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    Apr 5, 2004
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    Ok, this has been bugging me for awhile :blink: This is the type of chart I've always seen that is supposed to tell you your bra size:

    To find out your body size, wrap a measuring tape around your diaphragm while wearing a bra. Add five inches to this measurement to find out your total body size. If it's an uneven number, round up.

    Then place a measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust. The difference between this measurement and your total body size decides your cup size. Here's how to calculate.

    * If your bust measurement is up to an inch larger than your body size, your cup size is A.

    * If your bust measurement is up to 2 inches larger than your body size, you're a B.

    * Three inches larger, you're a C.

    * Four inches larger is a D.

    * Five inches larger is a DD.

    * Six inches larger is a DDD.

    Now, when I do this to myself it says I should wear a 30B - is this even a real size? :wacko: Also what about models, whose measurements are usually 33-23-33 or 34-24-34? If you add about 2 inches to the waist for the rib cage a 33-23 model would wear a bra size 30C and a 34-24 model would wear a 32B? Am I just confused or do these charts just not work?
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    May 24, 2003
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    Bra sizes are so weird. You just have to go and try each bra out to see which one fits. Mine range from 34-38, A-C.
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    Apr 11, 2004
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    At the Gap, I got $5 off on a bra because I let them measure me to get my proper bra size. :huh: Sure enough, they came up with the size I've been buying and handed me a little coupon...but I don't understand why being measured earned me a discount. Maybe it was practice for the girl working there or perhaps it was just an incentive for me to actually buy something. Anyway, you can easily get measured at a store like the Gap or Victoria's Secret, most likely for free. I think department stores measure you also. It doesn't clear up your exact questions, but it should at least help you find a bra size that fits properly. Good luck! :flower:
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    Feb 27, 2004
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    You want to measure your body right where the breast tissue ends, not near the waistline at all. Prob 4-7 inches above the waistline(depending on a person's body of course) I am very long and the area I would measure is at least 7 inches above my waist. If the size you came up with didn't seem reasonable, you are prob. measuring too low on your torso.

    Its not a bad idea to go and get measured by a professional bra-woman :flower: It really sucks to have an uncomfortable bra :doh:

    BTW- you can get bras in all sizes, so while a 30B might be a less popular size and scarce at your local shops, it is available- you can have them ordered and I am sure you can find them in online catalogs- good luck and take care of yer boobins ladies :ninja: :flower: :flower:
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    Feb 7, 2004
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    Just go to your local Victoria's Secret and they'll measure you in the privacy of the fitting room.. it's a lil weird I guess. . but woman to woman, it's not a big deal in my eyes... i see worse things in the gym locker room.

    Anyways.. if asked, they have to.. they're trained in how to do it.. I guess.
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    Jan 5, 2004
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    I like when after Miranda's mummy died on SATC the lady demanded to measure her. She's a 36B just like me!

    It gives me hope that my breasts are already the same size as a thirty something year old's when I'm still a teenager :lol:
  7. Dark Princess

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    Jan 25, 2004
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    does anyone know: do they measure while you are wearing a bra or not?
  8. Erin

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    Jul 10, 2002
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    I have the same thing... 34A Gap bras fit me, where the rest are 34B...and at Victoria's Secret, the lady said I was a C... goodness!
  9. CelineChic

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    Dec 4, 2003
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    Maybe they wanted to feel you up? :shock:
  10. anastars

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    found this, not sure if it is the right forum but thought i would post anyways:

