ATTENTION: Moderator Application is OPEN

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    [​IMG] ATTENTION: Openings within the Moderation team

    <HR style="COLOR: #cccccc" SIZE=1>[​IMG]

    The Fashion Spot is expanding yet once again and we have decided to accept applications from the members for the moderator team. Please fill out this application posted below (Copy and Paste in the private message format) and private message to all the Team Leaders, *AndoraStar*, Hanne, Softgrey, Tangerine, and Curious.
    Good Luck to all that apply.

    Application for Moderator Position


    Time Zone:
    How often are you available online?
    Internet Connection speed:

    1. Do you feel you are a leader?

    2. What are some qualities that you have that would make you an excellent addition to the tFS team?

    3. In what tFS forum section(s) would you be best suited to moderate and why?

    4. What would you consider your method of moderating?

    5. How do you feel fashion is incorporated in your life?

    6. Do you work in the Fashion Industry?

    7. As a moderator, you will be expected to post new threads and topics for discussion here at tFS in order to LEAD the forums in a positive, mature and interesting direction. Should you be selected, what are some examples of NEW topics you would bring in for discussion?

    Thank you for your interest in the tFS team.

    The tFS Team Leaders.

    **Please fill out each question with as much information as possible.

    This application process will only be open for roughly a week.
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    these are the forums that are currently in need of more moderation...
    keep in mind that on average a mod will have two forums to cover...

    if you think you are right for any of these areas...
    please apply and let us know which ones and why...

    Thanks and good luck...

    Primary priority:

    Heart & Soul
    D&C (Designers & Collections)
    Ad Campaignes
    Shoes x 3
    Art & Design
    Rumour has it

    Secondary priority:

    Skin & Body Care
    Star Style
    Entertainment Spot
    More Accessories
    Supporting Cast
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