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    I have a few questions I have been pondering about regarding womens pret-a-porter collections including the pre-collections and their delivery timings into the stores.

    1. When are they ordered (A/W,S/S,Resort,Pre-Fall)? If this is before the shows then how far in advance would that be? Or are the final orders always done in the showrooms after the shows?

    2. When do they arrive in the shops, the actual month perharps in relation to the european when would the resort collection shown arrive and the SS 2010 to be shown in Sep/Oct...

    In regards to Zara/HM/Mango...etc how many collections "techically" do they do in a year excluding all the inseason styles they add-in throughout the year? Where would the Topshop Unique's collection line up in regards to the market segment, since they now present during the womens main collections but their prices are more accessible (In addition to that Cheap Mondays collection now being designed by Ann Sofie Back and Uniqlo with Jil Sander)? :unsure:

    If all these questions have already been touched upon I apologize in advance :flower:

    ps. I do hope "tricotineacetat" might also enlighten me on these matters :innocent:
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    Buying is done at the showrooms during the show period (deal can be finalized shortly after that). Clothes start getting in stores during the next fashion week. Lots of buyers don't even bother going to the shows as they're too busy running from showroom to showroom.

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