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Loving this. Thanx H. Had to take some time to recuperate and evaluate. Its been a rocky season. And sorry I totally cheated in numbers and categories, there are more models than ever, sue me.

Top 5 new faces
1 Ashleigh Good
Just love the crap out of this girl. Cant really explain why, dont really think she is a stayer though.
2 Juliet Ingleby
Really classic old skool stunner, insane body. Baby Malgosia. Could possibly last.
3 Agne Konciute
Together with Lin Kjerulf & Mila Krasnoiarova representing a classical North East Euripede kind of beauty. Very expensive and addictive kind of look. Cant get enough of either one, hence I count them as 1.
4 Michon van As
Thanx for reminding me. My jaw literally dropped when I saw her at Pilotto in LNDN. Echoes of an immaculate young Ymre. I could be wrong though, few appearances, limited context.
5 Kristin Kragh Liljegren
That Balenciaga opening is etched in my retinas. Future star.

Many other faces made an impression, many of them named here in this thread and on MDC, but bonus love needs to go to Zoe Colivas, Romy Shönberger & Manon Leloup ( future brunette trinity). Also thanx to Givenchy for giving me Kadriana, and what about a bit of tlc for Stina Rapp Wastenson?

I had to split the next category in two, but I limited the damage.

Favorite Veterans
Iselin, Kirsten, Magda. All convincing appearances, all of them. PRO's.
Favorite Repeaters
1 Juliana Schurig
We all know we want to see more of her coming editorial season. Stunning blonde amazon. Came back in style.
2 Iris van Berne
Killed with a sizzling runway trail. Always liked her somewhat 'hautain' look, but maybe now with the exposure she's had this season some top photographers will awknowledge her amazing print potential.
3 Janice Seinen Alida & Bo Don
Both caught exclusive revived attention through a haircut even though we all know thats no guarantee whatsoever.

Best cast overall
Theory by Oliver Theyskens Everyone worked well with the wig. Overall identity was strong, homogenous but individual at the same time. And Gaultier for the fun, exuberance and perfect typecasting that we need in a recession season. Bonus love for Marni, Missoni, Wang & MiuMiu.
Worst cast overall
Blumarine. I wanted tacky sluts, not 'me too' High Fashion. Calvin for the pretense and wobbly spectrum and more or less most casts that had Cara D. walking non-ironically.

if you can't join them, beat them

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top 5 new faces
yumi lambert
marine deleeuw
antonina vasylchenko
irina kravchenko
stephanie hall
+ tamara weijenberg

top 5 half newbies (models who have done things before but are still relatively new lmao)
tilda lindstam
stef van der laan
juliana schurig
elza luijendijk
nastya kusakina

top 5 veterans
ava smith
aymeline valade
catherine mcneil
zuzanna bijoch
patrycja gardygajlo

top cast overall
paco rabanne (mix of newbies/veterans + bombshells)

worst cast overall
saint laurent (i was so bored watching that show)

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Wow what a genius thread! I wanna participate in but i haven't make up my mind yet lol. Perhaps later :p

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Top 5 New Faces

Top 5 Veterans
Magdalena Frackowiak
Irina Kulikova
Monika Jagaciak
Ginta Lapina
Raquel Zimmermann

Top Cast Overall
Zac Posen

Worst Cast Overall
Christian Dior

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Top 5 new faces
Nastya Kusakina,because I just love her face
Agne Konciute, classic with a twist, very efficient on runway
Lin Kjerulf, strongest presence on runway
Josephine Le Tutour, so elegant and classy
Yumi Lambert, such a beautiful face
Tamara Weijenberg and Stephanie Hall which makes 7 ok I stopp there

Top 5 Veterans
Alixon Nix
Diana Dondoe
Aymeline Valade

For the castings, I don't know, I don't have anything striking in mind...

exprmtn (current fashion, high fashion and nudity in fashion)/mariemaud (new faces)

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Hmm the only new faces I really cared about were
Yumi Lambert
Hedvig Palm
Aaaand I know she's not new, but Vanessa Axente finally caught my eye.

As for veterans, Iselin Steiro looked perfect in every show she did.
Aymeline Valade killed it as usual
Anais Mali looked beautiful as ever.
Sad to see Jac slowing down because she's never looked better.
Ooh and it was a pleasure seeing Anna Selezneva open Versace!

Miu Miu was, without a doubt, the best cast of the season!!
The worst casts were all those white bread casts with zero diversity, bleh

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1.Grace Mahary
2.Irina Nikolaeva
3.Ondria Hardin
4.Juliet Ingleby
5.Antonina Vasylchenko

1.Julia Nobis
2.Daria Strokous
3.Caroline Brasch Nielsen
4.Magdalena Frackowiak
5.Iselin Steiro

Miu Miu

Calvin Kline and Saint Laurent Paris

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front row
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Top 5 New Faces
1. Yumi Lambert: She's just sooo stunning! Such a rare beauty that makes her stand out.
2. Mila Krasniorova: Beautiful blue eyes with amazing bone structure.
3.Nastya Kusakina: She has this innocent look and big dolly eyes which make her look more stunning.

