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Discussion in 'Ad Campaigns' started by tFS Thread Manager, Feb 22, 2018.

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    This is a continuation thread, the old thread is [split]184359[/split]
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    Ad Campaign Challenge (PLEASE READ THE THREAD RULES IN POST #1)

    To coincide with the Cover Challenge which is abuzz with such creative talent, I thought this would be a great addition for members to participate in.

    Voting however will be conducted differently to the cover challenge, the winner of the previous challenge will pick the winner of that round in a similar style to the Avatar Library, If the winner defaults to announce the winner within a week of the Challenge being finished then the member in second place will have their chance to announce the winner.

    The first challenge which will run for 2 weeks at a time will be announced by myself and then we will continue on from there and then the winner of the challenge will pick the next theme and announce the winner of their round of a top 5 entries.

    *If you are the winner of the previous round and have selected the current theme you may enter for fun but your entries will not be considered as official candidates for your list of winners.

    Each member may only post 2 entries each round.

    Previous Themes & Winners:
    Chanel (won by vogue28)
    Christian Dior (won by GivenchyHomme)
    Prada (won by Zacatecas570)
    Louis Vuitton (won by cottonmouth13)
    Dolce & Gabbana (won by Melancholybaby)
    Alexander McQueen (won by naya)
    Balenciaga (won by GivenchyHomme)
    Versace (won by StoneSkipper)
    Calvin Klein (won by GivenchyHomme)
    Givenchy (won by Elfinkova)
    Gucci (won by Pradable)
    Miu Miu (won by vogue28)
    Yves Saint-Laurent (won by Egoiste)
    S/S 2013 season (won by GivenchyHomme)
    Jil Sander (won by CrisGalaxy)
    the handbag ad (won by OpiumBelle)
    Valentino (won by Jinadaze)
    Maison Martin Margiela (won by Chanelcouture09)
    Tom Ford (won by CrisGalaxy)
    Fragrance ad (won by hfgl)

    This weeks challenge chosen by the previous rounds winner, Pradable

    The deadline for the current theme is : 10th February 2013


    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    I'm not sure the quality of the images is good, so I'm posting them again with another hosting site:


    Same source

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