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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 - *Please see first post before posting* - #5
This is a continuation thread, the old thread is Here

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Originally Posted by pen6693 View Post
Umm, what's going on at :08?

Nice catch, those are Izabels wings from 2006!

I herd that the wings are auctioned off for charity (I'm not 100% sure though, don't quote me on that) so it might be that.

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haha that auction ^ looks soooo circa 90's

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thread moved so fast. cant wait for more pics shortly

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wew this thread moves really fast! I saw the preview, when I saw the photos, thou VS Lost Edita, Rosie and Isabeli this year but the good thing they got Joan and Karlie who looked AMAZING. especially Karlie. She's such a stunner on runway and the outfits slightly better than last year. But when I saw the video, OMG WTF with the musics? are they just randomly put the shuffling mode of their music player and let it flow for the show?so weird,coudn't feel any great vibes from the show because of the music. Horrible choices

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Yes, amazing how music can ruin everything :\

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Jessica Clarke just joined Twitter and posted these backstage shots
#jessica #caroline #bregje #sui #anais


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Very cute, I think she would be great for vs pink ^^


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I still can't see why is everyone so blown away with Karlie...

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Not sure why I am pitching into this rather destructive thread but just my cents worth- Karlie in person, is not just very tall, she has real impact, is genuinely very nice, her smile is the way she is and is a genuine very happy smile. People can always pick out body this and body that but trust me she has the something that you have to see for real to appreciate, that total confidence and pzazz that a top model has. She is not a Magda nor a Giselle nor anyone else but Karlie and that again is part of her strength. If VS want someone with lots of life and impact and a really sweet person too, then they have her. VS want a package, not just Ts and As and they have that in her and I wish her lots of success

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Karlie's walk and her mile long legs omg. Amazing. Definitely will be an angel in the next 5 years. She's already accomplished so much in her high fashion career and she's just 19! Now she'll tackle VS

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Observations (based on what I've seen so far, subject to change):

I like the costumes overall, I think that the designer did a great job this year, maybe a few too many tutus, and I am also not crazy about that short in the front-train in the back look but those aren't biggies. HOWEVER I think that the show has overall becoming too costumey. Note, I liked the costumes a lot and am not one of the ones who thinks that the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show should be lingerie focused, after all Victoria's Secret is no longer strictly a lingerie company, but I think that the costumes and the wings (as much as I liked them) took over and things were out of balance.

Even though Fashion is in the title, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is NOT a traditional fashion show and it never has been. Gisele said it best a few years ago when she referred to it as more of a cabaret show, and as such no one element should drive it, it should be a combination of the models with their personalities and struts being on display, the costumes, the performers (if applicable), the music, the dancers (if applicable), the staging and other production values, and the editing when it comes to putting the show together for broadcast.

To elaborate on why I have a problem with the show being too costumey, I think that the costumes and especially the wings got in the way of the model's personalities and struts and therefore undermined some of the models and again led to an imbalance. I may change my mind later after seeing the finished product but that is my impression from the footage I've seen thus far. Now Adriana and Alessandra know how to work big wings and elaborate costumes because they have been doing it for ten years, and the same applies to Doutzen and Miranda who have been doing it for a few years as well. There are also statuesque girls like Erin and Lindsey currently, and Karolina and Oluchi from the past who can deal with those suckers, and Heidi, who was not tall-tall also knew how to handle those things as well, but I don't care how much they excite the girls, there are too many of them and when there are too many of them in a segment, things start to get clunky, and as I mention in a previous post, you start to have a bunch of elaborately dressed pack-mules walking the runway. I suspect that Karlie, after several seasons as Galliano's, and to a lesser extent Gaultier muse, and she was also hooked in McQueen can hit the ground running with the VS spectacle, but that is a rare thing. Personally if I were a model, I would only want them if I were wearing more than one costume, I would want a nice but not too elaborate costume where I can show off my strut and personality and then I would want wings or a crazy outfit. Now I would be tres happy if I were wearing just one outfit and got a cute little pair of (hopefully lightweight) wings. I just read an interview with Karlie, and in it she said not once but twice (so I am pretty sure that it's not a mistake), that she was going to be wearing huge wings in the Kanye segment, however as we now know, she did not wear wings in that segment and yet she is getting a lot of attention for her walk / performance in that segment, so that right there conveys the point that I am trying to make. Don't get me wrong, over-the-top costumes and massive wings have become part and parcel of the VSFS, and it was done very, very well this year, but IMO it needs to be scaled because the best show is the one where all of the elements get to shine.

Add me to the "I thought the music sucked" bandwagon. From what I saw no individual song was bad except for the Secrets song for the I Put A Spell On You but the overall portfolio was not right, the only high, high energy song was Nicki Minaj's SuperBass for the closing, and some of the others were energetic like Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger, Kanye's song and the show opener, but there needed to be another high, high energy song or some kind of majestic song like the one from last year's Wild Things segment or a crazy throwback like the song for 2007's Surreally Sexy segment. Again they muffed the I Put A Spell On You segment big time with the music, I am not crazy about the Rihanna song but there is usually a mellow song and I think that song fit into that slot quite well.

My prediction is that the editing plus the models, the costumes and the popularity of either the songs or the people performing the songs will make up for the fact that the overall music portfolio was lacking this year, and there was some good stuff there - from what I saw Kanye interacted well with the models, and the little thing with Adam and Anne was tres cute. However I don't think that editing is going to save I Put A Spell On You from being a dud, which is a pity because it was a nice theme with a good cast and costumes, and even doing a lot of shots to models dancing backstage won't save it because the song is not uptempo. I doubt if it is worth it from a cost and effort standpoint but if I was VS I would at least mull over calling the models back in and re-shoot the segment with a different song - I dunno perhaps they can accompany that segment with one those nervous new model(s) / idolizing the veterans / rush to get on stage vignettes.

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I know i'm loving Karlie in that segment. Her legs are miles long and she interacted with Kanye very nicely. but you can tell she is TALL cause all the other girls look short by comparison

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Originally Posted by models_vlada View Post
I still can't see why is everyone so blown away with Karlie...
I know I'm not blown away by Karlie and some others aren't either. Using the arguement that VS picked her to walk/close the show so she can't be criticized isn't say much because other models ( Chanel, Erin, Lily A, Marisa, etc) have walked for VS too and that didn't stop them for being criticized. Those models are also nice people too. I was surprised and impressed how sexy that Toni, and Sui looked for the show. Joan looked as sexy as I thought she would and I wish she would do more work for VS.

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