Crediting Rules: posting the source/credits for an image, article or news story

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    Extract from the Community Rules:
    General Crediting Rules:

    All credits need to be visible – making credits in white, which makes it harder for the moderators to see, is not acceptable.

    If you forget to credit your pictures, you can edit your post to include credits within 10 minutes of having posted.

    If that time has passed, you will have to make a new post stating which post number you are crediting. The moderators try to check posts for follow up credits. However, sometimes they miss them and delete posts, in error. If that happens, just let any moderator know and we'll be happy to restore the post.

    Please do not post links in credits -

    • Please name the site where you found the images. Site names need to be spelled out in full, not abbreviated.
    • Clickable urls (do not type a site name with http:// or www. in it, or it will become a "clickable url" / link) and/or links in lieu of a site name are not acceptable.
      [*]If the extension is not ".com" please add the extension (for example, ".it" or ".net", etc.).
    Include Account names - If you are posting images or writings from personal accounts, such as flickr, deviantart, myspace, facebook, etc., the name of the account holder must be included. These users deserve credit too. Please keep this in mind when saving/uploading information and pictures from these sites ... always provide the account holder's name.

    RE: Private pictures from any Social Media - Please respect other people's privacy when you have access to anyone's "private" site (a site where you must be a "friend" before you can have access). Also consider the content of the images and if they seem private it might be best to refrain from sharing them on a public site like tFS. Pictures (private or otherwise) from any social network may be removed without any further explanation, at the moderator team's discretion.

    Crediting Do's & Don'ts:


    Please do not use-

    “Picture from her/his thread” or "tFS" – tFS does not own any pictures posted on the forum, therefore using threads as a source is an invalid form of crediting. If you are reposting something from another thread, also post the original source exactly as written and name the member who posted it or scanned it.

    "Picture originally posted by so and so" - unless the picture is a personal picture or a scan, this form of credit is not sufficient. You should also add the original source, exactly as written. See above ^

    “Pictures from Google / Yahoo” etc. – These are search machines and cannot be used as a valid credit. In the case of Google, the site(s) that should be credited are listed below the search results pictures. Use the name of the site where the images are actually posted. If you have gathered the pictures form Yahoo News or etc, you should list that as your credit.

    “Pictures from my HD / Hard Drive /Computer /Desktop, etc” – You may not use your hard drive as credit. You must credit the original source where you got the picture. For personal picutures, you may credit the actual photographer (yourself, your friend, etc.).

    "Pictures from my photobucket / imageshack / my blog, etc" - Your Photobucket, your Imageshack and/or your blog are not considered a valid credit. You must credit the original source where you got the picture.

    Abbreviations -Please do not use abbreviations. Many members do not know what the abbreviations stand for. Only those "in the know" will understand the reference, so posting an abbreviation as credit negates the purpose of posting credits.

    Scans of Magazines, Books, etc.

    It is not enough to post “scanned by me”

    • Please add the name of the magazine/book from which the scan was made, in the case of magazines please add the publishing time(year)/month/edition,
    • Additionally, to help your fellow members in their searches, it would be very helpful if, in the case of editorials that you mention the name of the editorial, the photographer/stylist/make up artist/model etc that were involved in the editorial.
    Screen shots from Videos

    It is not enough to post “screen shot by me”

    - Please add the film/TV program etc from which the shot was taken.

    Subscriptions to Digital Magzines

    It is not enough to post "From my Digital Subscription"

    - Please add the name and the issue of the magazine. Sample: "Source: Digital edition, US Vogue, Sept. 2012"

    Animated GIFs

    It is not enough to post “GIF by me”

    - Please add the source of the video from which the GIF was made, e.g. youtube, ftv.


    When crediting an article or some form of text, please include as much information as possible

    • The site from which the article/text was taken,
    • if possible the name of the author, publishing time/date/edition. Adding this kind of information also assists other members in locating the article/text when doing a search.

    Material for which you can not post your source

    You must know and post your original source (where you obtained the material in the first place), otherwise you may not post it.

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    How to credit when you use photos from your Digital Magazine Subscription:

    If it is taken from your digital subscrition to a magazine, please note this information and add the Name and issue of the magazine. Sample: "Source: Digital edition, US Vogue, Sept. 2012"
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