    Adriana Lima 34-C
    Alesha Oreskovich 5'8" 36-C
    Alessandra Ambrosio 33-23-34.5
    Alessia Ventura 5'7" 34-D
    Alexandra Nice 5'6" 36-D-24-36
    Alexis Amore 5'2" 36-DD-22-34
    Alexis De Vell 5'4" 36-DD-25-36
    Alison Armitage 5'6" 36-24-34
    Alizee 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Alley Baggett 34-C
    Alyson Hannigan 34-A
    Alyssa Milano 5'3" 36-C
    Amanda Tapping 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Amber Camisi 5'6" 36-DD-28-36
    Amber Smith 5'9" 36-D-24-36
    Amber Valetta 34-B
    Amy Lynn Baxter 36-DD
    Amy Miller 5'5" 34-DD-24-35
    Andrea Corr 32-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Angelina Jolie 5'7" 36-C-26-35
    Angelique Pettyjohn 36-C
    Angie Dickinson 5'5" 36-C-25-36
    Angie Everhart 5'10" 35-B-24-36
    Angyline Angelyne 43-DD-23-35
    Anita Ekberg 5'6.5" 42-27-38
    Anna Amore 5'5" 38-DD-24-36
    Anna Kournikova 34-B
    Anna Nicole Smith 5'11" 39-D-27-39
    Anna Nova 5'6" 37-D-25-37
    Annalise Braakensiek 36-24-36
    Anne Hathaway 36-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Annik Borel 39-C-24-36
    Ann-Margret 5'5" 36-D-25-36
    Aria Giovanni 5'6" 34-D-25-35
    Ariane Sommer 36-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Ashlee Simpson 34-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Asia Carrera 5'8.5" 36-C-26-36
    Ava Cadell 34-D-24-34

    Barbara Ann Moore 5'6" 36-24-35
    Barbara Bach 5'7" 36-C-24-35
    Barbara Carrera 5'9" 36-B-24-34
    Barbara Eden 5'4" 36-B-24-36
    Barbara Hershey 5'6" 36-B
    Barbara Leigh 5'7" 36-D-25-36
    Bea Fiedler 37-C-24-37
    Beatrice Dalle 5'7" 36-C-25-35
    Bernadette Peters 5'3" 36-C-23-36
    Bess Myerson 5'7" 36-B-25-35
    Bette Davis 5'3" 36-C-25-35
    Bettie Page 5'5.5" 36-24-36
    Billie Burke 5'10" 36-28-37
    Billie Piper 5'5" 36-B
    Blair Thompson 5'7" 36-C-24-36
    Bo Derek 5'4" 38-22-36
    Bobbi Billard 5'9" 34-DDD-24-35
    Breann McGregor 5'3" 38-DD-28-38
    Brenda Vaccaro 5'5" 39-C-27-37
    Brett Butler 5'9" 36-C-25-36
    Briana Banks 5'10" 36-DD-24-31
    Brigitte Bardot 5'7" 36-B-20-35
    Brigitte Nielsen 6' 41-DD-24-37
    Britney Spears 34-C
    Brittany Andrews 5'7" 34-DD-24-34
    Brittany Snow 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Brooke Berry 5'8" 36-C-25-34
    Brooke Richards 34-DD
    Buffy Tyler 5'5" 36-D-24-34

    Candice Rialson 38-D-25-35
    Candy Barr 5'3" 42-D-25-36
    Caren Kaye 5'7" 36-C-23-34
    Carmen Electra 5'4" 36-C-23-35
    Carmen Russo 39-C-23-38
    caroline Corr 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Caroline Munro 5'8" 36-B-25-35
    Carolyn Sapp 5'10" 36-C-25-35
    Carolyn Seaward 35-C-24-35
    Carré Otis 5'10" 36-B-26-36
    Catherine Bach 5'8" 36-C-23-35
    Catherine Zeta Jones 34-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Cathy Lee Crosby 5'7.5" 36-B-23-34
    Celeste 5'8" 37-DD-25-33
    Celine DeVoux 38-26-38
    Charisma Carpenter 34-C
    Charlene Tilton 4'11" 32-D-24-31
    Charlie ONeale 34-D-24-34
    Charlize Theron 5'9.5" 36-B-24-36,
    Chasey Lain 5'6" 36-D-23-34
    Cher 5'8.5" 36-C-26-36
    Cheri Caffaro 36-B -24-36
    Cheryl Ladd 5'4" 36-C-23-34
    Christa Campbell 5'8" 37-27-36
    Christi Lake 5'9" 34-C-24-34
    Christiane Schmidtmer 44-25-38
    Christie Brinkley 5'9" 36-C-24-36
    christina Aguilera 34-C (confirmed, though it's rumored she's had implants since this confirmation)
    Christina Ricci 36-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Claudia Cardinale 37-C-23-37
    Claudia Schiffer 5'11" 36-C-24-35
    Claudine Auger 5'8" 36-23-37
    Corinne Calvet 5'5" 36-23-36
    Cynthia Myers 5'3" 39-DD-24-36

