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  1. How the Internet is Affecting the Fashion Industry
  2. Forum Rules: Please review this information before posting in this forum.
  3. Fashion industry internships: exploitation or experience?
  4. Why Can't They Stick Around?: Designers Going From House to House
  5. Critiquing the collections Is there a method to the madness?
  6. The most controversial editorials
  7. Seasons and Shows - Is it time for a change to the fashion system?
  8. An Issue of Quality: Does it matter where a garment is made if the quality is good?
  9. Rounding Up A Decade: Models In The Zeroes
  10. Everyone's Doing It: Fashion Brands Take on Social Media
  11. What's It Worth? : The High Price of Designer Fashion
  12. Dior: The Borehouse
  13. The World of Fashion Critics
  14. Fashion Editors/Stylists as Celebs:The Focus on Their Personal Style & Not Their Work
  15. The Age of Copying - Zowie Broach of Boudicca speaks about designers who copy ideas
  16. What makes a fashion photographer great?
  17. The Effects of Photoshop on Society
  18. Death of the Fashion Visionary?
  19. The Purpose of Runway Fashions?
  20. So what Happens to those Haute Couture Creations?
  21. Is Haute Couture still relevant in today's fashion industry?
  22. Admit It. You Love It. It Matters.(NYT) - fashion as a culturally potent force
  23. Fashion with a Focus Eco-Ethical-Organic-Sustainable-Enviromental
  24. The consequences of affordable collections
  25. Inside fashion : 10 Truths
  26. Haute Couture: Is it on its last legs?
  27. The meaning of "Wearable" - discussion
  28. 'Luxe' Manufacturing and Production in China
  29. Is fashion discussion finite?
  30. Fashion and Responsibility - Ethical questions
  31. Would you buy/collect fashion as art?
  32. What fashion problems need solutions?
  33. Who really innovates in fashion now?
  34. Fashion as Art .... From Museum to Runway and Back?
  35. A Materialistic Society?