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No different from the girls shaking their behinds at the end of the runway any other year. That pole statement is a bit much though...

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A couple of years ago she was lifting up her shirt so the pole comment is not to much. Lily A needs to tone it down. Her trying to hard is revolting not Karlies dance.

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Karlie has a SICK body. It showed while she walked (as well as her new VI cover). Unfortunately that shimmy was NOT CUTE. And didn't Lily do one too in the Pink section. Anais was soo beautiful and DOUTZEN stole the show for me with her amazing body! But everyone was sooooo boring. Same kissy face or same left eye wink. They were all stunning but on the runway they just looked like moving sculptures. I barely seen genuine personality and girls having fun.

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Originally Posted by angldior View Post
Someone needs to put a pole in front of this girl and get her off the runway.
I think it's a bit strong... I think Lily just have no clue what to do at the end of the runway so must be like "quick, do something" and it end up in what we know her for...

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I thought Lily's little runway wiggle was appropriate because she showed the bag off to the cameras, which is one way to sell a product.
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Watching it right now - first thought: stupid behind the scenes cuts during the beginning.
Also, I noticed that I am now a lot more soft towards veterans who used to look too young to me or who I just didn't like. I guess I'm just happy about the faces they keep around. I did like the (bigger than normal) variation of hair styles and skin tones, too. Not all curls and spray - yay!

Candice's opening was fine, the music was powerful and the editing got rid of her nervosity, but it wasn't as energizing as previous ones.
Anja looked terribly bored. I actually looked at her outfit first because she and her expression were so dull... Great - two more looks to come and I already can't stand her (and the cutback to Chanel singing to the music was great. I never liked her, but here I really get her appeal - she for one seemed to have fun)
Lily is a bad walker. She looks really stiff Which is too bad since I actually like her looks.
Ale was great (cannot believe that, after years of disliking her she is really one of the best).
Chanel - I like her! She has energy!
Doutzen is lovely, though I still think she's too quiet for this. I just don't get "I have fun" from her.
Toni is a bombshell. No wonder she was shown for several seconds - love!!
And I love Sui - she is so sweet and beautiful! And her looks is so... different than all the tanned blondes who I am already sick of.
Poor Lais in that horrible outfit, but she managed to look gorgeous despite of it.
The one after that (?) was ok, I liked her outfit.
Miranda did well. we know she can do this, but again a lack of energy, somehow. Still, one of the best.

Karlie's exposure... Yes she's cute and all, but I don't see her in VS. I know she has the energy, but she does not have the body. She looks too much like these sketchings from a designer's first draft, and that's not a good thing for VS.

Power thing
Adriana seemed to have fun, which is great, a bid comic-ky but that's just her, I guess.
Lindsay is very cute. She worked that outfit.
Shannan will always be bland to me. Liked her more this time than in the previous shows.
Izabel was amazing. Nuff said.
Karlie is just a no for me. She is lovely, but... no.
Loving Joan. Her and her smile and her face... Great!
The one after that... Looked too much like Iekeliene Stange for me, tbh, plus she could've used some volume in her hair.
I love Behati. She is just great at this! And that even though she looks like the girl next door.
Anja looks like a mean stepmother.
Erin's wings looked superheavy. Still managed to smile, though. Hate her tan though!

Alessandra made the best out of it. Her wings were amazing and she does look great, but the music is too boring.
Candice didn't impress me here. Where did the spark go? Last year she was so much better?
Maryna was cute. Same with Lily.
I love Doutzen here. She looks like a warrior princess.
Not a fan Julia. Never was, never will be, but hey, she has a belly button!
Next girl... Huh. Dislike. Not attractive, I'm sorry.
Lais is just SO sexy. Wow. But did you see how they censored her butt when she was walking back?
Flavia was nice to look at!
Adriana wasn't that impressive here (didn't like the outfit), but I loved her exit scene.

I love this little childhood thing, it's endearing and I guess that's what they made it for.
And I think Anne and Adam are cute together. Weird since she's not an angel, but whatever.
The creativity bit was funny - I mean honestly, they are ripping off designers from all over the world.

Rest later

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Originally Posted by rouge_red View Post
Anja looks like a mean stepmother.
Not a fan Julia. Never was, never will be, but hey, she has a belly button!
haha your comment made me giggle

and true I think it's time for Julia to go, pretty sure she showed everything she was capable of, same goes for Caroline

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Originally Posted by Sophie02 View Post
I thought Lily's little runway wiggle was appropriate because she showed the bag off to the cameras, which is one way to sell a product.
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I liked the little dance Lily did in the Preview because of that reason. They should have used it instead of the wiggle that is in the full show.
You can't even see the bag in that scene.

I think the editing could have been better at some points. Like they shouldn't have cut out the little interaction of Karlie and Kanye.

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Izabel was my favorite on the runway, absolutely perfect.
Miranda looked so bored and uncomfortable, it was a mistake to give her the Fantasy Bra.

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Originally Posted by MsMornings View Post
Like they shouldn't have cut out the little interaction of Karlie and Kanye.
Overall, I thought the editing was really good. But I do agree there were somethings they cut out/changed that had me scratching my head.

That Kanye/Karlie moment was a scene. They should've left that in.

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All your comments make me so excited to watch the full show myself! Downloading it now, can't wait!

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