    Dahm Triplets 34-C
    Daisy Fuentes 5'10" 35-C-24-36
    Daniela Pestova 34-B
    Danielle Fishel 34-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Danni Ashe 5'2" 32-FF
    Dannii Minogue 34-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Dasha 5'10" 36-C-25-36
    Debee Ashby 5'5" 37-DD-24-35
    Deborah Caprioglio 5'5" 38-DD-22-36
    Deborah Shelton 5'8" 36-C-24-36
    Dee Booher 6'4" 36-30-42
    Denise Richards 5'6" 36-C-24-34
    Dian Parkinson 37-D-23-37
    Dianne Brill 5'9" 40-D-27-40
    Dolly Parton 5' 40-DD-20-36
    Donna D'Errico 34-C
    Doris Day 5'7" 36-B-25-36
    Downtown Julie Brown 35-B/C-23-36
    Dyanna Lauren 5'6" 38-D-22-33
    Dyanne Thorne 36-D-22-35

    Echo Johnson 5'7" 36-C-23-33
    Ehrinn Cummings 5'11.5" 37-24-36
    Elizabeth Hurley 5'9" 36-C-23-35
    Elizabeth Starr 5'6" 36-O-23-36
    Elizabeth Taylor 5'4" 36-C-21-36
    Elke Jeinsen 5'8.5" 36-B-26-34
    Elke Sommers 5'7" 36-B-22-36
    Elle MacPherson 6' 36-C-24-35
    Emilie de Ravin 32-C or 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Emma Samms 5'4" 38-C-25-35
    Erica Gavin 38-C-26-37
    Erika Anderson 5'11" 36-B-25-35
    Erika Christensen 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Erin Ellington 5'4" 34-DD-22-33
    Erin Gray 5'7.5" 36-B-24-36
    Eva Longoria 34-A (UNCONFIRMED)
    Evangeline Lilly 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Eve Meyer 5'7" 38-C-24-35
    Ewa Aulin 36-B-23-36

    Famke Janssen 5'11" 36-B-24-36
    Frederique 5'10" 36-C-24-36

    Gail McKenna 36-D-23-34
    Geri Halliwell 5'1" 36-C-24-35
    Gisele Bündchen 5'11" 36-C-24-35
    Gwyneth Paltrow 34-B

    Halle Berry 5'7" 36-C-22-37
    Hayden Panettiere 32-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Heater Stewart-Whyte 36-B-24-36
    Heather Graham 34-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Heather Kozar 5'8" 36-D
    Heather Spytek 5'6" 36-22-33
    Heidi Klum 5'9.5" 36-D-24-34
    Helena Christensen 5'10" 36-C-24-36
    Hilary Duff 34-B(UNCONFIRMED)
    Holly Marie Combs 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Holly Valance 36-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Honey Bee 44-D-25-37
    Honor Blackman 5'6" 37-C-23-35

    India Allen 34-D
    Irina Voronina 5'9" 35-C-24-36
    Irish McCalla 5'9.5" 38-C-26-39
    Isabelle Chaudieu 36-B-24-36

