A Retrospective: Vogue Netherlands under Karin Swerink (2012 - 2019)

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    As Karin Swerink's tenure comes to a close with the June issue, I've thought it fitting to start a thread where we can post some of her work. It's been a bumpy ride and I was truly amazed that from nearly 80 covers alone, I could honestly narrow down only 7 which I truly liked.
    Nevertheless, she's had her highlights over the years. Getting Queen Maxima on her cover, the various collaborations with Viktor & Rolf, Lindbergh and Testino, and her relentless championship of Doutzen, Lara and mainly Dutch models. Under her, the magazine also dabbled with a Belgian supplement, and manage to run quite a few standard supplements (which really speaks to the profitability of the magazine.) And above all, she balanced fashion editorial and written features perfectly.
    What I truly despised from her Vogue is mainly the art direction which in most cases ruined perfectly decent images, and the relentless use of Marc De Groot. Especially when she had access to Annemarieke van Drimmelen, who shot quite a few stunning covers for Dutch Vogue. And the eternal reprinted editorials she used to run, which in a way cheapened the magazine.

    Here are my favourite covers over the years:


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