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Originally posted by faust+Mar 30th, 2004 - 3:42 pm--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(faust @ Mar 30th, 2004 - 3:42 pm)</div><div class='quotemain'> <!--QuoteBegin-Spacemiu@Mar 30th, 2004 - 3:09 pm
This is oen fo the msot bull **** fashiona rticles I ahve read in a long time. i doutn udnerstand how they cans ay this is all la when itin nYc, and jsut abotu eveyr other city in the world. Its trendy. I thinks ome bitchy new yorks are just trying to dis LA.

trash is every where
I agree with you, even though I am far from a high opinion of LA in general after visiting two times. Trash is everywhere, and this influence should not be contributed to LA, but to POP-CULTURE like I posted above. I am sure that LA has a crowd that is artistic, deep and is just as appalled at these tasteless trends. This article is trash, just like anything that comes out of NY Post (no offence, Sofgrey, I know you better than that already ). Anyway, JLo is from NYC, hahaha... [/b][/quote]


I am sorry but pointing a finger at my city is uncalled for. Pop culture is from New York and so is Paris Hilton...(yes, shes orig. a LA girl but she spends most her time at the NY!).But where they came from is besides the point. POP CULTURE not LA.

I'm sorry people over there can't wear shorts and things we do, but over here its hot, so its NYC a nice coat is all great and fine..but its over the top here because its not that cold like how beachy looks like a mini and a tank would not look great in a cooler climate like NY...

and its not trashy to be in beach like things...I admit I wear a mini almost everyday now because it is freaking HOT...

I don't think you'd be so bundled up eithers on the beach, where I spend half my time.

Los Angeles is just dressing weather appropiate. If people follow a trend thats hot over here..thats their choice, not the city of los angeles.

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I like both


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I'm sorry but that is a stupid article! Of course there will be more casual fashions in a hot city than in a cold one! LA is the home of 'laid-back'. It is up to individuals not to take clothes out of context and start wearing minis in mid winter without tights. Geez.

During Buffy research where I find out where the wardrobes are from, I've found a lot of interesting LA designers like Rozae Nichols, David Cardona, Louis Verded, Eduardo Lucero, Michelle Mason,Tree, Philip Lim etc that we don't have in London. Los Angeles style is a little messy and casual but it is also a little vintagey and a little edgy as well. It has its own benefits.

Note -have never been to LA, only New York but New York was only OK but I know LA will be fab!

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NYC for me no offence LA - tht's good too but NYC has the edge

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This article was interesting. LA does boast some bad/too-casual fashion here and there... maybe a little more often...

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Originally Posted by Erin
This article was interesting. LA does boast some bad/too-casual fashion here and there... maybe a little more often...
True...I wonder if that is where the "let's wear everything with flip-flops" trend came from...

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interesting to hear people's opinions on this....
i really believe some of it has a lot to do with the climate....

i watch the fashion on the streets here in sydney (australia) in the summer compared to the winter months, and its like night and day.... granted, we dont have a 'winter' like new york for example, or canada, where i now live, but even the presence of a chilly biting wind seems to give people more style... or maybe its that you cant go as wrong with scarves and sweaters as you can with minis and tank tops!...

ny and la just have such different feels...its a completely different energy....
la la land is a party town in many ways....there are well-dressed people, as with any big city, but new yorkers seem to be bred with a more grown-up approach to fashion.....i think a lot of it also has to do with the people that different cities attract...

la screames hollywood....young girls...the californian lifestyle....beaches and bbq's and surfing...auditions and castings and 'wannabes' just oozes summer and 'laid back'...

new york, to me, is a lot more professional....people with a harder edge seem to gravitate more to ny than la....they are driven and focused....and spend a lot more of their time holed up in tiny offices and apartment buildings than la folk....not to mention the weather being so much colder so much of the time....the whole approach to life is different....public transport, the subway, walking...its all much more common in ny....everything is central....flip flops and minis just arent practical office and walking uniform....who would walk 20 blocks in la to get from home to work?...its unheard of.... miniskirts and uggs and flip flops are all ok gear to jump in and out of your sports car with...

la is fun for a short visit....and has other things going for it, even if its lacking when it comes to a 'grown up' attitude to fashion...
but i am more of a ny girl, personally...(and i have to admit from what ive seen, ny has its fair share of fashion faux-pas too..!)

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I think LA is a bit more dangerous

la la la la la la la
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