    Jackie Zeman 5'4" 36-C-23-34
    Jacqueline Bisset 5'6.5" 37-C/D-25-36
    Jamie Lynn Sigler 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Jane Russell 5'7" 38-D-27-37
    Jane Seymour 5'4" 36-B-24-36
    Janet Jackson 5'4" 36-C-23-36
    Janet Leigh 5'5.5" 36-C-23-36
    Janice Pennington 5'8" 36-23-36
    Jayne Mansfield 5'5.5" 40-D-21-36
    Jeanette Biedermann 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Jeanne Basone 5'7" 34-D-24-34
    Jenna Jameson 34-D/DD (UNCONFIRMED)
    Jennifer Aniston 34-C
    Jennifer Connelly 5'8" 34-C/D-22-34
    Jennifer Ellison 5'6.5" 32-DD
    Jennifer Garner 5'9" 34-B
    Jennifer Lopez 34-B/C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Jennifer Love Hewitt 5'2.5" 36-C
    Jennifer Tilly 5'4" 36-C-24-34
    Jenny McCarthy 5'6.5" 38-C-24-34
    Jesse Jane 5'3" 34-D-22-33
    Jessica Alba 34-C
    jessica Biel 36-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Jessica Lange 5'8.5" 36-C-25-35
    Jessica Simpson 34/36-D (UNCONFIRMED)
    Jill Clayburg 5'8" 36-B-25-36
    Jill Goodacre 5'8" 35-C-24-34
    Jill Kelly 5'5" 36-D-24-36
    Jo Guest 5'5" 35-B-24-35
    Joan Blondell 5'3" 37-21 1/2-36
    Joan Collins 5'6" 34-D-27-36
    Joan Crawford 5'4" 36-C-26-37
    Jordan (Katie Price)5'9" 34-FF
    Joss Stone 36-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Joyce Mandel 5'2" 48-DDD-23-34
    Judy Landers 5'4" 36-C-25-36
    Julia Parton 5'4" 34-D-22-34
    Julianna Young 5'8" 38-DD
    Julie Brown 5'3" 36-C-24-36
    Julie Ege 36-C-24-36
    Julie McCullough 5'7" 36-B-24-35

    Kat Duplessis 5'4" 34-D-26-36
    Katarina Witt 5'5.5" 36-C-24-36
    Kate Beckinsale 34-B/C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Katherine Heigl 36-D (UNCONFIRMED)
    Kathie Lee Gifford 5'6" 34-C/D-25-35
    Kathleen Beller 5'3" 36-C-24-36
    Kathleen Bradley 5'9" 36-C-24-36
    Kathrine Baumann 37-C-23-35
    Kathryn Morris 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Katie Lohmann 5'5" 32-D-22-32
    Kayla Kleevage 5'7" 50-26-36
    Kelly Brook 5'8" 32-E-24-35
    Kelly Monaco 5'3" 34-D-21-31
    Kiki D'Aire 5'1" 34-F-26-36
    Kim Basinger 5'7" 36-C-24-36
    Kim Smith 36-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Kimberly Spicer 5'6" 36-C
    Kira Kener 5'4" 36-DD-24-33
    Kirsten Dunst 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Kitana Baker 5'10" 34-D-26-37
    Kitten 5'5" 36-D-24-34
    Kitten Natividad 5'3" 46-EEE-28-39
    Kristen Bell 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Krystal Steal 5'5" 33-D-23-32
    Kylie Ireland 5'5" 36-D-24-34

    Lacey Chabert 34-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Laetitia Casta 5'7" 36-C-24-35
    Laura Angel 5'6" 36-24-37
    Laura Harring 33-C-23-34
    Lauren Graham 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Layla Jade 5'6" 34-D-24-33
    Leann Tweeden 5'8" 34-D-24-35
    Leanna Heart 5'3" 35-D-22-34
    Lexus Locklear 5'7" 34-D
    Lillian Müller 5'8" 36-C-24-35
    Lindsay Bloom 36-B-25-36
    Lindsey Vuolo 5'8" 34-DD-24-35
    Lisa Baker 5'8" 36-C-26-36
    Lisa Kudrow 5'9" 36-C-26-36
    Lisa Marie 5'6" 34-D-25-35
    Loni Anderson 5'6" 38-C-25-36
    Lucy Lawless 5'10.5" 36-C-25-37
    Lucy Pinder 32-G
    Lydia Cornell 5'6" 36-C-24-35
    Lynda Carter 5'9" 38-C-25-35

