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Discussion in 'Rumor has it...' started by tFS Thread Manager, Aug 21, 2017.

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    Precisely, she's not calling him gay as an insult; it's a statement that he's a long rumored closet case, which itself is not an insult against homosexuality but rather addressing him and the catty unprovoked remark he made.
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    This is completely boring and uninteresting compared to this KK cvs Tyson thing. But have you seen Jeana Turner's (from ANTM cycle 24) instagram stories, the one with alopecia? One girl uploaded a picture of Jeana and didn't credit her or the photographer, and Jeana made a HUGE deal about it calling her out publicly, then the girl apologized, credited the picture and after she had to delete the picture because she started to attacking her. Even Jeana's boyfriend apologized to the girl. This Jeana to me always have been kinda an attention wh*re and drama queen since she was in the show. She's a second version of Whinny Harlow (or whatever her name is)) or a Snejana / Magdalena without success, just the drama

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