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am i allowed to ask for help in her forum?lol

barack the vote
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^^haha, yes, Day, now you can fully experience the process of writing them and how long it takes

blue blue electric blue
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Hi, My name is: Malgosia Bela


Renowned in the fashion industry Malgosia, has perfect cheekbones, intimate eyes and a penchant for haunting looking which has scored her countless editorials. Here she shows make-up or no she is beautiful and worthy of a place among the elite models, the supermodels.


Malgosia doesn't often get to play the pretty girl but when she does she is stunning. At 177cm, her tall sculptural legs are one of her best assests, Malgosia can look lively simply prancing back and forth on the runway, she knows just how to strut her stuff!


Malgosia's personality? Mysterious, fierce, androgynous, haunting, memorable,
Someone you will not forget easily, Malgosia can trap you.

"She is a case study of a girl who can surface at will and find the industry's best clients awaiting her." (

Sources: Models/style/scanned by modelhistory

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Hello, My Name Is...

Andi Muise.

Catch Me In Person:

give me vintage, give me style
just give me fashion all the while

Andi uses her long frame to take shapes from
various eras, combining them with her
constant love of skinny jeans, and
keeping her long mane of hair
bouncy and wavvy.
Makeup is very

Watch My Strut, Darling:

ballerina looks take you over
just one glance for a four leaf clover

a painting, my dear? Andi will use her
laid back walk and calming aura
to exemplify the clothing,
while still looking

Worthy Of One-Thousand Rock Songs:

amber is the color of her energy
stand tall and avoid conformity

don't let the classic looks fool you, Andi's
personality shines through her work,
the beautiful girl with a rock and
roll influence. Her ecclectic
taste and personality is
is what drives her
and keeps us
Sources: Elle, Michelesintl, Premier

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can't wait to see more - this looks like a great game

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Hello, my name is Julia Stegner

...her crooked mouth and her slighty
not perfect jaw bothers her a lot.
But her clients don't care about that
and are overwhelmed by her natural,
beautiful face and elegance. Great
cheekbones,great hair and great skin.

Julia already walked for every big
designer you can find in the industry.
She's not a fan of all the stress you have
at the shows, but you can't see that on
her face. from Victoria's Secret to Chanel,
Julia is an established runway model!

She is one of Meisel's girls and was and
is feautured in lots of Vogue Italia shots by him.
But that's not the only magazine she had
editorials in. Fierce and elegant, she knows
how to take good pictures...

at the irish pub
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Hi,My Name is...Irina KULIKOVA

an angel from Russia...

height: 1.80 / 5'11''
hips: 89. cm
hair: dark blonde
eyes: green
age: 16

rock the runways!

Of course,life is not all about high fashion runways for all Russian girls but with her beautiful face,gorgeous body,looong (!) legs
and dazzling smile
she is not an ordinary girl;
that's why she deserves to shine through the runways...!


young,innocent,shy to strangers;
fun,loyal,merry to friends...
you can never get bored of her and you can never get enough of her!


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I am so excited

Agnes Buzala - Amelia
Andi Muise - Moofins
Anja Rubik - Mafiosa
Caroline Trentini - Hfgl
Coco Rocha - Mr-Dale
Georgia Frost - truebluejen
Irina Kulikova - Larien
Irina Lazareanu - Carrme
Jessica Stam - TheGlassAngel
Julia Stegner - Marcel
Lara Stone - Manuva
Lily Cole - Nemezide
Lily Donaldson - Kushie
Luize Salmgrieze - missDIOR
Magdalena Frackowiak - rachyroo
Malgosia Bela - Marvystone
Mariya Markina - Manette
Natasha Poly - Karin
Raquel Zimmerman - Masquerade
Suvi Koponen - Mettchen
Tanya Dziahileva - nextnewface

TrusttheGirls undecided on a model

Beauty is the climactic apotheosis of flowing elegance...
there is no fear
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Hi,my name is...Caroline Trentini
Brazilian wonder

Natural beauty
Femme Fatale

The picture speaks for itself....Seductress,a stare like no other,and truly spectacular body...

Femme fatale on the runway and ultimate cutie in editorial work?Yep!Caroline can do it all!

Current faves: Grace Elizabeth, Kendall, Maartje, Taylor, Lulu -. All-time faves: Christy ,Kate, Michaela, Rachel,Caroline

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congratulations, nerds.
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Dag! I'm Lara Stone.

"The Anti-Model"
Even mega-agency IMG was excited to sign the rising Dutch model, and these polaroids show why; sans make up with expressive eyes and cheekbones like razors it was clear Lara was going to go all the way..

Wrapped in camo and with smoky eyes it was on to the runways of Paris as an army bride (with a cheeky piercing!)

Lara's high cheekbones and enviable figure made her a favourite of all the major fashion photographers and especially designers...her trade mark gap toothed grin and killer sex appeal made her a favourite for editorials, and wrapped in her favoured Givenchy it's clear to see why...

coacd img models.

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Hi, my name is... Suvi Koponen!

#1 barefaced, showcasing her clean, sharp features.

#2 exuding poise and confidence on the runway.

#3with a unique talent for moving in front of the camera lense, Suvi demonstrates what she is all about: unconventionality, strength and power.

... at first glance Suvi might not be the most eye-catching model out of the bunch of new models popping up everywhere; one more bizarre-looking than the other. In contrast Suvi is all about the understated yet unconventional. Her features that are sharp, clean and slightly androgynous, however she should never be overlooked. Because of her brilliant bone structure as well as her amazing ability to move and convey emotions in front of the camera, she has secured her role as one of the main players in the champion's league of models within a very short time. When it comes to Suvi, expect the unexpected.

[premier model mgmt., celebcity, scan by Gold Star]

BLOG: la route du mimosa | mystylediary
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Wow, I love all of the entries so far!

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All of the entries are so good! I'm getting nervous...

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Hi my name is Irina Lazareanu

aka Rock'n'Roll Queen of the models

I'm too sexy for my shirt

My runway is from Galliano. I have beauty,attitude and grace
I can make any color work

My editorial picture? Just look how talented I am. Making beautiful pictures and music

credits from style,imaxtree,
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Hi, my name is... MARIYA MARKINA!


While the past few years have seen an influx of alien-like, expressionless and indistinguishable models, Mariya has stood out from the crowd and remained a unique and memorable face. Her features - heavy brows, deep eyes and a wide mouth – should individually be so wrong but put together they are just so right. Despite her unusual features, Mariya manages to maintain a very soft and delicate beauty. She captivates and memorizes casting directors with her air of mystery and the look of deep sadness in her so very expressive eyes.


While Mariya is naturally a very shy person, on the runway she comes to life. She truly becomes one of the designer’s creations, adjusting her walk and attitude to perfectly fit the clothes, makeup, lighting and set. It is no wonder Mariya is always a favourite at the couture shows!


Mariya can without doubt be described as being both extremely shy and very reserved. Backstage at the shows, she can often be found sitting by herself in a corner, reading a book quietly. People are often unsure of what to make of Mariya, finding her to be quite different and timid; she always seems to be staring off into the distance with a dreamy look in her eyes. Don’t let Mariya’s shyness fool you though! When put in front of a camera, she becomes a true diva, continually posing and moving; truly working it!
This picture perfectly captures Mariya’s enigmatic attitude. While she is reserved, sitting alone on a bench and gazing dreamily into the distance, her extravagant furs hint at the diva within who is waiting to prove herself in front of the cameras!

sources: women managements,, scan by Faith Akiyama.

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