    Mandy Fisher 5'2" 34-DD-25-35
    Mandy Moore 34-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Margaret Nolan 5'10" 39-C-24-38
    Maria Whittaker 5'5" 38-DD-24-34
    Marilu Henner 5'7" 36-C-24-36
    Marilyn Chambers 5'7" 35-B-23-35
    Marilyn Monroe 5'5.5" 36-C-24-35
    Marisa Mell 5'8" 38-24-38
    Marisa Miller 34-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Mariska Hargitay 5'7.5" 36-24-36
    Marlene Cross 36-C
    Marliece Andrada 5'7" 35-D-24-35
    Mary Carey 5'9" 36-DD-24-36
    Mary Tyler Moore 5'8" 36-B-24-36
    Melanie Brown (Mel B from Spice Girls) with SG 34-A now 34-B
    Melanie Good 5'11" 36-C
    Melanie Griffith 5'9" 36-C-25-35
    Melinda Messenger 5'4" 34-DD-22-34
    Melissa Joan Hart 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Mena Suvari 32-A
    Meredith Baxter 5'7" 38-C-26-37
    Meredith Monroe 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Michaela Bercu 5'11" 36-26-36
    Michelle Angelo 5' 44-J-28-35 1/2
    Michelle Bauer 5'7" 35-25-36
    Michelle Branch 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Michelle Johnson 5'10.5" 36-C-26-36
    Michelle Trachtenberg 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Mila Kunis 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Mimi Rogers 5'8.5" 38-D-26-36
    Minka 5'8" 44-KK-23-35
    Mira Sorvino 36-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Miriam Gonzalez 5'4" 34-DDD-25-35
    Misty Rowe 36-24-36
    Monique Gabrielle 5'6" 36-D-25-37
    Morgan Fairchild 5'4" 34-D-25-32
    Morgan Webb 34-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Morganna Cottrell 5'9" 60-24-39

    Nadja Auermann 5'11" 36-B-24-35
    Natalie Banus 5'5" 40-F-22-35
    Natalie Cole 5'9" 36-B-26-37
    Natasha Henstridge 5'10" 36-B-25-36
    Neriah Davis 5'8" 36-D-23-36
    Nichole Van Croft 5'5" 36-DD-24-36
    Nicole Beach 6' 36-C-23-35
    Nicole Kidman 34-B
    Nigella Lawson 38-E (UNCONFIRMED)
    Nikki Cox 5'7" 36-C-23-35
    Nikki Ziering 5'8" 36-D-23-35

    Ophra Winfrey 5'7" 36-C-25-35
    Ornella Muti 36-C-24-35

    Pamela Anderson 5'7" 36-D-22-34
    Paris Hilton 34-A
    Patricia Arquette 5'1" 34-D
    Patricia Ford 5'5" 36-D-24-36
    Paulina Porizkova 5'9.5" 36-B-23-35
    Pennelope Jimenez 5'7" 34-D-24-35
    Petra Verkaik 5'8" 36-DD-24-36
    Phyllis Davis 5'6" 36-C-22-34
    Phyllisha Anne 5'7" 36-C-24-34Phyllisha Anne 5'7" 36-C-24-34
    Pink/Alecia Moore 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Polly Bergen 5'5" 36-24-36
    Priscilla Barnes 36-B-23-36


    Rachel Bilson 34-C
    Rachel Hunter 5'11" 36-C/D-25-36
    Rachel Stevens 34-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Raquel Welch 5'6" 37-D-26-36
    Rebecca Gayheart 34-B
    Rebecca Romijn 34-B
    Rhonda Shear 5'6" 36-D-25-36
    Rita Hayworth 5'6" 36-C-24-36
    Roberta Vasquez 5'8" 34-DD
    Robin Quivers 36-D-26-35
    Rosanna Arquette 5'3" 36-C-25-34
    Rose McGowan 5'5" 36-C
    Rowanne Brewer 5'8" 36-23-35
    Roxanne Arlen 5'7" 35-21-34
    Roxanne Hall 5'8" 36-C-24-34

