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Thanks for the reviews!

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thanks for the reviews

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thank you for all the kind words, you guys

Marcel we just need jssy4eva to submit her reviews and then we will have eliminations and hopefully a new challenge by monday!

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thanks guys for reviews i am glad that you liked my entry

about polaroid-i know about the polaroid but i couldnt find many polaroids of her and the ones that i found was not very well enough to put in here,sorry i thought that picture looked a bit like polaroid and put it in here

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thnak you for reviews guys!

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Thank you for reviews! Review part rocks!

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Thanks for the reviews guys! They must have taken forever to write!

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Thanks for reviews!!!


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Thank you!!!

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Thanks for the review! My polaroid was hard to find haha
and I completly agree with my editorial review! I need a pic to show her as a model and her expressions.
Thanks again!

congratulations, nerds.
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Thanks for the detailed reviews!

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Thank you for the reviews, they are lovely! You can tell that you guys really worked hard on them!

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I'll have my reviews in soon...

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Originally Posted by jssy4eva View Post
I'll have my reviews in soon...
you better write what I told you

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Those of you that have played SC before know that I like to add something to my reviews just for fun (Who remembers WORKIN-IT!!!? ) This season: in your review means that I really, really like it!


Malgosia Bela-Overall a very nice entry. The editorial picture that you chose is very intriguing and mysterious.

Andi Muise
- Wonderful polaroids and great editorial shot. I would have a different runway shot, but I like that you were trying to show Andi in as many different ways as possible. Very good first entry.

Julia Stegner
-Gorgeous on the runway, so stunning in the editorial shot...polaroids are wonderful, but there are so many, that the focus isn't so much on Julia's beautiful face, which is sort of ironic. The rest of your entry makes up for that though.

Irina Kulikova- Very cute. The editorial shot is adorable. Not a huge fan of the runway shot, it's very sweet, but I would have preferred to see something a bit more sophisticated to contrast with the "awww" -ness of the other 2 pictures. Good job though.

Caroline Trentini
- Great pictures. You really showed Caroline's versatility here: Innocent in the polaroids, sexy at Versace and sweet in the editorial shot. Wonderful entry. You get a bunny:

Lara Stone
-Intense polaroids, very nice runway shot and and sexy editorial shot...very good entry, although it would have been nice to see a softer side of Lara as can see it a bit in one of the polaroids, but it would have been nice to see it in the runway shot or editorial, where it would be the main focus.

Suvi Koponen-Wonderful work here. My favorite show would be the editorial, it's just very cool and easy.

Irina Lazareanu
-The first shot is nice and the runway picture is ok, but I don;t feel as though Irina is emoting anything in the editorial picture. There's just seems to be a lot going on and she's just seems to be there....

Mariya Markina
- Great polaroids! The runway is fierce and the editorial shot shows a different side to Maria...overall a really good entry.

Anja Rubik
-All i can say is: This entry rocks, you did an amazing job, keep up the good work!

Natasha Poly
- Great versatility showing here: We have Cute Poly, Fierce Poly and Romantic Poly. This is get a

Coco Rocha- Nice polaroids; not the best runway shot, but I get what you were trying to show with it, so I give you points for that. The editorial shot? One word: WOW!

Agnes Buzala
- Very nice polaroids, not a huge fan of the runway shot, but she has great hair. Nice showcase of her features in the editorial shot. Overall, good work.

Luize Salmgrieze
-Very pretty polaroids and amazing on the runway. Not my favorite editorial shot, since her face seems to be hidden and the pose isn;t really compensating for that, but a good entry nonetheless.

Magdalena Frackowiak- Such beautiful polaroids! The runway shot is divine. That splash of colour works really well here. The editorial is so intense and all you focus on is her. Wonderful work.

Raquel Zimmerman
- Polaroids are ok and the runway shot is nice, but my main focus is that editorial shot. SEXY! Very nice work!

Tanya Dziahileva- Very cute polaroids, wonderful runway shot and nice editorial work. Very good entry overall.

Georgia Frost- Cool. I like how different each shot is. I especially like the editorial shot. Very easy and not trying too hard to look sool!

Lily Cole- Adorable polaroids...the runway shot is good and the editorial is sweet. Very nice entry.

Lily Donaldson- That editorial shot is divine! SO INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS...the polaroids are great and the runway shot is very glam. Great work....

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