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dream a little dream...
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-i agree with you candice, low key but yummy restaurant! can't deny it, i love being waited on :p
-fresh ground coffee, and basil (in different situations)
-i just want to live in downton abbey!

-do you have any pets?
-how do you usually wear your hair?
-whats your morning routine like?

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Yes cats
It depends i like to wear it down and lose curls or straight.
I wake up usually with my little girl we go down stairs get breakfast for us and my partner. Then we go up and brush our teeth and play with her toys until it's time to go out or do whatever we have planed that day.

Same questions

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Right now: 2 annoying dogs but 3 ueber cute cats (among them my little kitty )
Either down or in a ponytail. I'm horrible at hairstyles, I don't even know how to braid; nothing
Dressing, Make-up, little touches like perfum and accesories and I'm good to go.I rarely eat before school and shower at night



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-do you have any pets?
-how do you usually wear your hair?
-whats your morning routine like?

right now just a fish.
hmm short hair
it depends,2 days a week i have practice so i dont put too much attention how i look when i leave the House. the other days,gym then take shower at the gym n then go to work

-do you have any pets?
-how do you usually wear your hair?
-whats your morning routine like?

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  • No.
  • Depends on my mood and the amount of effort I want to put into it, usually it's lightly styled, but when I'm at home it's natural and flat.
  • A normal morning would see me get up at 5:30 or 6am and go for a Bath (which lasts for 30-45 Minutes) I'll get out, brush my teeth, moisturize, part dry my hair and style it with styling wax, and get dressed and I'm usually ready for about 7:30am which leaves me enough time to have a drink and to sit down, I would usually leave the house at 8am... (yes, it actually takes me an hour and a half every morning to get ready) and I never eat breakfast.
  • Same Questions.

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Either in a bun, a side braid, or it's down. Personally I like my hair best in a bun (thanks to my younger days dancing) or in a braid. But no matter how I'm wearing my hair it's natural (I don't even use any products in it other then shampoo and conditioner!).
I usually wake up around 6:30 and lie in bed for ten or so minutes. Then I get up and put the kettle on for my morning cup of tea, make breakfast and watch a few minutes of the today show while eating breakfast, then get dressed (I shower the night before so my hair dries) while listening to music to get me pumped for the day, brush my teeth, check the internet, and I'm always ready to leave by 8.

Something embarrassing that happened to you when you were younger but now you can laugh about (or not)?
Who did you idolize when you were a teenager?
What are you nostalgic for?

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I lost my shoes (yeah, I the heck does that happen in the first place right? lol) so I had to walk home barefoot. Thankfully I wasn't too far away from home but still embarrasing experience.. though I can laugh about it a little now.
kelly from saved by the bell
the days when I got to see him everyday


same questions

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