Top 5 Veterans
1. Karlie Kloss: She was everywhere in NY. Opened and closed so many shows. You just can't not notice her. Hahaha
2. Ava Smith: I'll never get bored to see her eyes. They're soooo amazingly blue. She also got to walk lots of show this season.
3. Marte Mei van Haaster: Getting better and better this season.
4. Aymeline Valade: She has an awesome list.
5. Marie Piovesan: Kind of hard not to notice her. She's sort of everywhere.

Cast of The Season
I don't really remember any cast that stand out. I guess that's because this season was like a newbie invasion. Way too many newbies.

Worst Cast
Christian Dior: very boring

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top 5 new faces
1. chiharu okunugi
2. yumi lambert
3. kristin liljegren
4. grace mahary
5. ji hye park

top 5 veterans
1. marte mei van haaster (she's been the most improved runway girl, IMO)
2. tian yi (given the odd castings this season, i'm assuming she counts as a "veteran" )
3. iselin steiro
4. raquel zimmerman (welcome back, even though it was brief)
5. julia nobis/daria strokous (can't deny julia's presence, and daria's my favorite model of the moment, so i'm glad she's been doing so well)

best cast
miu miu

worst cast
anything done by maida and rami (calvin klein, dior, etc.)

liu wen. freja beha erichsen. bette franke. amilna estevao. julia nobis. xiao wen ju. binx walton. leila goldkuhl.

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Top 5 New Faces
1. Marine Deleeuw
2. Juliana Schurig
3. Irina Kravchenko
4. Antonina Vasylchenko
5. Joséphine Le Tutour
Bonus : Magdalena Jasek

Top 5 Half New Faces
1. Stef van der Laan
2. Janice Seinen Alida (she's more established than the others but I can't consider her a veteran)
3. Nastya Kusakina
4. Tian Yi
5. Elza Luijendijk

Top 5 Veterans
1. Kasia Struss
2. Monika Jagaciak
3. Daria Strokous
4. Aymeline Valade
5. Liu Wen
Bonus : Irina Kulikova, Julia Nobis & Catherine McNeil

Cast of the Season

Worst Cast
Calvin Klein

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Top 5 New Faces
1. Marine Deleeuw
2. Yumi lambert
3. Irina Kravchenko
4. Lin kerulf
5.( Not strictly new ) Elza L

Top 5 Girls who have been on the scene a while
1. Martha Hunt
2. Tilda lindstam
3. Julia nobis
4. Tian Yi
5. Meghan c

Cast of the Season
Miu Miu

Worst Cast
Any cast that had zero ethnic diversity or opened with cara delevigne


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Top 5 New Faces
1. Nastya Kusakina: I love this girl, she's amazing, everytime i see her i love her more
2. Grace Mahary
3. Irina Kravchenko
4. Roberta Narciso
5. Elza Luijendijk

Now i will do Top 5 Current Runway Stars to me because i don't see Daria Strokous, Aymeline Valade or Kati Nescher VETERANS, veterans is for icons or girls who are in the industry from a decade or at least 5/6 years. Some girls mentioned in the veterans are known from 3 seasons and i can't... (I hope i can do it ;-))

Top 5 Current Runway Stars

1) Joan Smalls (current N°1 and there's a reason why she's
2) Daria Strokous
3) Kasia Struss
4) Aymeline Valade
5) Karmen Pedaru

Top 5 Veterans

1) Karen Elson (One of the biggest icons in the industry if you ask me, she's so iconic, i love Karen
2) Jessica Stam (This girl is outstanding, her face is iconic and i'm super happy she's back)
3) Carolyn Murphy (A great comeback, she's a stunning woman, more beautiful at 39th years old than most of the girls walking the runway that haven't neither 18 years old
4) Raquel Zimmermann
5) Guinevere Van Seenus
Liya Kebede

Cast of the season: Miu Miu, followed by Zac Posen

Worst cast of the season: Christian Dior

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Top 5 New Faces
1. Antonina Vasylchenko
2. Marine Deleeuw
3. Ji Hye Park
4. Tamara Weijenberg
5. Nastya Kusakina

Top 5 Veterans
1. Hilary Rhoda
2. Joan Smalls
3. Catherine McNeil
4. Aymeline Valade
5. Jessica Stam

Cast of the Season:
Miu Miu/Zac Posen

Worst Cast
Calvin Klein, Dior

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Top 5 New Faces
1. Marine Deleeuw
2. Nastya Kusakina
3. Tilda Lindstam
4. Elza Luijendijk
5. meh

Top 5 Current Runway Stars
1. Kasia Struss
2. Meghan Collison
3. Hanne Gaby Odiele
4. Magdalena Frackowiak
5. Anna Selezneva

Top 5 Veterans
1. Jessica Stam
2. Anja Rubik
3. Iselin Steiro
4. Andreea Diaconu
5. Malgosia Bela

Best Comeback: Catherine McNeil

Cast of the season: Miu Miu

Worst cast of the season: Calvin Klein

Top 50 Models - Updated weekly!
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i dont follow the casting much but i have to say meghan collison has to be one of the stars of this season. she walked for almost every major brand

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