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Maybe it's a stupid question but I really wanna know why hasn't Sasha walked for Prada anymore? I do think Miuccia Prada really likes(or "liked") this girl.

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soo i want to make an update since fw2008 (since it was requested :p)

Opener:Ymre Stiekema
Next 8 Girls:Sigrid Agren, Nimue Smit, Anne Vyalitsyna (she walke Prada FW02 & FW03), Toni Garrn, Anabela Belikova, Katie Forgaty, Anna Gushina, Anna Jagodzinska
Closer:Sigrid Agren
3 of the first 9 models got the campaign. Models like Toni, Sigrid and Nimue are still succseful. On the other hand I never saw much work from Ymre but she still got the campaign.

Opener: Katlin Aas <--- who?
Next 8 Girls: Anne de Rijk, Dorothea Barth Jorgensen, Ymre Stiekema, Nimue Smit, Jac, Kinga Rajzak, Bara Holotova, Iris Strubegger (unfortunately her only Prada appereance)
Closer: Katlin Aas
The cast was more unconventional than the spring. Katlin got the campaign and Ymre repeated.(did anyone since Sasha do that?)

Opener:Lindsey Wixson
Next 8 Girls: Iselin Steiro (welcom back baby!!), Jacquelyn Jablonski, Freja Beha Erichsen, Patricia Van der Vilet, Lisanne de Jong, Anabela Belikova, Kendra Spears, Sophie Srej
Closer: Kate Kosushkina
One of my favourite casts. There were 2 asians (Liu Wen & Shu pei) and a black girl, that was not Jourdan (Lyndsey Scott). Rasa Zukauskaite got the campaign, she didn't open or close, but she was an exclusiv. Lindsey still cot the MiuMiu campaigns SS10 and FW10.

Opener: Samantha Gradoville
Next 8 Girls: Bianca Balti, Valerija Kelava, Iselin Steiro, Joan Smalls, Lisanne de Jong, Lindsey Wixson, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes
Closer: Samantha Gradoville
This was probably the most shocking Prada cast ever!! VS-Angels at Prada? Yes! It was a very feminine cast. What was also surprising, is that Mariacarla Boscono & Bianca Balti (maybe THE 2 Italian models) never walked Prada before and suddenly they got cast alongside the VS-Angels. Joan Smalls and Rose Cordero were the 2 black girls. Angela Lindvall (even if she didn't walk) got the campaign this season with Miranda Kerr (!).

Opener: Arizona Muse
Next 8 Girls:Tali Lennox (Annie Lennox' Daughter ), Hannah Noble, Mariacarla Boscono, Kendra Spears, Lynn Amelie Rage, Freja Beha Erichsen, Sara Blomqvist, Samantha Gradoville
Closer: Arizona Muse
This season Mariacarla was casted again and she will even get the campaign with Zuzanna Bijoch and Arizona Muse. Jourdan Dunn returned after her pregnancy and Melodie Monrose was the second black girl. Arizona also opened Chloé and BCBG, which looks like the Prada curse didn't get her.

Prada changed! Nowdays we have black girls and asian girls almost every season. Even if they are less. It seems like the last three openers (Lindsey, Samantha & Arizona) lifted the Prada curse.:p

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Nice work
Rasa was not a Prada exclusive, she walked Missoni, Alberta Ferretti.
She made her runway debut walking Prada

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She was a debut/semi-exclusive. She could walk shows after, but not before.

Not many girls debut at Prada anymore (plus get the campaign as well) so it was good to see.

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Originally Posted by alice View Post
Maybe it's a stupid question but I really wanna know why hasn't Sasha walked for Prada anymore? I do think Miuccia Prada really likes(or "liked") this girl.
I have the same question too
but now Sasha gets the Miu Miu campaign, so I think she will walk for Prada/Miu Miu later

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Originally Posted by *Bianca* View Post
She was a debut/semi-exclusive. She could walk shows after, but not before.

Not many girls debut at Prada anymore (plus get the campaign as well) so it was good to see.
although in the end, her career wasn't or is no that groundbreaking.
well at least she got a bit spotlight.

so is it really, I mean really confirmed Sasha got Miu Miu?
this is weird and pleasent at the same time, I've missed Sasha as Miuccias girl.

monika jagaciak:. karmen pedaru:. natasha polevshchikova
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From the looks of it I don't think that being a Prada exclusive is a major indicator of a model's success but, as a sometimes Prada detractor I do have to grudgingly admit that the Prada openers in recent seasons have gone on to do quite well.

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Looks like poor Kelly Mittendorf is turning out to be another victim of the Prada curse.

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^Kelly never even "walked" Prada, though At least she appears in major publications (she just got an editorial in Vogue Italia, Vogue UK, had a cover of Grey, etc) and has stayed somewhat relevant contrary to the other girls that were in that campaign with her.