    Sabrina Salerno 5'9" 38-24-36
    Salma Hayek 5'2" 36-C-25-37
    Sarah Michelle Gellar 5'3" 36-C
    Sarah Young 5'3" 42-DD-22-35
    Sasha Alexander (aka Suzana Drobnjakovic) 36-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Scarlett Johansson 34-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Shae Marks 5'4" 34-D
    Shakira Caine 36-24-35
    Shania Twain 36-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Shannon Whirry 5'7" 38-D-23-35
    Sharon Corr 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Sharon Stone 5'7" 36-B-25-35
    Shauna Sand 5'4" 34-D-22-33
    Shawn Weatherly 5'8" 36-B-25-35
    Shay Sweet 34-C (Confirmed after implants. She used to be 34-A)
    Sherilyn Fenn 5'4" 36-C-25-35
    Shiri Appleby 32-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Sian Adey Jones 36-D-26-36
    Sindee Coxx 5'5" 36-24-35
    Skolia Ivanova 5'7" 34-D-27-35
    Sky Lopez 5'6" 34-D-24-34
    Sofia Vergara 34-D (UNCONFIRMED)
    Soleil Moon Frye 5'1" 36-C-24-34 (38-DD at age 15 has had a reduction)
    Sophia Bush 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Sophia Loren 5'8.5" 36-D-24-38
    Sophie Dahl 5'11" 39-28-38
    Sophie Ellis Bextor 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Sophie Evans 5'8" 36-C-24-36
    Stacey Keibler 34-A
    Stacy Ferguson 34-D (Fergie from Black Eyed Peas)
    Stacy Fusion 34-C
    Stefanie Powers 5'7" 36-B-25-35
    Steffi Graf 5'9" 36-B-25-34
    Stephanie Heinrich 5'3" 34-D-25-34
    Sunrise Adams 5'7" 36-B-24-36
    Susan Anton 5'11" 36-C-22-37
    Susan Sarandon 5'7.5" 37-C-26-36
    Susanne Bartsch 36-B-24-37
    Susanne Severeid 35-B-24-34
    Suzanne Somers 5'6" 36-C-23-34
    Suzi Simpson 5'5" 36-D-23-35
    Sybil Danning 5'7" 36-B-23-36
    Sybille Rauch 38-C/D-24-36
    Sydnee Steel 5'8" 36-D-24-34

    Tabitha Stevens 5'5" 34-DD-24-33
    Talisa Soto 5'10" 36-B-26-36
    Tammy Parks 5'5" 36-B-26-34
    Tammy Plante 5'5" 36-C-24-35
    Tanya Roberts 5'8" 36-B-21-34
    Tara Caballero 5'6" 36-C-24-35
    Tatjana Patitz 5'11" 36-C-24-36
    Taylor Hayes 5'6" 34-D-23-36
    Taylor Rain 34-B
    Teri Hatcher 34-B
    Thora Birch 36-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Tiffany Amber Thiessen 34-D (UNCONFIRMED)
    Tiffany Towers 5'4" 58-22-35
    Tina Jordan 5'5" 34-DD-24-34
    Toni Alessandrini 5'1" 36-23-34
    Tonya Harding 5'2" 36-C-25-37
    Tori Welles 5'6" 36-25-36
    Traci Adell 5'11" 36-D
    Traci Bingham 5'7" 36-22-32
    Traci Lords 5'7" 34-C/D-23-34
    Tracy Scoggins 5'8" 36-C-24-36

    Uma Thurman 6' 36-C-24-35
    Ursula Andress 5'5" 38-C-25-36
    Uschi Digard 5'7" 44-D-26-35

    Valeria Mazza 5'10" 34-A-24-35
    Valerie Harper 5'6" 36-B-24-36
    Vanessa Angel 34-C
    Vanessa Carlton 34-B (UNCONFIRMED)
    Vanessa Marcil 34-C (UNCONFIRMED)
    Veronica Varekova 5'9" 36-C-22-33
    Veronica Webb 5'10" 36-24-36
    Veronika Zemanova 5'6" 34-DD-26-30
    Victoria Fuller 5'8" 36-C
    Victoria Principal 5'6" 36-C-22-35
    Victoria Silvstedt 5'10.5" 36-D-25-36
    Virginia Bell 5'2" 48-24-36
    Vivian Leigh 32-A/B
    Vivica Fox 5'7" 35-D-24-37

