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Originally Posted by Leeroi View Post
I don't live in Korea, but alot of my family members and friends live there and most of them don't know her or have heard of her, and according to them only major news networks have given this news some air time. Remember that Korean Entertainment is different from other countries. Each and every celebrity is owned by a studio, and each studio is owned by a particular channel, so you can't really intermix celebrities with each other unless they're in the same channel. Daul Kim never had a contract with any studio since she was an overseas worker, so most channels have not really featured her in the past.

Right now there's a big concert taking place in Korea, one of the biggest concerts of the year, and it's practically overshadowing the news of her death. If you go to one of the biggest and most popular entertainment/news websites of Korea ( you'll see how nonchalant some people are about such her.... You'd think this news would be more important to them than some girl kissing a guy.
This is very enlightening, I had no idea it was all so controlled. Wow...

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Ever since I heard about her death, I can't stop thinking about her.
It's sad, of course, but what's more sad is that it didn't seem like she had any support around her. Even through her blogs, nobody seemed to notice anything. I just wish someone would've reached out to her. It's a shame if a big part of her death was because of the fashion industry, because the news makes it sound like that, like she couldn't keep up with it and that she was exhausted.

It really makes you think..

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Its tragic when something like this happens, you never really know what you miss until its gone. I hope shes in a better place now and my heart goes out to her family and friends.

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Sessilee Lopez's comment:
The moment that I heard the news it took all of my power not to break down backstage at the VS show yesterday. Daul was so sweet, amazing as a model but as a person she was a true role model. I will miss her terribly, she was truly loved by everyone who was blessed enough to meet the real Daul Kim….. I will forever love you R.I.P

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That is so sad.

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I feel really empty inside when I think that she will never do anything again...she's just gone, and she'll never come back no matter what. It's so sad.
I kinda knew she wasn't famous in South-Korea, since the celebrities are different there, and from what I've seen they have a certain look. And I would just like to say that I think that the people who thought that she didn't embrace her Asian roots or what not when she bleached her hair..that's just racist. No one says anything when a white person dies his or her's hair black..I really don't see the difference. And for me, who is Korean she was such a role model, even tho I didn't know her at all..but she made me feel that it was ok to be whatever you wanted to be, and don't care so much about what other people thought..I loved it when she had her blonde hair, and I think I'll always remember her and miss her, 'cause she meant alot to me.

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Daul, you are, and will always be, so damn special xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Such sad news.

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it's amazing how you feel like you 'know' someone through reading their blog. this news stuffed me up, because I could always read her pain.

are any of her paintings online? I'd love to see them... gosh she was gorgeous

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Originally Posted by Tentacl Ventricl View Post
I love Daul's blog.

I'll link it again


Someone suggested the industry should do something to mark Daul's passing.
I like the fact that over the last couple of days we have congregated at Daul's blog to pay our respects and understand a little better the beautiful mind of one of history's greatest models. That congregating is enough for me.

Although, of course, let the tributes continue. Many with 2 second attention spans will tweet off to the next piece of undifferentiated 'news'. But others will know: Daul is important.
I've been thinking a lot about her because I keep reading her blog posts... I think it's great she left it as a legacy (of course apart from the great modeling jobs and other projects she delivered but that's work, blogs are personal). I just came across this post of hers about Milan Kundera's books.. She might've found it a silly and sentimental thought, but I enjoy being able to read her blog now although she's gone and getting to know a little bit about the person she was. She was such a bright person. In some way, blogs might also be case studies like she was talking about.

i love milan's style of writing, very analytical and psychological

very reasonable, erotic, interesting, kind of grotesque, kind of stereotyping...

but very very... true

i really like studying human behavior and how certain people's mind work

it is kind of like.. little things when you see how someone behaves

very slight things

where u can tell

"oh he/she has unresolved issues with his mother"

"oh that person , sexual deviant!"

"oh that person probably goes home and revises their conversation
e.g. im going to say this when i introduce myself at dinner today"

"oh that persons wanting me to think in a certain way. "

or even scary things like

"were you fat when you were a child?"

"did you grow up in this kind of environment?"

like milan kundera's books totally talking about things like this for every character in his book

he pretends to like explain the character, but actually its kind of trying to make people understand

how one behaves, due to usually certain kind of history/environment

and also the beauty of analytical thinking.

im beginning to think, maybe, milan is very analytical because

by analysing things,

he feels secure.

but really he knows that things can still be threatening

even when you feel like it is deeply understood through analysing and prediction.

and even this whole book by the writer, who is analytical

is also an analyses of a certain case study?

and the case study is milan kundera.

which also goes back to the everlasting forever repeating human nature

like in the movie Amadeus, mankind always praises for eternity, forever lasting

"fire that never dies"

like in the Greek legends, where people do certain things to leave their names behind

so in music, art, literature, architecture (ESP!), fame, glory, power, idolizing, history is all

going back to the same theme

wanting to be remembered

for eternity

even after death

to be a legend

even after

centuries and centuries have passed.


so childish/sentimental reason in the end

"i want people to remember me even when im gone"

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only 20 years... so so sad.. rip.

Back to reality...
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My condolences and best wishes goes out to her family! R.I.P. Daul! <3

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oh I never really got to know this girl, but it haunts me to see now that she basically had the same mentality as me.

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i have looked through this thread quite alot but wonder if her April 2007 post has been quoted..


daulmonster recently

is doing well. too busy traveling
like 3 countries in one week
its overwhelming and i am
going to smash my face with
this hammer,
so you will probably not
see daul as so often as before.
but you will see daulmonster as she lives
inside ur heart forever.

my life as daul was so miserable and lonely.
please join my loneliness in another world.

i love you all.


KIDDING . im fine. just tired.

obviously she has harbored this thought for over two years,
not a spontaneous action-
this is what her goodbye may have been if her life had been cut even shorter.
i felt her soul in her non verbal goodbye two days ago.

"Vanity working on a weak head, produces every sort of mischief" -Jane Austen
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Im not sure if this has been posed but it was a comment on a posting a while back:

"I lived in South Korea for four years and recently returned. I was in Korea during the suicide of three famous actresses, one famous actor, the ex-president and numerous other lesser known people such as students with poor exam results and even a woman on my boyfriend's apartment complex who jumped from her window as we slept due to stress. I can honestly say that suicide there is a HUGE problem. Even in 2009, it is still deemed by most Koreans as the respectful way to die and carries some honour with it strangely enough. As this happened in overseas in Paris to a more internationally known Korean maybe the government there will do a little more to try to curb this sad trend."

the link was:

The main part that caught my eye was "Even in 2009, it is still deemed by most Koreans as the respectful way to die and carries some honour with it strangely enough".

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