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The former Prada opener, Irina Kulikova, walked Prada this season after several seasons of absence!

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I'm bored so I'll update!

Opener: Colinne Michaelis
Next 8 Girls: Marique Schimmel,Caterina Ravaglia, Dempsey Stewart,
Juliane Gruner, Valerjia Kelava, Sara Blomqvist, Tati Cotliar, Kinga Rajzak

Closer: Josephine Skriver
I really like this cast because it went so well with the collection and had alot of my favorite girls in it! Colinne wasn't exclusive and did almost every other relevant show for the season, walked Prada/ Miu Miu again for SS 2013 and now is gone... None of the girls who walked got the campaign instead it was Ondria Hardin, Frida Gustavasson, Kelly Mittendorf, and Antonia Wesseloh. Only Antonia walked for Prada the spring 2012 show, Ondria did SS2013, and Frida did the SS13 men's show. Juliane Gruner whom was an exclusive did end up getting 2 Balenciaga campaigns in a row and was an exclusive at the last SS13 show.

Opener: Querelle Jansen
Next 8 Girls: Meghan Collison, Guinevere Van Seenus,
Marte Mei Van Hasster, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Arizona Muse, Marique Schimmel, Mariacarla Boscono, King Rajzak

Closer: Natasha Poly
For the first time in I don't know how long a new girl didn't open! Guinevere got the Miu Miu resort campaign then ended up getting the main Prada with
Meghan Collison, Elise Crombez, Natasha Poly, Ymre Stiekema, and Katryn Kruger. Katryn did the resort lookbook for Prada and was a worlwide exclusive for Givenchy, she did the Prada show for fw 2012 and is currently slowly dying out... This show cast was also Russell Marsh's last for Prada.

Opener: Vanessa Axente
Next 8 Girls: Zen Sevastyanova, Elza Luijendijk, Lula Osterdahl,
Madison Headrick, Iris Van Berne, Lara Mullen, Carla Gebhart, Ymre Stiekema

Closer: Iselin Steiro
Ashley Brokaw's first show cast for Prada. Vanessa, Elza, Madison joined Magdalena (who this was her first time walking Prada), Iselin, and Anne V in the ad campaign. Vanessa is currently doing very well with 2 Prada campaigns, a Meisel exclusive (which is over now), 2 Vogue Italia covers, a Vogue Japan cover, and she also opened Celine (doing their pre fall lookbook before the show), and Valentino. All campaign girls returned to the show next season except for Madison and Anne V.

Opener: Maartje Verhoef
Next 8 Girls: Maja Milosavljevic, Antonina Vasylchenko, Isabelle Nicolay,
Romy Schonberger, Manon Leloup, Marine Deleeuw, Zoe Colivas,
Marte Mei Van Haaster

Closer: Daria Strokous
Can't really say much about how these girls are doing since we're mid season right now. Alot of Prada favourites didn't do this show (Lindsey, Querelle, Meghan, Anais, Kinga, Daphne, ect.) Maartje ended up getting 1 shot in the campaign, while Vanessa Axente repeated the campaign. Irina Kravchenko (who I'm not sure if she was a semi exclusive?) also was featured along top names like Sasha Pivovarova, Eva Herzigova, Kirsten Owen, Amber Valletta, and Raquel Zimmerman. Maja was the only exclusive who showed up at the Miu Miu show.

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^ Dont forget to mention, Three asian models and Sung Hee getting the campaign which was a first for an asian model!

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Nice to see update of this thread!

I think nowadays the situation of walking Prada is more complicated than it was before. It's less predictable. For openers, on one hand we have models like Arizona Muse and Linsey Wixson who are doing good in the industry now. One the other hand, there are ones like Colinne Michaelis and Samantha Gradoville who are nearly disappear.

But I can't say they are over in the industry because we have example like Katlin Aas who had a comparatively strong comback for the past two seasons after opening Prada F/W 09 show and disappearing for a few seasons. The same goes to Ymre Stiekema who is always a Prada favorite and has done more works other than Prada in the past year. We will see how they will be doing in the following 2013 since Ymre just had a baby girl.

Nowadays walking a Prada show or even landing in a Prada campaign can't gaurantee anything for a model.

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^I'd say your last sentence sums it all. Yes, Prada is a big brand and a relationship with it could mean a career-boaster for any model, but there really isn't an instant formula for success.

Don't think it's fair to generalize how far past openers, exclusives, closeners have gone since they got the spot, there are factors to consider like availability, versatility, what was the state of the "model look" that was in demand and how it went from there, etc. because if we look at how model casting has evolved with this brand in particular, it has gotten more and more specific and remote by the season (or at least it appeared to be when Marsh ran things there, with Brokaw it is less strict and slightly obvious but still...) and I think it is a MO that has spread to other brands attempting to grab the spotlight when it comes to casting.

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Kinga should have a campaign, she's walked quite a few times.

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