    Wendy Whoppers 5'1" 55-EE-21-34


    Yasmine Bleeth 5'5" 36-C-24-35

    Zsa Zsa Gabor 5'4" 36-C-22-36
  11. anastars

    anastars Guest

    source - hollywoodsbest
  12. Odette

    Odette New Member

    Mar 21, 2005
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    Bra sizing is so weird, I change size all the time and sometimes have to make changes to them. I just have to guess and find out which size would fit me so yes, it takes me a long long while to find it.
  13. devon_jay

    devon_jay New Member

    Apr 28, 2005
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    i think im a freak of nature. the bra sizing thing doesnt work for me- my boobs are too small. i measure 30.5 on my rib cage (so +5 = 35.5) but then only 33.5 around the fullest part! so is the body size supposed to be bigger once you've added 5, or the bust size? because apparently when i do this, i get a -AA?? hhahah. whatever. i fit into a 34A so im just going to disregard this measuring thing!
  14. miumiu77

    miumiu77 New Member

    Jan 23, 2005
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    yea..i've been wondering about that, too...
  15. ellewoods

    ellewoods New Member

    Mar 18, 2006
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    Those measurements don't always work. I'm actually a 32DD but according to my measuring tape and this measuring system I'm a 33 C. I haven't been a C cup since I was 13 :lol:
  16. masquerade

    masquerade God Save McQueen

    Jun 1, 2005
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    if you are worried that its not correct, there is another way to do it. instead of measuring under the band and adding five, you can measure just above the breasts and that should be the correct number without having to add anything.

    as for cup, there is another trick. you start the tape at your side, under your armpit, like where the underwire hits. then, look at the number where the measuring tape hits the middle of the nipple. starting at five for an A and going from there.

    Ive found that these ways work better, because sometimes, with adding, ive found that peoples band size would be bigger than what is around the bust, does that make sense. so it just ends up confusing.

    like what she is saying here
    i work at VS, i hate measuring, im awful at it the traditional way (most of us are) but the other way is just better. i hope i explained it alright

    also, for those that ask, at VS, we measure you wearing your bra, but if you are wearing a sports bra, a minimizer, or a pushup/padded bra we cant measure acurately and like, we send the person to the wardrobing center where they try on a bra in the size they normally wear and then we measure them.
    #16 masquerade, Jul 18, 2006
    Last edited by moderator kismetle: Jul 18, 2006
  17. Trista

    Trista New Member

    Dec 13, 2005
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    Yeah I never really did that sizing-in my freshman year I was able to float between a 34 and 36 C but able to wear some B's-but then by the end of that year I had outgrown them so I knew I needed it in D's. Pretty much the best way is to take some into the dressing room and try them on because that way you'll know what fits the best.
  18. SiennaInLondon

    SiennaInLondon New Member

    Oct 16, 2004
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    I've always been measured with bra off. I have never enjoyed it much!
  19. ellewoods

    ellewoods New Member

    Mar 18, 2006
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    If you are just going to try on a bunch of bras to see what fits- this might be helpful. If you're wearing the bra on the loosest hook and it sits well, you are at least wearing the right back size. Most women wear their bras on the loosest hook meaning they are probably wearing a bra 2" too loose in the back measurement.
  20. Odette

    Odette New Member

    Mar 21, 2005
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    Seriously I don't understand half a word here, in Europe sizes usually start from 80 which is a rather small size, most woman are around 90-95. This thing of A or AA or stuff like that, I've never ask for that plus all my bra's are 85 A B or C, I've got all kinds and they all look the same to me.

    Anyone knows how to meassure yourself in french/spanish sizing? From what i cann see they are the same.

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