions like those. Can anyone of you (older participants of the thread ) remember yourself when you were 14? Would you let a 14-year old you to make your decisions?

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^That is what I always think about on this matter.

Sure, I was mature 14 yo, too and people kept telling me that. But now, almost 15 years later, I have often noticed how unexperienced teenager inexorably is. Only way to learn social skills and making big decisions is to grow older. You can`t avoid mistakes and confusion when you`re young, especially you can`t avoid problems with dealing them.

My opinion is that you shouldn`t put these teen models out there dealing with this industry. I just can`t accept it, I don`t think it is good business, good ethic, no good anything. What else business does this? Sport maybe, it is a bit comparable. It doesn`t make it right either.

Of course there are teens who are enjoying it (modeling is one of the most desirable careers amongst young girls) and either don`t ever get on trouble or are too naive to realize it yet...

EDIT: I didn`t mean to sound like I see fashion industry only as a big, bad wolf. Not at all, I enjoy a lot of things in fashion. I wouldn`t mind few young talent here and there, but I don`t see the reason to haul hundreds or thousands of new teenagers to fight about few slots in a season.

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What bothers me the most about it, is why would the designer want someone so young? It's sad that what is considered young in real life is often retired or old in fashion industry. There would be nothing wrong with using real (young) women instead of girls.

I think what is most important is that a model is really up for this job - not just the glamourous side, but also the rejection, pressure, hard work ... If the model has people in their life who are there for them, who can help them and has support, then why not.
At the same time I also think that is extremely rare and that most of them are not prepared for it and I definitely would not allow my daughter to start young.
I once helped out with a modelling school and one mom lied about her daughter's age to get her in and said that she was 12 when in fact the girl was 9 or 10 years old. It was just so sad to see. And it was difficult for the girl because she also didn't pay attention all the time and she had trouble keeping up because she was so young.

.love will save the world.
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Andreea Diaconu recently had an interview and referenced being a very young model (she started at 13), and what she thought about that.
IMA: Your graduation to modelling's major league has been a long time coming with close to 7 years of development, learning your craft, and persistence. What key factors do you feel have led you to this pivotal moment in your career trajectory?
AD: I definitely think 14 year old models should not exist. I was working with people twice my age and I timidly looked up to them as teachers rather than "colleagues". Traits such as patience and good balance on high heels definitely come in handy haha! You need to love what you're doing, and to know and feel comfortable with yourself.

IMA: Having started modelling at such a young age, what advice would you offer to young girls considering a career in modelling?
AD: To wait until they're 16 or even older and to do their research on agencies.

It isn't much, but I still find it really interesting that she was so candid.

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Join Date: Apr 2012
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^ It's good to know that even models who started young themselves think that girls should start their careers when they are more mature.

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Had anybody else noticed that there a few 14yr old girls floating around the runways.. or am I just the only one??.. It's weird, cuz i thought there was some kind of ban or promise that the industry wouldn't his girls that are younger than 16yrs

(examples: Roos Abels


Elisabeth Faber


I hate to be THAT PERSON, but I was just curious as to what everyone else thought of this

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I think it should be illegal to model until you are 18.

I think the biggest reason is because if you are scouted at 13 because you are 5'9" and gangly, that doesn't mean you will stay that way. She may develop hips, she may develop breasts. Not to mention, how can a 13 year old wear WOMEN'S clothing? She's 13. She will try and maintain that body she had at 13, but she can't because that's not how shes built NOW. That is sort of a way for certain unhealthy habits to form.

There are a lot of laws in countries that help protect children from their own choices until they have grown enough to become an adult. You are allowed to drink at 18 or 19 because you know more. You have more responsibility and hopefully are able to avoid the sway of peer pressure to adhere to certain early adulthood stereotypes... This is the same thing. As a young person, you might be more vulnerable to the pressures people put upon you. You want to fit in, you want to please people and you are pretty gullible. You might do things you aren't comfortable doing because it's what your booker or photographer told you is a good thing. That's not to say that it can't happen at 18 as well, but at least you have SOME life experience and the ability to understand how the world works.

Also, eduction is SO important. Not every girl who starts modelling will make it big and fall into a pool of cash flow. What happens when you are 19 and you quit school at 14 and there are no options for you but to start over? AT LEAST you have your diploma if you start at 18. It's ridiculous how parents let their kids quit school or miss school for these things.

Just my thoughts on the topic

Last edited by foreverandnone; 02-10-2014 at 03:09 PM.
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^My thoughts exactly, very well said! I have tried to find words how to describe my feelings towards this issue, but I guess I don`t need to after you

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